Soho Nights!

by Molly Moore

11th October

Friday 16th September was the Erotic Meet in London. This is the brain child of the wonderful Annie Player and started earlier this year when she organised a meet up of erotic creative types in London. Due to real life getting in the way I never made it to that first event but many people did and from that initial gathering a whole website has sprung up dedicated to this idea (again thanks to the marvellous Annie) and the Erotic Meets have now become a monthly event .

The site has a growing population of erotic creative artists of all types, from writers and bloggers, to photographers and artists, performers and directors and technical folks, all of whom are working within an erotic field. It seems to be a thriving little community that quite frankly is bursting with very talented people and at times I find myself wondering how on earth I managed to get in there, but I am pretty sure that is more about my self-doubt than total lack of talent.

So, back to Friday and the venue for this little soiree was The Green Carnation in Soho, a very sexy little bar with a wonderful gothic feel to it and alarmingly expensive drinks despite it being happy hour. I hate to think what the price of the drinks where normally but hey ho, this was a bonus child free night and we were determined to make the most of it and so with a very large glass of rosé in hand we set about finding our fellow erotic creative types and find them we did.

I am not sure where to start with the rest of the evening to be honest, it was a jam-packed mix of meeting, talking, watching, listening, laughing and drinking. In fact it was only when we got outside and started to make our way back home that I realised there had been a little too much drinking, on my part, but I think it is best to gloss over that and stick to my highlights of the evening which, in no particular order where;

  • Finally getting to the event at all….all previous attempts had been unsuccessful due to a variety of reasons.
  • Meeting the amazing Remittance Girl. A long-held ambition that due to the fact that she normally resides on the other side of the globe I was fairly sure I would never achieve.
  • Finally getting to meet Annie Player in person…. at last!
  • Meeting Meg Philips and discovering that we went to school just round the corner from each other. North landan girls!
  • Meeting Ruby Jones and getting to look into her amazing eyes for real. They really are stunning, if you get the opportunity to get lost in them I highly recommend it.
  • Meeting the divinely sexy LostBeau and seeing her win the Erotic Meet competition. Deservedly so as her entry, which you can see here, was outstanding.
  • Meeting Liz N. Spire, peeking into her shopping bag at her new corset and discovering that she is a very wicked girl indeed!
  • Making so many new friends and contacts and lots of talking about possible future creative collaborative works.
  • Meeting the very talented Leena McCall. (check out her site, her work is fabulous) Learning about her new art project and talking about how I view myself as a submissive woman, with her was a real pleasure.
  • Watching the amazing performance by Sacred Things…. This part of the evening left me with a great deal to get my brain around and to be honest I am still processing the whole thing even now. Once I feel like my brain has settled down a bit I will write a post explaining more about this very powerful performance.

The next Erotic Meet is on the 29th October at the same venue and quite frankly I can’t wait. If it’s even half as good as the last one then it will be another great night in my ever-increasing social calendar.  This month there is another competition to enter with a Halloween theme and now a writer’s workshop is being offered to members on the Saturday morning too. If you live within reasonable distance of London and want to find other writers, bloggers, photographers to connect with or get involved with the Erotic Meet community then make sure you join up to the site and come along to the next event, I promise you won’t be disappointed. In fact no matter where you are in the world, if you are looking for a place to share your work or network with other people then join up too.

Erotic Meet!


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