My Panties

by Molly Moore

15th July 2010


I pull them on, up over my hips; they fit perfectly, snug but not tight. I spin around in front of the mirror, looking back over my shoulder, admiring the view. The black lace contrasts with the smooth pale skin of my bottom and I arch my back slightly and run my hand up over my arse and round my hip, my fingers dancing across the top of the waist band, before lifting it away from my skin and reaching inside. My eyes are still watching my reflection in the mirror as I push my finger between the folds of my pussy and rub softy at my clit. I sigh as I feel myself growing moist and reaching further down between my thighs I gather the sticky wetness onto my fingers.

My focus shifts away from the mirror as I momentarily study my wet sticky fingers, rubbing them together before bringing them up towards my lips. I can smell myself, my sexy wet scent, and I touch my fingers lightly on the skin underneath my nose, leaving just enough moisture there that I know the smell will linger and continue to remind me of what a dirty bad girl I am.

As my eyes flick back to the mirror I see you, you are standing in the door way, you have been watching me. I can’t help but notice the bulge in your trousers, your cock is hard. As our eyes meet I wipe my fingers across my lips, leaving a slick wet trail of my juices on them. I see you shift slightly and I hear you, what is that noise? A growl, a moan, I can’t quite find the word to describe it, but I know what it means.

“Turn round and face me” you command

I turn ever so slowly, holding your gaze in the mirror until the very last second, only turning my head at the very last moment.  Instantly my eyes find yours again and little smile flicker across my still shiny wet lips.

“Take them off” for a moment I pause….. “Now!” You speak so quietly, so calmly, in the soft controlled tone. I know you mean it.

I hook my fingers in the waist band and ease them down slowly over my hips and thighs, finally letting them fall around my ankles. You reach out a hand “give them to me” you say. I bend down, I know you will have the perfect view of my shaven wet pussy in the mirror and I pause briefly, letting you see me.

The panties are in my hand, I can feel the moisture on them, I so want to bring them up to my face and smell my scent but I know better than to do that without your command. I hold them out to you, letting them fall through my fingers into your waiting hand. You run your fingers over the lace, twisting them inside before bring them up to you face. I watch as you draw your breath in through your nose, my smell filling your nostrils, your eyes closing as you savouring the scent for a moment.

Would YOU like my knickers? They can be yours if you like? I am selling them to you. Tell me what you want me to do with them, do you want them clean or maybe you want to smell my scent? Are my panties enough for you though, would you like some Bundanburg Rum to savour whilst you unwrap my sexy panties, or maybe chocolate is your thing, or could it be that what you really want is a sexy piece of erotic art work signed by the artist?

Just-kinky is having an auction. There is something here for everyone and ALL the money raised will go towards the running cost of the site. Check out the thread in the forums and from Monday the 19th start bidding on whatever it is that tickles your fancy……and my knickers!

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Mark_IV July 15, 2010 - 7:24 pm

They are mine, mine I tell you……………………


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