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Day 11

When I saw the current topic for Kink of the Week I couldn’t help but laugh and turning to @domsigns with a giggle I said…

“Assume the position”

Luckily I was treated to The Look and ” I think not” in response as opposed to being flipped over his knee for some corrective measures. Well I think that was luckily, maybe I missed out.

Anyway I digress and the subject I digress from is Prostate Play/massage. As Jade says about herself in the introduction on this topic, this is not a subject that I know a great deal about in regards to being a practitioner. However I do know that it doesn’t fits into my kink at all and certainly does not fit into our dynamic. @domsigns has never shown any interest in exploring this, in fact, quite the opposite. There is variety of different personal reasons that he feels this way which I am not going to go into but to be honest I will admit to being happy with that. Nothing about what I do know of this kink makes me feel curious or tempted to want to explore it.

For those that love this, all power to them. I am a very firm believer in the saying ‘Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is OK’ and although it is not for me, that doesn’t mean I won’t read other people’s posts on this subject with interest, as learning about what makes other people’s kink, tick, is something that I like to do. The main reason for writing this though is, with regards to the image that goes with this post. I do not want anyone who enjoys this kink to think I am dismissing it or, making light of it, because I most certainly am not. I have had this photo in my files for a little while, it is one of a few actually, but it seemed apt to post alongside this piece of writing.

He might not be into Prostate Play but he really does have the most adorable bum, it is seriously sexy and inviting, so much so  that bad girls often find it unable to resist but they (@harpereliot) always pay for their crimes…

Cute male bum with womans finger nails digging in


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  • Harper Eliot

    Haha, I look so dommy in this photograph. And do you really blame me? Fortunately he doesn’t seem too bothered by a little squeeze… it’s the spanks that I really need to sit on my hands to prevent.

  • Marie Rebelle

    My KOTW post on this subject will be up on Friday, and yet again there are so many similarities.

    Love this photo, the mischief that it portrays 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • fridayam

    I agree with Marie–pure mischief is written all over this photo 😉

  • Malflic

    I’m with you and Dom Signs on this one. Not my kink but certainly fine for those who are into it.

  • Mrs Teepot

    A very adorable bum indeed!

  • Lori&Hubby

    Yummy bum indeed!
    I love the angle of this shot!

  • SilverDom

    We are into prostate play, and it has given me some of the biggest and longest orgasms I have ever experienced. What some people have found odd is that, in some ways, we step a little bit aside from our dynamic when we do this.

    Anyway, it would never have occurred to me that you were in some way dismissing this particular kink.

  • Sylvie Charment

    It’s nice to see the other half 🙂

  • Penny

    This image is adorable! Harper’s grip and the framing of her looking at him is perfect!

  • Mia

    Oh makes me want to have a nibble around the edges! That is one tasty butt!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  • Heaven

    Wow DomSigns does have a nice bum omg, You said it correctly Molly everyone has their own kink and what one does not like the other one may.

  • Jade

    ADORABLE pic! I LOVE the look on her face and…um…your Sir’s bum is rather…inviting? (grin)

    I’m with you (as is W) in regards to my/our/his interest in this kind of play. Though reading some of the other’s perspectives on it has given me new insight… 🙂


  • John

    There is certainly mischief all over this picture. 😉

    I can understand why it doesn’t fit into your kink; she is exhibiting a certain dominance and control when my wife plays with me back there.

  • Sammi

    Love the picture 🙂

    This isn’t something we’re into either, but I do enjoy reading everyone’s posts.

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