Nipple Charms

By on February 8, 2011.

8th February 2011

Oh yes, it’s Wednesday, I am feeling wanton and here, my lovely readers, is the reason why…….

Nipple Charms on nipples Black and White

Aren’t they pretty? They are my Valentine gift from Sir that arrived in the post this week. I know it is a few days early but I was given permission to open the little package and this is what it contained…….

Nipple Charms

Not the boobs obviously, those I already had *grins, but the sexy gorgeous Nipple Charms. I love them, I love the way they look and the way they feel. They fit perfectly, as if made to measure and apply just enough grip to remind me that I am wearing them but still be comfortable. They make me nipples stand to attention and when I showed Him them on they made Sir make THAT noise!

Nipple charms

Thank you Sir for such wonderful gift, I love them and I love you and I can’t wait to be able to wear them for you in person but in the mean time these pictures, like the rest of blog, are dedicated to you.


Ps…..If you fancy a pair of your own, Sir purchased these from the wonderful people at They shipped them instantly and they arrived safely in the UK exactly one week after he had ordered them. Now that’s what I call service.



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  1. Molly, how hot! I never knew such things existed. As sexy as piercings, but without the, well, piercing. And girl do you have some breasts… I’m going to check them out. NippleCharms, I mean 😉

    • LOL….for a moment then I was expecting a email from you demanding more breast piccys….LOL

      And do check them out, they have lovely stuff and the service was exceptional


        • LOL….I have no idea how on earth one measures their nipples…

          I look forward to seeing them featured on a Wanton Wednesday post soon


  2. I didn’t know these exisited either! Gorgeous and they do very nice things to your nipples.

    I’ve just checked out their site – nice pictures and lots of different styles.

    • If you mean in the uncomfortable sense then I would say know, its a very delicate sensation, like someone holding them really….I highly recommend them


  3. O My those are quite lovely. Yes I mean the jewelry. Your titties are far more then lovely. They are spectacular. Happy Valentines Day Mz Molly

  4. Thank you Molly so much for the nice comments. You look awesome! I am following you on twitter also!!!

    Thanks again.


    • Your welcome. I am delighted with my charms and more than happy to give you a mention and hopefully some traffic too.


  5. Hello there. My first time here. I love your site. Thanks so much for telling me about Nipple Charms. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I cannot wait to order several pairs. I love the ones your man gave you.


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