Molly’s Weekly Kiss 8

by Molly Moore

30th May 2011

It’s all in the name this week; well that’s how it started for me anyway. Erotic Moonbeams, I mean how sexy is that title? Maybe it’s just me but when I saw that title I was drawn to the blog like a moth to the flame, it set off all sorts of sensual images in my mind, of evening walks, moonlight beaches, night-time adventures, all wrapped up with an erotic streak, or so I hoped. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

So far there have been no moonlight beaches but there is definitely a way with words that draws you in. This blog is a mixture of one woman’s musing on life, love, sex and all that stuff alongside some really great erotic fiction pieces. The blog is well laid out you can find all the works of fiction by clicking on the tabs at the top of the header. One leads to the short stories and the other leads to stories that are part of a series and of course the tab, ‘Behind The Moonbeam’ is an ‘about me’ sort of page but like the rest of this blog it only really gives us a hint of what is going on here.

Similar to last week’s blog Erotic Moonbeams is a fledgling in the world of blogging but don’t be put off by that. This is a skilled writer, her musings are well crafted, well observed, often funny or poignant and her stories are full and rich, showing a writer of skill and developing talent. Her story ‘What She Wants’ stands out. This is a well crafted piece of writing, the detail given and therefore the scene portrayed is such that I found myself in that kitchen. I could feel the heat of the room, the passion of the scene and most of all when I got to the end, I wanted more.

If you want to start back at the beginning of this blog, and I recommend you do, the writer has made it easy for you. There is a link to her first post on the bottom of every post and from there you can work your way through to the present day, where you will currently find a funny little musing about men in Kilts. (update – the most recent post is, in fact, an even more interesting musing about the joys of a MMF)

I am intrigued by this writer; her hint at a sexual need unfilled left me wondering where that will take her, if anywhere. She comes across as a highly intelligent woman, with a sexual drive that remains, I suspect, fairly unexplored and there is something very attractive about that combination. I have realised that I like finding these new developing blogs, there is something about watching a story unfold, a writer develop a persona and blog taking on a life that I find compelling. Of course there are many such new blogs out there but not many of them have the promise that I think this one does. Just like last weeks blog, I hope this blogger doesn’t fall by the way side, because that would be a waste of such a flying start.

Erotic Moonbeam


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ddd May 30, 2011 - 2:52 pm

Molly, you’re the best kisser;-) I love that you’re introducing us to such interesting blogs, many in their infancy. Keep kissing, girl.

Catharine June 2, 2011 - 12:55 am

I like this one too! and it does have a wonderful name.


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