Molly’s Daily Kiss 26

by Molly Moore

10th October 2011

I still seem to be struggling with this project somewhat and even contemplated not writing a kiss this week but instead replacing it with some of my top tips about good sex blogging and blogging platforms but with a little encouragement for Sir I have continued on and vowed not to be defeated. I will see out the year and so if you, my lovely readers, have a blog you would like to put forward for a kiss I want to hear from you now more than ever before. Speak to me people this is your chance to get your favourite blog a little bit of attention.

This week I have picked a blog that I have been toying with writing about for a while now. The one thing that has put me off is actually nothing to do with the quality of this blog, far from it in fact, but more about the quantity of it, as this blogger has not only been at it, in his present home since January 2009 but is also highly prolific. This in itself is not a bad thing, unless you have set yourself the challenge of reading all of the blog you are going to review. You see as a general rule I like to have read the bloggers ‘complete works’ before I write about their blog. This is for a number reasons. One; I would hate to have missed something very important in their story, so important that it should definitely get a mention in the review. Two; I feel when I write these reviews if I have not read all the blog then how can I really form a valued opinion? Three; I am a nosey blog slut who loves devouring other people’s sexy blogs.  And four; if I recommend you read it, then surely I should have done so myself.

So this week’s kiss starts with a small confession. I have not read every single post on Hubman’s Hangout. I would just like to say this is not the same as saying I have not read any, because I have, and lots of them, but I cannot for once claim to have read them all, so if I have missed out on a gem of a post in this review, bite me. This man has nearly 3 years of reading for me to catch up and I did the best I could and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process as I hope you will when you nip on over to visit Hubman.

Hubman’s blog was born from a variety of previous blogging adventures of his own and with his wifes and I would recommend that if you have not read this blog before you use the archive button to get back to Jan 2009 and in particular the post ‘How We Got Here’ (Jan 03. 2009) which gives you the back story, the now story and will help you fit some of the important pieces together in his blogging journey and his interesting and ever evolving sex life.

Hubman is married to Veronica and for many years she was the only woman he has ever had sex with, although he professed this to never be an issue for him it would seem that in the end the desire for a little more got the better of him. Now for many couples this could well have spelt disaster but not these two, who clearly share a deep and loving bond with one another. They resolved that their marriage and life together was too important to give up on and that the way forward was to explore and so a new determination to spread their sexual wings was born.

Much of Hubman’s blog centres around this journey they have taken together into swinging, other partners, open marriage and their own sexual adventures as a married couple but that is by no means the full picture when it comes to Hubman’s Hangout as you will find all this is nestled in with some great observational writing about family, life, work etc, sex toy reviews, and photography. I have mentioned before that I am a very visual person and Hubman’s blog is jammed packed full of delicious visual treats and not just erotic ones at that. Today’s amazing post entitled ‘Ceiling Fan’ shows just what a great eye and skill this man has with a camera in his hand.

Make sure you read his About me pages, both about his photography as it will lead you to a great post about Project 365 (Jan 1st 2010) and his 100 things about me, which like much of Hubman’s blog, is funny, honest and  open writing that really does endear this man to me.

Before I move on to advice for this blogger I want to linger just a moment more in his photography. I have mentioned before that for me a good photographer is one that makes me want to grab my camera and play and Hubman’s work does that in spade loads for me. His self portraits are interesting and skilful, often playful and funny, sometimes dark and moody but always worthy of a look. If you use the category drop down menu in the side bar you will find his photographs listed under Wanton Wednesday, HNT and of course pictures. I can’t offer you a favourite of mine, there really are too many great shots to choose from but I have to say some really perfect examples of his skill with the camera are show cased within the banner of his blog.

So, advice time and to be honest I don’t have a great deal to offer this week. This blogger knows his stuff. His side bars are clean and well organised and it is easy to navigate your way around and find the things that tickle your fancy. One things I would say though is that the post I mentioned earlier ‘How We Got Here’ is a great introduction to Hubman and Veronica’s story and as such could really do with a link on the about me page so that new readers can find it easily. Also, the photo galleries tab, I am reliably informed was created for Hubman when the blog was designed but he has never used it. It is a shame to have such a tantalising title, especially for such a visual slut as me, and then no visual reward when you click on it. I know your 365 project is a big part of you work, maybe you can adapt that page to house links to all your posts for this project… just a thought.

Your turn now, if you are new to Hubman then you are in for a treat, I hope my review gives you some insight into his blog and if you already know Hubman then your treats have long since begun but don’t let that stop you clicking on the icon below dropping by for more….and telling him Molly sent you.

Hubman's Hangout


Ps… You can read all about the Kiss project and see the full list of blogs I have written about HERE

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Mr. X October 10, 2011 - 7:53 pm

As always, I love your kisses, Molly, but I do see how it could become daunting writing such well considered posts every week. You’re an exceptional critic of smut. Hoping these continue as they are, but a suggestion if they can’t: you could kiss individual blog posts rather than entire blogs, which would give you more material. Kiss!

mollyskiss October 10, 2011 - 9:22 pm

Thank you Mr X, it is nice to know that someone is reading and ejoying them. To be honest when I first started the kiss it was meant to be a particular post that caught my eye, but I found that some of the blogs had so many good posts that it was impossible to pick between them and so I started writing about the blogs as a whole. It has been a real challenge to me writing these reviews but I am have learnt a great deal about writing, blogging and how readers must feel trying to navigate our blogs that I am determined to see the year out before starting my new project for 2012


Hubman October 13, 2011 - 1:42 am

Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind and thoughtful review of my little home on the web, I’m flatter and sincerely appreciate it!

Another Suburban Mom October 15, 2011 - 3:07 am

Thank you for saying such lovely things about Hubman. I am glad that you found his blog enjoyable!

I know I am impressed with how quickly he has made strides with his photography, a hobby he picked up only a few years ago.


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