Dig Deep For Dildology!

by Molly Moore
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Do you know what your favourite dildo is made of? Of course you do right, I mean it tells you right there on the packaging doesn’t it? Or does it? Sure there is a list of materials used and reassurances about the safety of them but do you still know the truth? The truth is that none of those words are regulated and so that means that excellent ethical companies who produce high quality products from the best materials compete directly with companies who cut corners but still describe their product in exactly the same way as the good guys. As a result none of us really know what we are buying, until now that is. Think of them as the superheroes of the sextoy world. They look like ordinary people but beneath that disguise lurks a passionate trio of Dildologists (what a great word that is!) who are about to take your favourite dildo, strip it bare and expose to a rigorous series of tests so that, you, me and everyone else will have a better idea of which products tell the truth and which ones might potentially give you an itch you would really rather avoid!

About Dildology
A bright star formed of fire, passion, frustration, and glitter exploded in March, 2013 and three heroes emerged from the ashes to form Dildology.org: X. Valentine Orenda, Crista Anne and blogger Dangerous Lilly. With lab coats and capes they banded together on a crusade to learn the truth about what is in your sex toys.

See what I mean… I wonder if they will have an old style phone box that they can disappear into and inside will contain their scientific laboratory of forensic dildo testing!!! Ok, enough with the super hero analogies and onto the task at hand.

Dildology fund raiser badge

The guys at Dildology.org are just starting out on this massive project and as a result they have asked for a some of their blogging friends and peers to give them a massive big shout out and it my great pleasure to be the first one to-do so and kick off the Dildology blog hop fund-raising initiative! For Dildology to thrive these guys need our support, to perform just a basic test on a toy costs them $200 and a more advanced test is $400. This blog carnival is not just to raise awareness but to raise money too so that they can start work and build a resource centre of information that will not only benefit us the consumers of this stuff but also the shops and retailers who sell it because for the first time ever they are going to know EXACTLY what it is they are selling to the consumer and will no longer need to take the manufacturers word for it. When I asked Dangerous Lilly, one of the 3 founders of Dildology.org what she most wanted people to know she told me this…

You can tell your readers that we’re non-profit, that the majority of donations will go towards product testing. The remainder will be spent on fundraising merchandise and incentives, and equipment for experiments and the development of educational resources. We need to remain unaffiliated and unbiased, as stated in our Mission Statement, so that means taking on advertising is out. Donations are our sole means of getting toys tested for everyone. We also aim to develop “Home Dildo Testing” beyond the flame test.

Their current target in this round of fund-raising is a teeny tiny $1500. Imagine if everyone who reads this post (and I know how many of you there are as my little counter system tell me…. I am watching YOU!) donated $2 to their fund, well on a good week here on my blog that would mean they would easily double that target. Of course if you want to donate more, then I encourage you to do so, as does Dildology.org as they have lovely rewards on offer for those of you who do. You can even get a lovely discount on your next sextoy purchase!

Anyway enough from me. It up to you now and if you are in any doubt about the dedication, the determination and the quality of work and information that this guys intend to provide or what a more detailed idea of what your money will be used for then it is time you stop reading this post and start reading this; Dildolgy.org – Our Mission

And then when you are done with that please do head over to their donations page and give it a little tickle, remember ever little £ or $ counts, no donation is too small and ever penny they get will be used towards making your sextoy a safer, more transparent product that you can use. Now surely that is worth a buck or 2?

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Dangerous Lilly May 13, 2013 - 10:45 pm

Thanks Molly!

I also wanted to point out that while the primary buttons on the donations page are broken into tiers with preset amounts, there is a Google Checkout and Paypal Donate widget in the sidebar, where one could enter in any amount they can afford. Every dollar helps us help you!


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