Molly’s Weekly Kiss 11

by Molly Moore

20th June 2011

This week I bring you something a little more edgy for your reading/viewing pleasure and thus I shall kick off with a warning. If you are easily offended by the darker side of a woman’s exploration into kink and submission then I suspect this blog will not be for you but if, on the other hand, you are looking for white knuckle read then this blog should tick the box.

A Slut’s Memoir is written by SlipperyWhnWhet who describes herself as an “an owned submissive masochist slut.” Who speaks her mind freely, “Too freely sometimes” according to her and about her blog she says “I am awed that so many people are reading my writings. Feel free to explore my site, my inner mind, and my adventures.” And trust me when I say these adventures are always wild and often dark, edgy and challenging reads

I have to say that SlipperyWhnWhet is without doubt one of the filthiest, depraved, sexually ravenous sluts I have ever had the pleasure of encountering but it is her openness and delight in all that this brings her that I find so amazingly refreshing. As she says, she speaks her mind, but yet it is more than that I feel, she lays her mind bare often, for the reader to pick at and devour. She is loud and proud about her sexuality and her relationships and is definitely not afraid to not only challenge herself but in doing so the reader too.

Her blog is full of posts about the many sexual adventures she has had, she writes in an honest and raw way, detailing the highs and lows of these encounters with gutsy openness that has at times left me squirming in my seat. There are post here that will, I am fairly sure, challenge even the most darkly depraved amongst you and I know on many an occasion I have read her blog and come away knowing that what I read was certainly not for me but on other occasions I have sat and reread post that have quite frankly made my pussy throb at the thought of what took place.

She has been blogging since 2009 and so there is quite a bit of reading here for you but she has kindly created a rather wonderful page called ‘Personal Favourites’ that I highly recommend you start with. In particular I would like to mention her post entitled ‘Consensual Non Consent’ which was one of the posts that made me wriggling in my seat on a little wet patch whilst simultaneously thinking ‘no thank you’ and I think the same can be said for ‘Birthday Gang Bang – The Beginning. This, along with the 2 follow-up post ‘Birthday Gang Bang: Round 1’ and ‘Birthday Gang Bang: Round 2’ are MUST reads and yet again I found them to be posts that challenged me, they made me wet and I mean really wet but they also terrified me too, leaving me with, could I ever really do that or want that type of questions running around inside head.

SlipperyWhnWhet is a woman who doesn’t seem to be scared of these questions herself, she is willing to push her boundaries, or should I have them pushed for her and in this blog she not only challenges her own thinking about her sexuality and her desires but I am pretty confident will challenge yours too but all the while she does so with a grace and beauty that only a woman who is truly comfortable in her sexual self can convey.

A Slut's Memoir


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Sophia June 20, 2011 - 4:26 pm

Slippery was my first twitter follower. I learned so much and came out of my shell (well a little) because of her inspiration. I love her… she’s the best. 🙂

SlipperyWhnWhet June 22, 2011 - 8:08 am

Very often the things that scare you and make you wet are the very best things of all. Fear can be a potent aphrodisiac, and enhance all senses.


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