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On the dark side

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This story came into my head at the weekend when I was considering the Wicked Wednesday prompt which is ‘Black’. I must admit I nearly talked myself out of writing it because it deals with a subject that many would consider taboo but it wouldn’t stop swirling around inside my brain and so here it is. It deals with the fetishization of men of colour and also cheating.


Helena loved her job. She loved many things about it but her favourite bit of it was the one week every month she got to travel and travel all over the place too. She had a few regular destinations but then the rest were just scattered around and she loved the variety and the fact that she got to stay in a hotel all paid for by her company and that being away from home meant she could indulge in her black meat.

She had some regulars.

Henry who lived in the Midlands and was a doctor. He combined male beauty and brains in one glorious person and Helena loved spending time with him. They would meet for dinner and then go back to her hotel and he would fuck her until she was pleasingly sore. The transient semi regular nature of it seemed to suit Henry as much as he suited her. He had once teased her that she only fucked him because he was black. She denied it vehemently but suspected the truth showed in the pink flush of her cheeks.

Jarvis lived in Newcastle and was a personal trainer. Unlike Henry he was not heavy on the brains and Helena had very little desire to linger over dinner with him. She would often suggest fast food or even room service so that she could enjoy Jarvis at his best, which was naked and hard. She had no idea if Jarvis knew of cared about her fetish for black men but suspected that he didn’t really care, because if the things he said to her were anything to go by he had a thing for fucking white women. He loved to hold her down and tell her how tight her little white pussy felt to him and how he was ‘gonna stretch every one of her holes with his black dick’ and he was right, he did.

The rest of the time Helena relied on hook-ups that she found through a couple of dating apps although she was not really interested in dating and definitely not interested in white guys. She had tried hinting about her preferences in her profile but had found that to be fairly unsuccessful so had eventually changed it to say clearly that she was only interested in men of colour or as she liked to call it, Black meat.

She knew it was wrong. You are not supposed to fetishize someone just because of the colour of their skin and yet Helena just couldn’t seem to help it and after all it was not like she didn’t show them a good time and lots of appreciations for their efforts.

And then there was Doug.

She often wondered why on earth she married him but she knew the answer really. He was safe and respectable and her Mother worshiped him. Before Doug her Mother had not really been very impressed with anything Helena had done. Good exam grades, university, job, car, home had all been greeted with muted enthusiasm but when she took Doug home to meet her Mother she had behaved as if Helena had won the lottery. She had never realised before how much she really wanted her Mothers approval and attention and so when she finally got it she found herself falling the intoxicating lure of parental approval and married him.

Doug was a nice guy, gentle and caring and he indulged Helena. When he had suggested they had a baby and she had complained that she didn’t want to give up her job, that she loved her career he had said that he would give up his and care for their child and so had agreed. Dora was her pride and joy, a beautiful placid child who was intelligent and funny and very happy and that was definitely down to Doug. He had made the perfect stay at home Dad for Dora and the perfect stay-at-home husband for Helena. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Doug, she did, in many ways she loved him, he just didn’t excite her and he was disappointingly white.

Helena rarely felt bad about what she did. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him was how she comforted herself and their routine was well established and he never complained about her being away once a month but just took it in his usual laid back stride. It was just what they did, it just what Helena did.

It was just what Helena needed.

She had tried at times to stop, when getting pregnant with Dora she had refrained from indulging in her fetish for a whole 6 months but once she was safely pregnant with a baby that was definitely Doug’s she went straight back to her old behaviour of picking up random black dudes and getting them to fuck her. Of course not all of them worked out. Some of them were just too nice, or kinky in ways that didn’t work for her. There was Tyler who wanted to call her, Her Ladyship and worship her feet and Ben who despite looking the part with his clothes on when they came off had, much to Helena’s, disappointment been the owner of the smallest dick she had ever seen. She had not wanted to hurt his feelings though and he had seemed to enjoy going down on her but in the end she had made up an emergency email from her boss as a reason for him to leave early.

The best one though had been Marcus. A bit like Jarvis and Henry they had had a regular thing going. He lived in Birmingham, one of Helena’s regular stops and so they had hooked up pretty much every time she came to town over the period of about a year. Marcus was a filthy fucker. He loved playing sexy games with her. Taking her to bars and fingering her in quiet corners or fucking her loudly in the stalls in the men’s so that every bloke who came in to piss could hear her cries as he filled her with his not insubstantial cock. It was her reaction to those men hearing her which gave him the idea that Helena might like the idea of being watched or even fucked by more than one guy at once and proceeded to set about planning to share her. At first she declined but the more he talked about it, especially when he had his dick buried in one of her holes and whispered in her ear what it would feel like to have another guy pushing into her at the same time the more she found herself struggling to say no to him.

In the end he had taken it on his own bat to organise. She had never told him she would prefer it to be another black guy but luckily he picked one anyway and set it up without telling her. On that trip he declined dinner and told her he had a surprise for her and that he would come straight to her room.

When he arrived he proceeded to get out a length of rope and bound her hands in front of her and then tied her, naked, to the chair in the corner of the room. Then he got out his phone and made a call.

“She is ready, come on up”

His name was Raymond. He was shorted than Marcus but stockier and when he unzipped his fly and pushed his already semi hard dick into her willing little white mouth she discovered that he his dick followed suit, not quite as long as Marcus’ but definitely thicker.

They had spent the next few hours quite literally using and abusing Helena together. Sometimes one would take a break, pour a drink and sit back and watch while the other enjoyed her mouth or tied her to the bed and made her beg for orgasms. At one point they both sat and drank and talked about her and what a good little white bitch she was. Raymond pulled her into the bathroom and used her mouth to clean his dick after he had pissed and then held her down over the bathroom counter, poured lube he had found in her wash bag over himself and slide into her tight little arse. Both men came multiple times throughout the evening and Helena, well she lost count. At the end of it all they fell exhausted into the bed together but in the middle of the night Marcus woke Helena up. Pulling her over his lap he guided her down on his cock. Half asleep still Helena had momentarily forgotten about Raymond even being there but then he had wandered out of the bathroom with the bottle of lube in his hand. Like before he used it to coat his dick which glistened in the soft lamplight of the room and then climbed up onto the bed behind Helena. When she realised what was about to happen she protested but both men knew it was half-hearted and they laughed at her and told her to be a good little bitch for them. Marcus held her firmly round the waist and Raymond pushed his cock into her arse.

“Damn she a tight bitch” he murmured

“I told you man, didn’t I?” Marcus replied

They held Helena between their dark black bodies and fucked her together pushing in and out of her cunt and arse at the same time. She had thought it might be painful but in fact it was just amazingly tight and full and they bought her to one last shuddering orgasm before both emptying themselves inside her bruised flesh.

She missed Marcus. He had decided to get married to some girl and said he couldn’t see Helena anymore. She had tried to get him to share Raymond’s number with her but he had refused and so she had never had the pleasure of that black stud again either. Much to her disappointment.

Today she was off to the West Country and had a room booked in Bristol and a date with a guy called Philip who had kindly sent her a few photos that she had asked her. She had learned her lesson after the time a white guy turned up claiming it was fine to say he was black on his profile because his Mother’s mother had been from Jamaica. He had slightly tanned skin and dark curly hair but that was it. Helena needed her men to much blacker than that and tonight’s date look very promising…

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