Molly’s Weekly Kiss 24

by Molly Moore

26th September 2011

In last week’s kiss I touched upon the subject of picking new developing blogs and that the risk of this is that many people who start blogs, even very good ones, can often fall by the wayside, and so my readers are then being sent off to blogs that are no longer active. That doesn’t mean that the material already there is of less value or quality but people who read blogs tend to do because they like a regular feed to consume.

A few weeks ago, just as I was about to start writing my kiss for this week’s blog,  a blog I have been following since it’s very early days I would like to add, the writer posted a piece that lead me to believe that the blog would, for the time being, not be being updated. Damn it, Clive, I was already with my opening line and everything and you took the wind right out of my sails. However, it now seems to me that although you might not be blogging quite a much, you are still out there and so this week’s kiss really does have two aims; to share one of my favourite blogs with my readers AND to maybe encourage, entice, coax, and woo Mr Clive back to his blogging home.

So here we go, Clive Journeys Into Kink! As I just mentioned this is one of the few blogs that I have been reading since its inception and when you manage to do this I think you end up feeling very close to the persons blogging journey and it allows you to really see how they have developed their thoughts and writing and often times how their blog has even managed to change or alter their lives in some way and Clive is certainly an example of this.

When he first started writing his blog, nearly a year ago now, he words where tentative, unsure, and almost shy in some respects. You can find all his early posts by clicking on the Introduction tab at the top of his page and they really are worth a read. Clive’s writing ability has certainly developed over the year but right from those early posts he was able to convey thoughts and feelings with great skill but what has really changed over the year is his increasing confidence in his kink and enjoyment of his journey.

Clive is man who likes to wear women’s undies and over the last year he has increasingly embraced this side of his kink, you can find many of his pictures in the Clive’s Gallery Tab as well as some writing on this subject that I urge you to read but I also recommend you click on his OAP link in his labels on the side bar as it is here you will discover his ‘Out and About in Pinks’ series of pictures. I think my favourite is ‘Greeting The dawn’ but they are very Clive, fun, sexy, quirky and guaranteed to make you smile. Oh and I have it on good authority that later this week Clive will be revealing his very sexy new pink purchase, so keep an eye out for that.

Due to life commitments, Clive has taken a little bit of a back seat from his blog, or so he claims, and is using Twitter to keep his toe in, or should that be to keep his pinkie in? You can find an explanation of his current Tweetfest in the tabs at the top and if you have a Twitter account I would recommend giving Clive a follow as this current little project of his will without doubt make your time line a slightly more intriguing place.

My top posts tips for this blog are ‘Full Circle’ which you will find in his March archive. I think this post was a real turning point in Clive’s journey and I felt it marked a real change in his confidence about himself and his sexuality. 30 minutes of Kink, in the April archive is a perfect example of Clive’s excellent humorous outlook on his blog and kink and contains a fair few links to some of his other memorable post that I suggest you check out and more recently ‘Sex and Marriage’ (August archive) because it shows that even though his marriage is not perfect sexually he clearly still adores Mrs Clive for all that she brings to his life and finally ‘Shape Not Quantity’ (September archive) is a really well written account of one man’s exploration into butt plugs. It is yet again typical Clive in that it is peppered with fun and giggles but it is also a great piece of informative writing about a subject that I have found many people are very curious about. I am by no means saying these are the only posts you should read, if you have time, read as much of this blog as you can, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed and if you leave without laughing and developing and liking for the lovely Clive then I will be very surprised.

Tips for Clive time now. Buy more panties, write more stuff, take more pictures, and do not leave the blogging world. We NEED you! No pressure or anything but man in pink panties are few and far between! As far the blog goes, it is well laid out, you can find things easily, and if you are completely new to the blog you can get yourself back to the beginning of his writing with relative ease, something I find many bloggers fail to provide. Apart from that, maybe move the blog archive nearer the top of the side bar. Along with the labels it is the main way people will use to navigate their way round your blog. Also have a review of your blog list, some of you links appear to be out of date and leading to blogs that no longer exist. I think a good blog roll should be an accurate reflection of the writers top blog reads and in that sense I think less can often be more here, but that’s just me and we all know I am a bit weird!

So, are you ready for Clive, because he is certainly ready for you, click the Kiss icon below and enjoy!

Clive Journeys Into Kink


Ps… If you enjoy these ‘kisses’ please do get in touch and tell me, do you have a favourite so far that I have sent you to, or maybe you would like to nominate your favourite blog for me to take peek at? And don’t forget if you do discover someone new from this project it would be great if you could tell them that Molly sent you!




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Clive September 26, 2011 - 4:17 pm

Ooooh I don’t know what to say 🙂 – so I won’t say anything at all, just give you a big Hug 🙂

mollyskiss September 26, 2011 - 4:23 pm

Aww Clive…hugs back!


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