Molly’s Weekly Kiss 28

by Molly Moore

26th October 2011

I have said before when writing these posts that I hope that I have found a mixture of blogs that cover all sorts of sex blogging. Male authors, female authors, joint authors, photography blogs, D/s blogs and everything else in between but all with one central theme, that they have that something about them that will make you want to read them, that something special that gives them an edge over all the other 1000’s of sex blogs out there and I think this week’s kiss fits into that category beautifully.

I hope I have not been swayed by the fact that at times reading this blog has felt like a window on myself. Not where I am now mind you, but the person I was 4 or maybe 5 years ago, but I suspect that I am not the only one who will feel that way when reading some of her posts as I know many people who live in marriages that they find unfulfilling in some form or other. For Mrs Discontented it would appear that although she loves her husband and enjoys certain aspects of their marriage the total lack of sexual satisfaction has taken its toll on her and she has decided to step outside of this relationship to find what it is she craves.

Mrs Discontented blog chronicles this journey starting back in November of last year when she made the jump from reading erotica and fantasising to actually jumping in and living out some of her fantasies for real and so a whole series of real life meet ups with a variety of different men have ensued. Her posts about these encounters are quite frankly hot as hell and range from posts about phone and cam sex to the real life hotel room romps. Regardless of your moral stance on what she is doing they make for great sexy reading. Intermingled with all this are posts about her marriage, her relationship with her husband, her thoughts about her infidelity and the odd toy review and erotic photograph for good measure.

So where to start? I would recommend her very first post back in November of last year and then maybe the next few which follow on from that, it will help you understand how this all started I think. Also make sure you check out the page ‘My Friends’ which gives you a run down on the regular characters that appear in her posts. There a fair few of them and if you are anything like me you will find yourself nipping back to this page on more than one occasion to help you keep track. One of her most recent posts that I recommend you read is ‘Living Up To My Name’ posted on the 10th September 2011. To be honest it made my insides tip over but that is because it bought back memories of similar conversations and the resulting feelings of desperation all to clearly to my mind but I think for the new reader to this blog it will help you to understand the situation this woman is in, the frustration she feels and the confused feelings she is battling in trying to come to terms with this and find a way forward. Where she will end up is anyone’s guess right now, but I hope she continues to write about it. I only wish I had found something like this to read myself when I was experiencing similar things in my life. I can’t begin to even explain what it would have meant to me to have discovered that I was not the ‘sex hungry freak’ I feared I might be.

Now for the icing on the cake of this blog, it will make you hot and horny, it will make you wonder about human sexuality and drive, it will challenge you to question how you feel about cheating within relationships and extra marital sex AND it will fill your ears with aural delight because she also published audio boo’s and they really are little slices of listening heaven because she has one of the sexiest voices I have heard in a very long time. Just her little hello at the beginning had me sitting up and paying attention and wanting to hear more and more to the extent that when my children came home I had to resort to headphones so that I keep going. If you don’t listen to any others but one then find the post in September 2011 called ‘Toy Review’ read that and then listen to the accompanying audio boo. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

My advice to this blogger is very simply. I think an ‘about me’ page to go along side the ‘My Friends’ page would be a good idea. It would help new readers to your blog to get the back history without having to read back through all your earlier posts, not that they shouldn’t do that as they are well worth reading but for those pushed for time yet still curious it would give them a way into your story. I would also include a link to some of your really important posts on that page as well. In addition a category search button would also be a good idea then readers are able to search for posts on certain themes or topics such as toy reviews, audio boo’s, photographs etc. Both of these things just help readers to navigate your site and find things easily and mean that you back catalogue is not lost within the growing number of posts.

Your turn now dear reader, please go and check out Mrs Discontented. One other thing about this blogger is that she seems to be very chatty with her commenter’s on her blog, so be sure to say Hi and I suspect you will get a warm welcome in return.

Mrs Discontented


Ps… Click the Kiss icon above to visit Mrs Discontented or go HERE to see the full list of kisses.

Pps.. Sorry this a couple of days late, you can blame school holidays and the words “Mum! What can I do?” for that.

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