Molly’s Weekly Kiss 22

by Molly Moore

12th September 2011

So here we are again my lovely readers and another Monday is upon us. Do you have the Monday blues? Well if you do, not to worry as I have a blog for you today that I think will help you deal with that. I have been reading this blog on and off for a while now but I admit I have not really given it my full attention and explored it in-depth in the way I should have, until now.

I have spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon dipping into the far corners of the blog and uncovering some really great writing. This blogger has been writing for the best part of 2 years but during that time she has been fairly prolific. She has an interesting writing style that usually involves her writing in the third person, which gives the blog a nice ‘story telling’ feel to it and meant that at times I was left wondering where the lines between her fantasy writing and her true stories lay, a blurred line that I quickly started to enjoy. Not only does it leave you wondering but at times gives much of her writing a very voyeuristic feel to it.

This is yet again another blog that is packed to the rafters with sexy and no matter what it is you look for in a good sex blog, whether it be photographs, creative writing, fantasies, true life stories, advice or just thoughts from a woman who is determined to explore her full sexuality you will find it here. If you are totally new to this blog then start with Rebel’s about me page. I will let her make the introductions to you herself but if you want my tip for some seriously HOT reads then click on the ‘Fantasies’ tab and read the ‘Bus Tour’ series. It looks long but you can read a couple of ‘chapters’ at a time until you are update, however if you anything like me I think you might find yourself reading the whole lot in one sitting and then wondering how long you will have to wait for the next instalment. (The lovely Rebel informs she posts a new chapter each Friday)

If you want to know which post is Rebel picked out for me to read as something she is proud of then scroll down the fantasy tab and click on ‘I Kissed A Girl’. She tells me this one stands out for her because, it covers a subject, “that is a very deep yearning of mine”. One reading Rebel’s blog I have found that this is not the only ‘yearning’ we share. In fact I found myself identifying with much of her writing, whether it be fantasy or real life based.

Now to the tricky bit, my advice to this blogger, for what it is worth. I like the template and the black background but the side bar is very busy, and I found the orange font drawing my eye away from the main body of text, it feels over powering, as if it is announcing itself to me as the most important part of the blog. Also the archive list seems to launch itself in full every time I visit. Don’t know if that is a blogger setting but it is only adding to the cluttered feel of the side bar. My other big tip to Rebel would be, be careful of setting your links to open in a new tab when they are clicked on. As I read my way through the ‘Bus Tour’ series I very quickly found myself with a numerous browser tabs open as a result. I would try to limit your ‘open a new tab’ settings to the bare minimum. For me I only use them when linking to something outside of my blog, such as another blog.

It is your turn now, and no excuses about it being Monday, there is always time for a little bit of blog visiting and Rebel is waiting….

Rebel's Notes


Ps… You can find all my kiss by clicking HERE

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Sophia September 19, 2011 - 2:05 am

Love love her blog.
She is also a great person. 🙂


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