Molly’s Weekly Kiss 15

by Molly Moore

18th July 2011

Just because Sir arrives here today, does not mean that weekly blog duties can be neglected, however much I have been tempted to take a week of from kissing, I know if I did I would only really be disappointing myself and quite frankly writing this is working wonders at keeping me calm and focused on something else other than my dire need for it to be Monday morning, however I can’t say the same for the blog that I have spent most of today dipping in and out of so that I can write this post.

Maybe I am just insanely horny at the moment or maybe it is because I am on the verge of a whole new chapter of exploration of my life and my submission but reading One sub’s mission over the last few days, but especially today has set off a roller coaster of thoughts, emotions and physical reactions that have left me hooked.

I have read this blog on and off for a while now, but not to the extent to which I have really read it over the last day or so, and I realise that I have been missing a trick because this blog is, well quite frankly, damn fucking good. It is written by ‘J’ “a creative professional woman in (her) late twenties, living in London” and although the blog was originally named for her discovery of her submissive nature she has recently realised that she is a switch, but as she says herself, the name One switches mission doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

When I read a blog for these reviews in mind I am always delighted to find a ‘first post’ that is just that. I don’t want an about me page when I read this, I just want to know what was in the author’s head when they set of down their blog path. It often shows a great deal about the author, when compared to where they are now, but in this case it just confirmed to me that what ‘J’ first intended for her blog to be, is exactly what she has used it for; A written account of her discovery of her sexual self and her ‘kink’.

‘J’ and I share some common past history, we both have failed vanilla marriages behind us, we both have a new discovery of our submission that was shown to us by a man who is now also part of our pasts and we both share a city but reading her blog today I find myself in many of her posts in some shape or other. I am not claiming that she is writing for me but just that much of what I have read there today I found so easy to identify with and from comments left on her blog by other readers I would say I am not the only one. Her writing is intelligent, well thought out, thought-provoking and she doesn’t ever seem afraid to question herself, challenge herself and expose even her most inner thoughts and vulnerabilities with the reader. It is all this that makes this blog so very captivating.

I recommend if you are a new visitor to One sub’s mission then start with the about me page, everything you need to know of the back story you will find there and then delve straight in. If you too are a submissive woman then I guarantee this blog is for you and if you are a Dom then I think this blog with give you great insight into many of the thought process and challenges that a submissive woman goes through and even if you identify with neither of these groups, or BDSM in general, this blog is still a must read just for the great writing. I usually point you in the direction of some of the posts that have stood out for me but there are so many to choose from here that I am not sure where to start but I will mention F-f-f-frustration posted back in February 2010 which talks about orgasm denial, a subject close to my heart this last week or so, ‘Sexualising Sir’ from March 2010 about how a breakthrough in her thinking on this matter felt like a real acceptance of her submission and ‘An Incident, An Accident: a question of consent’ that deals with the tricky issue of informed consent and safety and the importance of communication and safe words when playing, even if ‘J’ does give herself to harder time in this post it is something that I think everyone in the BDSM community has experienced in some form or other. Apart from that, it is all good stuff, so really I suggest you choose a post and dive in, I am confident you won’t be disappointed.

One sub's mission


Ps…I am always interested to hear about other blogs that people read, so please leave me some suggestions of YOUR favourite blog and I will be sure to check it out.



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Squeaky July 18, 2011 - 2:14 pm

Heartily agree with you on this one, Molly. I, too, was captivated by J’s journey. By her openness and insight, and by the outstanding quality of her writing.
Good kiss!
P.S. love your weekly kisses. You have excellent taste in blogs
P.P.S. Wishing you joy today and ever after. I’m so happy for you and He! 😀

kiwirabbit July 24, 2011 - 11:45 pm

Molly, any chance of giving a link to J’s blog. Sorry, but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks

mollyskiss July 25, 2011 - 11:52 am

If you click on the Kiss button/icon in this post it will take you to J’s blog…



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