The Wrong Side of the Tracks

By on March 26, 2014.

I have no idea if Rebel has confessed her sins to you in her corresponding Wicked Wednesday about this week’s prompt but if not, then I am about to because the prompt was kind of my idea after we enjoyed a little outing whilst in Bristol for Eroticon2014

Both ourselves, Rebel and her hubby Master T arrived in Bristol on the Thursday. At dinner that evening plans were made for a little trip out and about the following day in my car. Friday arrived and after a leisurely morning we collected Rebel and Master T from their hotel and set off. Our drive took us up to the lookout point that affords an amazing view over the River Avon and Cliffton Suspension Bridge.

View down to the River Avon to Cliffton Suspension BridgeAfter that things became a little more unplanned but we eventually found ourselves down by one of the many docks in Bristol where the SS Great Britain is housed. After deciding that the ridiculously high cost of admittance to this attraction was not worth it we took a wander down by the water.

I am fairly sure that Rebel and I spotted the train tracks at exactly the same moment and although we didn’t say anything to each other straight away I knew immediately that we were both thinking the same thing; Scavenger Hunt!. The tracks appeared to be completely intact but were obviously non longer in use. On one side they were bordered by the old remnants of a platform, which shielded the view from the river, but on the other there was a path and a series of apartment buildings and the path we were on was not exactly deserted. At one point an elderly couple came up to the 4 of us and asked what we were waiting for. Because of the cameras they had mistakenly assumed that there was going to be something of interest about to take place. Little did they know.

Eventually they went on their way and with me leading we set off into the patch of sunshine. (Note the man on the path walking away from us)

Rebel and MollyLuckily we had two husbands = two cameras and so two different lens which meant that we were able to get some pictures that show our exploits within the setting and just how overlooked we were

Train tracks Scavenger HuntMolly and Rebel flashing bumsAs well as some lovely close-up shots of the action.

Close up of Molly and Rebel's bumFlashing bum on railway tracksOne final one that I hope shows just how much fun we were having doing this.

Smiling Molly during Scavenger HuntAfterwards, whilst still happily giggling away about the whole thing I made the suggestion of a Wicked Wednesday prompt that would fit perfectly with our images and so the idea of ‘together’ was born and this is what happens when two sex bloggers who love the Scavenger Hunt, and whose husbands are more than happy to indulge them in their passions stumble across some train tracks together!

*Train tracks is my 49th Scavenger Hunt locations. You can find my complete list on the Scavenger Hunt page

You can see Rebel’s version on Track and Trace


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  1. What a fun idea!! Master Michael and I are already thinking of lots of ideas and how to stage them! I am glad you and Rebel put your lovely heads together!.. Hope a lot of folks run with it!

  2. Adore these pics! Doing Scavenger Hunts together is a blast (I’ve just done a whole heap with Modesty Ablaze and it was an amazing time) and you two look like you were having a fantastic time!

    I’ve updated the SH pages 🙂

    xx Dee
    Curvaceous Dee recently posted..MonumentalMy Profile

    • That is my favourite one too, although we do have one with rebel looking back as well but due to her not showing her face we couldn’t post it which is a shame as it so lovely


  3. I had a blast playing photographer for several Scavenger Hunt photos with Curvaceous Dee when I visited with her a few years ago. One adventure we had that night inspired the story I just submitted to an anthology.

    I especially love the delight on your face in the last shot.
    Delilah Night recently posted..Wicked Wednesday #200–My Best…My Profile

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