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7th February 2011

woman wearing pearl necklace

Oh, how these pearls have travelled. They have been with me to Philadelphia, twice, Vegas and Paris but their journeys have not been restricted to international travel alone for they have travelled all over me too.

They have been draped over much of my body and hung from my neck to rest in between my nude breasts. They have trailed over my thighs, tummy and back, like cool little fingers, dancing across my skin and they been pushed deep inside me, twisting and turning, pinching at my delicate folds as they rub together.

As I feed them into me, they nip and catch, making me gasp and wriggle and pause while I let the sensation fade. I push them in slowly, letting my fingers slip in alongside them to feel them within my warmth. Slowly they fill me, small clusters at a time until there are more within my pussy then left outside, but I don’t stop. Tilting my hips up I push them deeper until I finally manage to get all of them inside me.

I am full, stretched, and the last few beads sit right by my opening, pinching at the flesh there as they try to escape from me, all adding to that feeling of fullness, as they stimulate my very opening. Of course when I move, they move with me. Each step I take causes them to shift and grind together never letting me forget, for even a brief moment, that they are in me.

He loves to send me out wearing the pearls and afterwards when I return, He will have me spread my legs for Him and cum, and only once that is done am I allowed to pull them out, another delicious sensation all of its own. By now my clit is swollen, I drag the pears from within my wet cunt across my clit, where they leave a sticky trail. My juices cling to them and I love to lower them across my face and lips coating them with my own moisture before cleaning them with my hungry little mouth.

The best pearl moment so far though, has been the time when he made me kneel on the bed so he could fill me full of them, Himself, using His fat fingers to push them roughly inside me. There was no stopping for the nipping and pinching that time. Then out to dinner, no panties, just pearls, grinding and shifting with every step I took, my high heels seeming to compound this sensation somehow. Once we return home, he made me strip down to just my stockings, and pulling out about half of the pearls he rubbed them against my clit, teasing me, making my hips buck and call out for Him to let me cum.

He fucked me that night, with half the pearls still inside me. I thought I was going to explode. The pearls being forced deep within by His cock, the feeling of being so stretched and full making my cunt muscles ripple and tighten until in the end I came so hard that is made me cry out. He fucked me hard that night and filled me full of cum, and then when he was done, he pulled the pearls from within me and feed them to me. Coating my face and lips with our combined juices before telling me to open my wide and watching as His cum dripped from the pearls into my open mouth. Now that is one picture I wish I had taken……maybe next time!


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  • Clive

    LOL – I have often wondered why women are so fond of pearls!!

    • mollyskiss

      Well now you know I guess….glad to have educated! LOL


  • Duchess


    I have pearls! A long string given to me a long time ago. They lay in my jewelry box, as I’m not normally a pearl wearer. I shall become a pearl player (as soon as I ask permission, that is)

    Thanks for sharing, I mean really thank you!

    • mollyskiss

      LOL you are more than welcome. There is must fun to be had with pearls and when you pull them out dripping wet you will know what I mean. I have Sir to thank for the Pearls. He was the one who showed me their potential


  • Blackfryar

    When I think of pearl necklace, I conjure up images of my grandmother’s pearls, Audrey Hepburn and other classic vintage beauties.

    Now every-time I see a pearl, I will imagine them deep with in your clam-like haven, nipping, pinching and glistening with yours and Sirs creamy white cum xxx

    • mollyskiss

      Isn’t that funny, because when ever I think of pearl necklaces I think of a neck and tits covered in cum….guess it shows how minds differ and that mine is truly full of filty. Hmmm and now I thinking thats ANOTHER picture I need….LOL


      • Blackfryar

        Now that would be a picture worth taking. Your pearl necklace coiled around your throat leaving Sirs silvery cum trail around your neck and breasts…Mmmm xxx

  • DDD

    Hmmm. Just this weekend He told me about his fondness for pearls, which just didn’t seem to fit his personality. Now I think I understand:-)

    • mollyskiss

      LOL Guess it’s not just my Dom then that like to experiment with alternative toys.


  • Leif

    Excellent piece of writing, I must say i enjoy up-dates by you.

  • strandedintoronto

    …and here I had another idea on the word “pearls”…but they look fantastic!

  • Livi

    Damn! That is hot!

  • KaziGrrl

    WOW… I have definitely got to give that a go!! Thank you for pointing back to this from your post today 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Cara Thereon

    Unf. That was the height of sexy

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