To the naked eye

by Molly Moore
Back view of naked man holding whip

The other day I read this post by @BibulousOne about the various attire that the mistresses he has encountered have worn when, well, quite frankly beating him. I will pause a moment so you can go and read it if you wish… Mistress in a dress… or out of it

The part of that got me thinking was the very last section about the mistress who once she got him bent over the chair slipped off her silky robe not to reveal some sort of glorious lingerie but her completely naked body much to the shock of BibulousOne.

He writes

We associate nakedness with vulnerability. A woman in black lingerie is sexy, erotic, in control. The underwear entices us, yet is somehow also a defence, both drawing our eyes to her most intimate parts and hiding them. A woman completely naked has lost these defences and, to me at any rate, appears vulnerable.

and finishes off with this final though

Though I never quite understood how so seemingly vulnerable a creature could be causing me so much anguish.

Now clearly there is some gender bias here. His gut reaction to a naked woman is that she is vulnerable and that inspires him to want to protect her. By turning that on its head this mistress not only fucked with his body but she fucked with his mind too. I have a feeling from his post that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

However it got me thinking about our dynamic and whether Michael being naked or clothed when we play makes a difference to me.

When we play at events he is always clothed. Some of the venues have rules about that stuff but mainly it is personal choice. I think it would feel very odd if suddenly he decided to divest of all his clothes as I got myself comfortable on the spanking bench. Him being clothed and me being naked or partially naked definitely enhances the power play aspect of our relationship. As BibulousOne rightly says in his post there is vulnerability associated with being naked this is, in my experience, heightened when the other person is clothed. Feeling exposed and vulnerable in that situation with him being clothed is very erotic to me.

Little things can also add to the whole picture, the rolling up of sleeves, taking off his jacket, removing his belt, are all simple action that speak volumes to me and if while we are playing I happen to look round and see him adjusting the crotch of his trousers in response to his growing desire that will quite literally make me growl. In fact I will often reach out to him wanting to feel his erection through his trousers. Sometimes he will let me; sometimes he will push my hand away. Both responses are sexy to me. There are times when he will use his free hand to unbutton his trousers and release his cock from its confinement so that he can bury it into my mouth as he continues to whip or flog or cane me. Feeling the rough of his jeans rubbing up against my face and lips as he takes pleasure in my mouth only serves to turn me on more. On other occasions he will cast whatever implement he has been wielding aside and removes his trousers so that he can take his pleasure in other parts of my body.

So what about if he is naked? I have been pondering that ever since I read BibulousOne piece. It is not like that doesn’t happen sometimes and yet when I thought about it I was struggling to come up with any feelings on the matter. Did it make a difference to the play at all? Why could I so clearly know what it is about him clothed that makes it hot but didn’t seem to know if that was the case if he was naked?

Today when we went and had a shower he was already upstairs before me and when I went into our bedroom to get undressed he was standing beside the bed, whip in hand, stark naked. Despite having pondered this for a few days now I didn’t actually register that this was my opportunity to really think about if it made a difference until I was already face down on the bed and there a fair few welts already applied to my bum. I had not raised the subject with him, even though it had been on my mind so I knew it was just coincidence that he had decided to play that way. Looking back I do find it interesting that I didn’t really note that he was naked at first. I think that shows that it really doesn’t make a huge difference to me. It certainly does not affect our dynamic. I don’t see him as less domly and I am no less turned on by the situation in fact what I realised tonight is that I am turned on by different things. Watching his body move and twist and work as he whips me is hot but the thing that really fucking turns me on was seeing him getting harder and harder as we played. Just the simple act of me laying there and him decorating my arse with every increasing amount of welts was so hot to him that it made him hard. Watching that happening was mesmerising so much so that it dominated my focus to the extent that I found myself wanting more of the whip, an implement that I have a bit of a hatred for just so I could watch him get increasingly turned on.

What I discovered tonight was that there is a raw eroticism to him being naked in that situation that is very different to when he is clothed but no less sexy. His intentions are clear; there are absolutely no physical barriers between our bodies and being able to see his physical response in all its beautiful glory makes my cunt ache. I can’t say I have a preference either way though clothed or naked, both work for me. Yes there are differences but the key thing for me is that it feels natural. I still think if he stripped off in the middle of a club that would feel out-of-place and probably quite jarring because there is something about that public play that just seems to heighten the clothed male, naked female dynamic but at home it really doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy both and if today is anything to go by he does too.

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Marie Rebelle November 3, 2016 - 4:28 pm

I have actually never paid attention to how I feel when Master T is dressed or half-dressed. I think to me it’s all the same, because it’s more about the dynamic between us. Although, I have to agree, seeing his excitement definitely heightens my own 🙂

Rebel xox

Molly Moore November 3, 2016 - 6:04 pm

I had never really noted the difference before either but that post inspired me to think about it. It is interesting that both are hot to me for similar and yet also different reasons


Modesty Ablaze November 3, 2016 - 8:10 pm

Interesting post . . . and highlighted two different dynamics, from my own perspective.
In a home situation my domme persona is a much more personal . . . loving . . . experience and therefore almost always performed naked. However, for a booked session such as that often so powerfully described in @BibulousOne’s post(s), and without that personal/relationship/attachment (even with regular subs), whilst I have never sessioned naked I do, occasionally find myself becoming aroused enough to use titillation as part of the domme experience over my submissives.
So, of course, as with everything in life it’s different . . . “strokes” . . . for different folks!!!

BibulousOne November 5, 2016 - 5:11 am

Molly – I just found this and love that my post triggered these thoughts and your lovely writing about them. I totally get what you say. One reason I have let Elita (she was the naked Mistress) take me so far is that she lets me see when she is turned on by my suffering. That just makes me want to go further, give her more of whatever is making her hot!

Kayla Lords November 7, 2016 - 6:31 pm

In the moment, I’ve never thought about a clothed vs a naked John Brownstone, but I am very aware when he wears something that makes him seem more powerful – whether it’s his club gear that I associate with a scene or a suit that makes me think of every male Dominant stereotype (lol). However, we scene and play when he’s naked, and his power is still quite noticeable. I don’t react much different to him naked or clothed – although having such easy access (assuming I’m allowed to touch, lol) is nice, too. For me, it’s the look in his eyes or the tone of his voice that reminds me of his dominance – not his wardrobe choice. 🙂


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