Don’t go chasing waterfalls

by Molly Moore

The rug was a dark patterned velvety blue colour. Every time I walked over it after that night I would grin to myself. I never did ask him if he got it cleaned or not.

It was our first date; he invited me back to his place. Well, if him telling me he was going to take me back to his place and fuck me constitutes an invite that is. He was true to his word and by the time I left his house at 5 am I was sore, satisfied and enlightened. Not only by the fact that he had made me realise that I loved it when a man was forceful, rough and took control but that squirting was an actual thing and I had actually done it.

I was in my mid 30’s when I squirted on that blue velvety rug for the first time. At the time I was completely shocked by it and he must have been able to tell from the look on my face and the slightly panicked way I asked him what the hell just happened. He laughed, told me I had squirted all over his rug but then assured me it was fine, in fact as far as he was concerned it was as sexy as hell and that the rug could be cleaned. That was the first night of a short but hedonistic relationship between us which mainly centered around him introducing me to lots of new filthy activities, squirting being just one of them.

Despite my squirting discovery that night, which was fun and sexy it has never become my body’s default response to orgasm. It seems to take a very specific touch to make it happen; fingers have to rub in a certain way ideally combined with a powerful vibrator for it to occur. It is not something I have ever been able to recreate on my own either and I am OK with that because mainly I find squirting orgasms to be nowhere near as satisfying as non squirting orgasms.

That makes it sound like those orgasms feel the same but that one produces a gush of fluid and the other doesn’t and that is not the case. Non squirting orgasms take a bit of time to build up to, they require clit stimulation and penetration helps but is not vital, just before they happen there is a sensation like my pussy is opening slightly and then that is followed by a very distinct pulsing sensation. (Skyping with Michael during the long distance part of our relationship was when I discovered that you can actually see the pulsing from the outside) that pulsing and the moments before they start feel SO DAMN GOOD TO ME. I love having those orgasms; they leave me feeling happy, relaxed, calm and deliciously sexy.

Squirting orgasms are completely different. There is a building of intensity the same as with non squirting orgasms but when the release comes there is none of the opening sensation or the pulsing, that is replaced with just a slight feeling of tightness and then the release of fluids. My squirting orgasms are very different to the other type of orgasm and they tend to leave me feeling a bit wiped out and sometimes they can make me sore or even a little bit numb. They just feel more brutal, more aggressive maybe and whilst that can be nice from time to time if I don’t also have one of the other types of orgasms too then I will often be left feeling quite tense and almost frustrated in the same way I would if I got close to an orgasm but never actually came.

Michael loves to make me orgasm. He has studied my body in this regard extensively and apart from my own hand he is definitely the world expert on how to make me come. However one of the things he likes to do now and then is to force orgasms out of me. It is not a hugely regular thing as he knows that the results for me can sometimes be mixed but every now and then, including last Saturday, he decides to indulge himself.

Out came the Doxy and a glass dildo and I was told to strip off my bottoms and lay on the sofa. Things started gently, with me rubbing my clit and using the glass dildo while he watched, then he reached down and touched me, caressing the folds of my cunt and letting his finger slip in beside the dildo every now and then which very quickly made me come. A proper full on cunt pulsing orgasm. Whilst I lay on the sofa catching my breath he reached down for the Doxy, flicked the switch and bought the throbbing head down on my now extra sensitive clit.

The muscles in my stomach and thighs immediately tensed in response to the overwhelming sensation and I let out a low deep growl as he pushes the glass dildo back into my cunt. The next orgasm appeared out of nowhere and I could feel the wetness pooling on the leather beneath my arse.

I try to pull away from the relentless vibrations of the doxy but he is having none of it

“I am not done with you yet” he growls

I am not sure how many times he coaxes my body to squirt but eventually he pulls out the glass dildo and uses his fingers instead. This time when I come it is like the first time but even more, bigger, harder, longer pulsing. He puts the doxy to one side and unzips his trousers. I kneel down on the floor in front of him, my juices running down my thighs and take him in my mouth. When he comes it is on my tits. As I clean up my juices from the sofa I can feel his come running down my tits and drip onto my thighs to mix with my own.

I know it seems like a crazy thing to say that those squirting orgasms don’t really work for me, but it is the truth. I enjoyed the whole scene, having him focus on me; his determination to push my body to its extremes is hot. It is almost like a battle, and one that I am meant to lose but where losing is actually oddly like winning and I love that, but the actual orgasms themselves, well the one that really sticks in my mind, the one where I was calling out him name and begging him not to stop was that last one with the deep intense pulsing inside my cunt.  Squirting is fun sometimes, but for me it is pulsing orgasms that I like the best.

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Jo September 6, 2017 - 11:15 pm

Great title for the post! >< I'm with you on preferring pulsing orgasms to any other kind… especially if there's a long, slow buildup. You say that squirting orgasms make you feel as if you've *almost* come, but not quite; I feel this way about vaginal orgasms in general. While I definitely feel them, they're not as intense, and I sometimes feel like even though I know (in my head) that I came, my body feels like it was just on the verge.

Marie Rebelle September 7, 2017 - 8:18 pm

I’m with you… those squirting orgasms are quite enjoyable, but the most rewarding are those where you can still feel your cunt pulsating and contracting after you’ve had them!

Rebel xox

May More September 8, 2017 - 10:37 am

I think it’s the men that like us squirting as it’s generally not an everyday occurrence – I am also with you on the deep pulsing orgasms you described so well in this post

Sammi September 8, 2017 - 8:29 pm

Squirting is not my default response to an orgasm either – the deep orgasms are definitely the best 🙂

Kayla Lords September 8, 2017 - 10:37 pm

When I discovered I could squirt (which also coincided with my first orgasm), I took great pleasure in making myself do it over and over again. Truly, I would worry when I didn’t because I didn’t realize at the time that there are multiple ways to orgasm. Now, squirting orgasms – which generally require me to be totally relaxed AND experience really strong stimulation – are rare and a form of play. I don’t seek them out during our “normal” (that being a relative term) play nor do I need them. But when what I want is to be completely wrung out and exhausted from orgasms – especially forced ones – I want them to be squirting orgasms.

Sweeten Dirty September 13, 2017 - 6:44 pm

This is a very sexy and hot post! I am with you in that I prefer the pulsing orgasms over squirting ones. They leave me feeling more satisfied, and there is less of a mess (though I don’t mind a mess).

Cara Thereon September 15, 2017 - 5:59 pm

Brutal is exactly how I’d describe it. Orgasms have been a little of a struggle for me and being forced to squirt is another level of unsettling. I’d rather a regular one that I’ve worked a bit for but doesn’t leave me feeling uncomfortable.

Bee September 17, 2017 - 12:28 pm

I don’t think it’s a crazy thing to say at all. That build up to pulsating orgasms is far better than the orgasms ripped out of me with a wand/Doxy, although they do have their place.

I have no idea if you can actually see me pulsate, it certainly feels that way, I’m now intrigued…


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