One More Day

by Molly Moore
Love park philadelphia

16th August 2010

Holy hell in a bucket, I can’t believe I am writing another one of these. It seems like only yesterday when I wrote my first one on the return flight from Philadelphia back in April and then of course there was Vegas *sigh and now it’s Philadelphia again, or should I say, it was Philadelphia again, as this is one of those posts. The leaving him kind, that is.

Love park philadelphiaIt has been the most wonderful trip ever, and I promise to write more about some of the things we got up to, but for now you will have to make do with this. Every moment with him has been special, whether it was getting my tattoo, going to the Piano Bar, shopping in the market, laying in bed watching movies or just walking and talking and yet again, it’s the fun and joy and laughter that springs to mind, ohhhh, and I should obviously give a small mention to the awesome, mind-blowing, body trembling, sex.

Today started with some packing, but once it was nearly done, I took of his shirt that I had been padding around in and looked into his eyes and silently offered myself to him. He knew in an instant what I wanted, what I needed and then I was being kissed and kissed and kissed and all the while I was tugging at his jeans, pushing them down, freeing his body to my touch. Eventually I pulled away, and for a moment we just stood and looked at each other. This was a special moment, our last time together for quite a while and it needed to be savoured.

I hope he remembers the moments that came next. I hope he can close his eyes and see me kneeling in front of him taking his cock in my mouth. I hope he remembers the feel of my hair in his hand as he guided himself slowly and firmly into the back of my throat. I hope he remembers how my eyes looked as I started up at him, I hope he saw, love and desire, and fulfillment in them. I hope he remembers the feel of my mouth on him as I remember the feel of him growing ever harder for me. I hope he remembers pulling me to my feet and guiding me backwards to the bed, I hope he remembers telling me to spread my slut legs for him and asking me if I wanted him, I hope he remembers the feel of my hand on his hard cock as I guided him inside me and I hope he remembers the feeling of my pussy coming on him time and again. I know I remember it all, the taste of him, the feel of him inside me, the weight of his body covering mine, the way his sweat dripped off him onto me, in cool little droplets, the feel of his teeth digging into my flesh, the words he said to me and how it felt to feel him finally erupt and cum inside me. There is one thing I know he will remember without a doubt, and that will be the untimely arrival of the maid. She did choose her moments, I will give her that. I know he will laugh when he reads that bit, I just know it.

The rest of our time in that room, well dear reader, that was ours, private, emotional, happy, fun, loving, passionate and just perfectly special but unfortunately time got the better of us and it was time to leave that room. Now, it was one of those tricky days, we actually had a fair few hours to kill, before airport time, but what to do with them? In end, we decided to travel back to the suburbs and take His things home and it turned out to be the best plan ever. A train ride, which is just a perfect excuse to sit close, talk, laugh and share stuff, and a little local area exploration, which always makes me smile. I am greedy to see this area, get to know it, after all I will be living here next year and then there was the house. We walked the long route back to the train station which resulted in us stumbling across an Open House for a property for sale.

‘Do you want to go in a look slutmine?’ he asked me

‘Can we really, are you sure?’ I replied

And before I knew it we were knocking on the door and being invited in. I can’t begin to describe this house, apart from to say, it was perfect. It has just been completely renovated, new floors, kitchen, bathrooms, carpets, the lot. Houses don’t come like that in the UK and they certainly do not come like that in the UK for that price and I mean, NEVER!


If things had only been a little different, I would have bought that house, right then and there, without a moment’s hesitation. It just felt right. It felt like it was meant to be ours. Only time will tell if that is to be the case, and if not, then I know there will be others and one of them will end up being our home but I left that house knowing one thing for sure. We will be together and we will have a home together and as he has told me on many occasions during this trip, we are going to have many, many years together.

Anyway, I don’t think you need a blow-by-blow account of the next few hours, but in brief, they included more train rides, more laughing, more kissing. Time spent sitting in Love Square, getting our photo taken and watching the word go by. A taxi ride to the airport, a hunt for food (which you wouldn’t think would be difficult in an airport right? Well trust me, never, ever wait to eat at Philadelphia airport, as land side there is nothing and I mean NOTHING and airside, it is the most expensive airport food I have ever laid eyes on.) We did find something in the end, thanks to the Marriot hotel.

What’s the saying, time stands still for no man? And we were no exception, in the end I had to go. I tried so hard to be brave, like all the times before, but I failed this time, and I cried. I don’t really know why this time was harder than the times before, maybe because I know the time apart from him will be much longer this time, or maybe it’s because I love him more now than I ever have before, maybe it’s because I know I am His and that we are meant to be together, but leaving this time was truly agony.

I know he will home by now, I wonder if he is tracking my flight on-line, I hope he is sleeping peacefully and maybe dreaming of me. I hope he smiles at all the memories of our time together, just as I am now and I hope he will remember the feel of my little hand in his and the way our bodies fit perfectly together. I hope he knows that I love him so very much, and I know he knows that this is just the beginning of One More Day, until we are back together again.

It’s time for some sleep now, as I can see from the map that we are fasts leaving America behind and that soon I shall be back in the UK. I can’t wait until I get to go home again but for now, the UK is my destination. America…..I shall be back.


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V August 17, 2010 - 9:36 am

Miss Molls… I have no words that could do my feelings justice or be of comfort. Just know that I’m thinking of you two.

lupobellezza August 29, 2010 - 2:48 pm

Love always finds a way. Sometimes it makes us wait, but in the process we learn and enjoy it more. Nice blog.

Kajira diana/ lupobellezza

LambChop September 5, 2010 - 9:44 pm

The waiting is so very hard, but it’s that much sweeter when you do get together again!

mollyskiss September 5, 2010 - 10:09 pm

You are absolutly right there and I hope your ‘get together’ was as sweet as can be



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