Molly’s Weekly Kiss 29

by Molly Moore

8th November 2011

Sorry about last week hiatus with the kiss but half term got the better of me and there just was not enough time to do the reading required to do justice this blog. I do like to have read most of the blog I am writing about, in fact with most of them I have read every post. I like to really know a blog before I start writing about it and this week is no exception, however I will say now that I have not read every single post, yet. I intend though because this blog contains some of the best writing I have ever had the fortune of stumbling across.

The Secretive Writer is without doubt a wordsmith. On reading her blog I was left with a distinct feeling of ‘oh I wish I could write like this’. None of her posts are particularly long but all of them have a real quality about them. Her use of prose and descriptive writing drew me into her world time and again. This blog contains an interesting mixture of personal writings intermingled with fiction and fantasy posts that left me with what felt like a hazy but intriguing portrait of the author. It is this feeling that for me gives this blog that really special edge because the more you read the more you want and as the saying goes, ‘always leave them wanting more’. Tempting people in is one thing but keeping them hooked and returning back for more is quite another and to me this blog feels like it has mastered that ability in bucket loads.

The other thing about this blog that nearly had me in raptures is that she has probably one of the best ‘about me’ pages I have ever come across. In fact reading it made me realise that even I need to go back and work on mine. Not only is it eloquently written but it contains 3 links to other pages that she recommends you read.  The first one will take you to a post that is essential reading as it gives you a just that little bit more insight into who the Secretive Writer is but be warned like the rest of her blog it gives you just enough to feel momentarily satisfied but if you are anything like me very quickly you will find yourself hungry for more.

The 2nd link will take you another must read post called ‘A year’ which is a summary of her first year of blogging. It really is a great write-up of the high and lows of life and how they have been expressed within her writing. Again, it is jammed pack with excellent links to take you to the posts that will help you fill in the gaps and it is here where you will find the link to what is what probably one of my all time favourite posts on this blog. It is the first link on this page, tagged fantasies, and at the end of it you will find a short piece about a vampire. Now vampire stories are really not my thing and so for this piece to have the effect on me that it did should tell just how good it is. I have just finished reading Interview With A Vampire, I know I said they are not my thing but I was told it was a book I should read and this post by The Secretive Writer is without doubt as good if not better than anything I read in Anne Rice’s book.

So you see my work here is all done for me. This blog is beautifully laid out. The about me page provides the perfect introduction, just follow the authors trail to the treasures that she has kindly left for you and you will be rewarded with much sexy reading material. I should also mention this blogger has an eye for a good picture and at the bottom of the page you will find a lovely little category cloud where if you click on the HNT link you will be able to see for yourself exactly what I mean.

It is very rare for me to get this point in my review and be having to write that I really have very little advice for the blogger in question but on this occasion that is true. The only thing I would say is she could do with having a look at her blog roll as I found at least 2 links on there that lead to blogs that no longer seemed to exist. It seems a shame to link to nothing and just shows your reader that you yourself probably don’t read the blogs you are recommending to them. Apart from that all I can say is, more! I really love this blog, at times reading it I felt like I was reading someone’s secret diary, or peering through a slightly dirty window and watching the goings on within and that is something that most writers dream of being able to doing.

Off you go now and visit The Secretive Writer by clicking the icon below and don’t forget, if you are moved to comment then please do let her know that Molly sent you!

The Secretive Writer


Ps… What’s your favourite blog?


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rach November 8, 2011 - 2:29 am

speechless…thank you is not gratitude enough. x

mitchelangelo November 8, 2011 - 3:01 am

I for one have been following the secretive writer for the past two years and her style of writing and the way she conveys messages… In one word amazing!

Don’t even get me started on the person behind the secretive writer… The blog only shows a glimpse of the wonderful, talented and unique individual she is.

Rach September 8, 2014 - 4:57 pm

I am still so humbled by your words.
You are a wonderful talent of writing and ideas.
You always keep me coming back!


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