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I want you to watch me.

It’s been a little while since I wrote something for the ‘I want‘ series but this topic seemed to be the ideal opportunity for another edition.

I want you to watch me.

Hand me the glass dildo, point to the bed.

“Show me” is all you say

“Show you what?” I counter

You don’t reply but just give me that look. You are one of the few people who seem able to win that game with me as no matter how hard I try to hold your gaze I end up looking away first. I can feel the heat rising from deep within me and my heart rate picks up a notch within my chest. Those brown eyes will be my undoing.

I take the dildo from your hand and climb onto the bed. Laying back I spread my legs watching you through my thighs.

“You just gonna stand there?” I ask

“I am just gonna do as I please” you reply “Not show me”

The glass is cold against the heat of my cunt. I run it through my wetness and slide it into me. My other hand finds me clit and starts to circle before settling on just the right spot that I know will make me come. I know how to make me come.

I am watching you. You are watching me. Who is the voyeur now?

I spread my legs wider and smile to myself as I see you adjust yourself slightly. I wonder if you are going to be able to stay standing there or will you end up sitting on the end of the bed between my legs? All of a sudden my filthy mind jumps to the thought of you slipping a single finger in beside the hard glass dildo. My cunt tightens at the thought and despite my desire to not hurry this I can feel my orgasm building. Our eyes meet again, I guess mine give it away; How close I am, how much this has turned me on. The smile on your face is one of smug satisfaction at having me like this.


Am I an exhibitionist?

Looking at my blog you would think the answer is a resounding yes. I mean I clearly exhibit myself here and in order to get some of the images I do I also take my clothes off in public but in all honesty that is not about the exhibition in that moment but purely within the camera. I actually go to great lengths to try to ensure that I am not seen by some unsuspecting walker because they have not consented to that. It is however an imperfect science and I have been rumbled a time or two. Luckily no one has been offended but it is not my mission to be seen in those moments but to be seen here, by you.

In the right circumstances, with the right person, I like to be watched but I also am a massive voyeur. In fact if you asked me which I would rather do I would pick watch. I want to watch you come. I want to watch you fucking me. Mirrors are my kink. I want to watch you watching me and there is the real conundrums to all this because in my opinion the line between the watcher and the watched is fuzzy at best. When you watch me I have the power to make you the one being watched, you might have asked for it but in doing so you exposed yourself to me in that moment just as much as I did… and that is my kink.

Wanna watch?

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