Come as you are

by Molly Moore
Molly with face full of cum on her face

If had to have just one kink then I think cum, sticky creamy male semen would have to be it. Luckily I am allowed more than one kink but this one is definitely one that I would be very sad to have to live without.

Many years of being married to a man who was not keen on mess and who was happy to use condoms instead of me being on the pill (not complaining about that, because the pill never agreed with me) meant that it was not until that relationship ended that I discovered my love of cum. The first time I realised that it turned me on was with the partner who introduced me to swinging. Obviously we always used condoms when we were playing with others but he was the first man to cum on me. I remember him asking me, “shall I cum on you?” and my response was a fairly neutral “OK then”. In my defense I really had no idea that it could be hot. You see I had watched my fair share of porn and never ever even been attracted, let alone turned on, by the cum scenes. I have a theory about that which I will come to in a moment. So, when it was offered I was fairly blasΓ© about the idea, happy to do it if it worked for him but that was about as interested as I was. He came all over my tits and something in my brain just clicked and the next thing I knew I was trailing my fingers through it, wiping it across my face, dipping my fingers into my mouth, rubbing it into my skin. That evening when we went out to dinner I sat across the table from him and peeled his dry cum off my chest and ate it. The look in his eyes when I did that made my cunt clench with desire and although we stayed for the food, we ate quickly and returned to his car where I enjoyed a delicious dessert of his cum in my mouth. I had discovered a new love and I was determined to enjoy it.

Then I met @domsigns and for the first time in my life semen did not come (excuse the pun) with the fear of pregnancy. Have I mentioned that I think vasectomies are the best fucking thing EVER? Clearly it not a solution for all but for me, with two children, absolutely no desire for more and with a massive cum fetish it was the most fabulous thing ever. I can’t tell you how many times I have told him that I love the fact he has had a vasectomy. No need for me to battle with horrible hormone solutions or put physical things into my body to make me infertile and no condoms. I can, quite literally, enjoy his cum everywhere without any worries.

So what it is about cum that does it for me? I think it is very closely related to my love of bruises and marks in that they are like a trophy, they represent his lust and desire on my flesh, they remind me of my place, my submission and his dominance. They are the physical marks of our D/s play and cum is essentially the same. When he comes on me, it is possibly the most physical display of his desire and dominance; he is marking me as his with a part of himself. Just writing that sentence made me a bit wet. I love the way it looks on my skin, I love trailing my fingers through it, painting it over me and licking it off my fingers and I love how it tightens across my skin when it dries. Do you remember in school painting your hands with that PVA glue and then peeling it off? Well if you let cum dry on your tits in a thick enough layer, you can that with it too.

When he comes inside me it is similar in that it is his mark within but it is more about the physical sensation rather than the visual. There is something incredible hot and sexy about having his cum inside me, and when I can feel it leaking out of me, coating my cunt and thighs, I feel utterly filthy in a way that is a huge turn on for me. I love the smell of it, or maybe that is the smell of us, our juices combined in and on my body is a scent that I adore. My hand can often be found wandering between my legs but never more so than when we have just had sex. If I could bottle that scent and dab a bit of it on my neck and in my cleavage every day. I would.

I promised you some thoughts on porn and what it commonly known as ‘the money shot’ when more often than not the man will pull out of whatever orifice he has been enjoying and plaster his cum all over the female star. It is a part of main stream porn that does absolutely nothing for me what so ever. If I have not come by then, the moment that happens is my signal to start looking for something else to watch and yet I love cum and, something I have not mentioned above I absolutely love seeing it shooting out of his cock. It is one of the reasons I love it when he comes on my tits or face because it is right there, in front of my eyes, and I can really see it. I adore watching that moment when the head of his penis starts to really swell and then the throb and twitch of his cock which starts right down in the base followed by that fabulous moment when the cum starts to flow, I can never get enough of seeing that. Yet in porn, not so much. I think there are two reasons for this, firstly and maybe most importantly of all because it is also shot from the male point of view. The camera angle is always looking down on the woman, presenting the male viewer with a proxy vision of himself, the camera is rarely if ever from the female viewer/recipient. That also plays into the second reason which is that I feel no connection with that moment in porn. I am definitely not going to get off imagining myself as the male in the scene and I feel no connection with the man (or penis) that enables me to imagine myself as the female in the situation. If anyone knows of porn where the money shot is filmed from the female point of view then do let me know as I would be interested to see if that changed things for me.

So just in case I have not been clear. I fucking LOVE semen, come on me, come in me, come for me. Christ, I am the woman who happily ate salad dressed with his cum. If that doesn’t prove my love for cum then I don’t know what will. I love being covered in the sticky stuff, I love the smell, the texture, the taste, the glorious hot mess of it all. I am many things but I am most definitely a cumslut!

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Steve Cripe December 31, 2015 - 1:53 am

Very hot post…!!! I wish my partner felt the same as you. She is rather indifferent to the idea although she used to be more excited by such things. Me, being bisexual, I understand exactly your point of view. To me there is nothing better than cleaning up after a huge cock and a pussy have climaxed. Next time we need pictures!

joy December 31, 2015 - 6:04 am

Nope, not me. I mean , I LIKE it, but I think I like it for what it represents, which is pleasing someone, not just for the physicality of it! Though I do like the symbolism of the naughtiness of someone cumming somewhere other than inside me. Interesting post!

Marie Rebelle December 31, 2015 - 9:16 am

I find your views about mainstream porn very interesting and it might be part of the reason why I don’t like it, but to me the main reason is that I don’t like being come on, because of the mess it makes. However, that is slowly changing as I am ‘learning’ to accept it and maybe one day I will love it as much as you do πŸ˜‰

Rebel xox

Forestter December 31, 2015 - 3:34 pm

My partner loves to feel me cum inside her. She relishes the idea and begs to have it when riding cowgirl. At other times she loves to make me ejaculate in her hands and rub it on me and against her groin area. You truly express your thoughts and feelings about semen in this post. Look forward to next year, particularly your Sinful Sundays. Happy New Year!!!

Molly Moore December 31, 2015 - 4:04 pm

Happy New Year to you too and glad you enjoy my Sinful Sundays


Angela Goodnight December 31, 2015 - 5:14 pm

Very hot post even though I’m a fan of it ending up in my body one way or another. My reason for commenting is that you’ve missed my most favourite thing about making a male orgasm – the feel of it rushing up his urethra when you hold his root tightly. Really turns me on and always have.

Have a great new year.

Cammies on the Floor December 31, 2015 - 7:19 pm

Yep, as soon as I saw the topic, I remember the salad dressing moment from you. Great write up of how wonderful this kink is to you.

MrSmith December 31, 2015 - 8:13 pm

Great hot read. My baby girl loves it when I cum on her hand as she’s rubbing herself to climax. Once I start cumming, she cums so hard herself.

Twigs @ 100AcreSub January 1, 2016 - 2:08 pm

Yes the trophy thing, the marking and the bruises and cum as similar. Very much so for me. I love seeing how pleased he is when he then sees his cum on me. I am less turned on by some Dom attitudes of being grateful for his ‘seed’… That I shouldn’t waste a drop … Etc etc. Not quite sure why. It is after all like getting a trophy and reward. It just seems so pompous? So even though there is a fine line between the two approaches, it’s an important line for me.
Humbly twigs

Robin Emiriu January 1, 2016 - 4:17 pm

I hope this isn’t inappropriate to post here, but I found this on Youporn:

Pretty hot actually. Made me want to see more female pov porn. I was able to watch one female pov jPorn for lesbians. It was a great find. I wish I remembered what it was called.

Anyway, great post, the one thing I can add is that I loved the one time my man pulled out just as he was cumming and he shot it in a big streak across my body, almost got some on my face it was so powerful. It was a terrible mess, but so dirty at the same time.

sub-Bee January 3, 2016 - 11:58 am

Well I could have written this, I was agreeing all the way through. I adore being his cumslut and I’m so glad you mentioned the marking too, what better way to say I belong to him!


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