Molly’s Weekly Kiss 7

by Molly Moore

23rd May 2011

Something a little bit different for again this week, a sex blog written by a virgin to be precise. Oh I know I can hear you all going, hmmm, but this is not your standard virgin blog full of teenage angst by any stretch of the imagination. As the author so rightly says herself, “I think virgins usually write blogs to share their religious message or feminist ideals” but this is certainly not the case with the Optimistic Virgin who’s tag line is “I have lots of sex. With myself.”

This blog is penned by Catharine who find herself still a virgin at the ripe old age of 25 due to having suffered from serve agoraphobia during her teenage years. “I’m not religious.  Or saving myself for someone ‘special’.  Or even all that ugly.  But when I was a teenager I was agoraphobic, so now I’m 25 and a virgin.” I urge you to read the first 5 posts on this blog that only started earlier this year in April, in fact this blog is so ‘young’ in its life that I would recommend you sitting down for 20 minutes and read everything she has posted so far. She is a good writer, who has interesting observations on life and the world around her, a humorous tone that quite often left me giggling at the end of her posts and as well as posts about herself she also has some erotic fiction pieces that she has written too.

Her discovery of her body, her sexuality and her mental as well as physical exploration of all this is fascinating, her 2 posts about her hymen were truly illuminating. (You can find them through her tags on her side bar) She has intimate and amazing knowledge of her hymen, something I doubt many sex bloggers do. I admit that mine is long gone, but reading about hers made me go and Google for an image of one as I had no idea just quite how visible and sensitive they were. Ignorant I know, but I claim lack of one as my defence in the matter.

My only concern with picking a blog that is so new in its development is that successful blogging is about sustainability. I come across so many good blog out there, but often they are abandoned after just a few short months, or else the rate of posting is just not enough to hold the returning readers attention, but I really hope this won’t be the case here, as this blog has a great deal of potential to evolve into something truly unique and special.

If I had any advice to Catharine as a new blogger it would be to create a good about page that maybe includes link to her first 5 posts. They explain so much about Catharine, why she is blogging and more importantly why she is at this stage in her life now. It would help people navigate and provide an introduction to her and the blog, so that no matter how far down the line people join her blog they can easily find out what she is about.

Oh and before I send you off to the Optimistic virgin I should also mention that she posted what I felt was the picture of the week for Sinful Sunday yesterday, self photography also seems to be something she is playing around with too. Make sure you check out her VERY erotic white Chocolate nipple.

Optimistic Virgin


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Denstar65 May 23, 2011 - 10:18 am

Totally agree with you Molly, started following her recently myself myself. Very good writer makes you laugh out loud at her observations.

Catharine May 23, 2011 - 5:45 pm

aww, thank you!

I promise I’ll keep updating it! I’ll try and do a page like you suggested too, especially since I haven’t really got much on my profile or an “about me” or anything.

Aussiescribbler May 23, 2011 - 7:02 pm

Couldn’t agree more. One of my favourites too.

Butch May 24, 2011 - 1:14 pm

Another great find, Molly! I love that you do these… nice for us and nice for the bloggers that you promote. So much good stuff out there!


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