The Gargoyle

by Molly Moore

23rd June 2010

It’s all about love. Love for oneself and for another. This is not a book I think I would have normally chosen for myself but it was chosen for me. Required reading, I was told. When it was first mentioned I had browsed Amazon and read the reviews, many of which were glowing, but I didn’t buy it, something about it just didn’t call me. His determination to get me read it was not to be thwarted though and soon it was on my computer as an eBook. “Tonight my darling Slutmine, the 1st chapter, I want a full report in the morning, do not disappoint me!”

So with a sigh of resignation I settled down to read. The 1st paragraph had me, I was hooked. I don’t think I have ever read such a powerful 1st chapter of a book ever. It is electric, the descriptions graphic and it pulls you in. As I finished that 1st chapter on that night I was left wondering if the rest of the book could possibly live up to this great start, or was it going to be all ‘down hill’ from now on?

This book is Andrew Davidson first novel and for a debut novel it’s pretty damn good. It’s completely different from anything I have read before. If you are the type of person who cannot let your imagination go a little or refuse to believe that just maybe we don’t have all the answer to life, love and universe then I don’ t think you will  enjoy it. If you can let your mind go and suspend for a brief moment what we think about life and heaven and hell and live Davidson’s novel then you will be rewarded with a story which is essentially all about a lesson in love and not a soppy, happy ever after love either, this is a tough, violent, crazy lesson in love.

I am not going to write you a brief book description, for a start I don’t think I could without giving too much of the plot or away or else without making it sound just all too weird and far-fetched to be a good read but trust me it is a damn good read. I guess in essence this book is about the power of the mind, and what tricks it can play on us. I think this is a book that leaves you asking questions and what you make of that will depend on how far you are prepared to let your mind go from what we think about life , death and mental illness.

“Sir, I finished the book”

“Ahhhh, well done Slutmine, and?”

“Oh sir, I loved it. Thank you for making me read it, I would never have chosen it myself but it was brilliant. I was sad when it finished, I think I shall miss him and Marianne, they will stick with me for a long time Sir”

And for me that says it all, when you get to the end of a book and you are sad it is over, that you want to stay with it and the characters you have come to know, that is when you know you have just read a good book.


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Squeaky May 30, 2011 - 10:23 pm

I came across this post as a random kiss almost exactly a weekv ago. I love your random kisses. And your blog as well, actually. I find it…compelling, I guess. Anyway, you piqued my curiosity, so I downloaded a sample on to the kindle on my phone. Read it. Extracted my eyebrows from my hairline. Stifled the squeaks of mingled fascination and horror. Immediately downloaded the rest of the book. Screamed with frustration every time my crappy battery gave out halfway through a scene/chapter/anything, preventing me from finding out what happened next. Procrastinated reading further as I didn’t want it to end.
in short, thank you for sharing. and thanks to your Master, too.
evidently, the man has taste. 😉

mollyskiss May 30, 2011 - 10:49 pm

Yay, what a wonderful comment to get on my blog. So many of my reader are silent, I know they are there but it seems only a select few talk back. I am delighted you found The Gargoyle, and that you enjoyed it, like you, I too didn’t want it to end. If I come across anymore gems likes this I will be sure to post them.



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