A Heady Union

by Molly Moore
Wrist cuff and chain

If you follow my Twitter feed you will know that I spent most of Christmas and New Year being ill and I was not along in that either because @domsigns was the person who gave it to me. Sadly this meant rather than using our few child free days to indulge in some kink we spent most of it taking cold remedies and sleeping. It is not the first time that we experiences enforced kink free spells, family holidays with kids tend to be similar but I have started to notice that whilst they are not fun in themselves they do have an interesting side effect and that is they tend to slowly build a simmer need in both.

We could have ended this little drought this week when the kids went back to school but we haven’t. Although we have not discussed it I feel fairly confident in saying that the reason for this is that on Sunday we are off to one of our favourite kink events; CMNF. There we will find a play room with my favourite spanking bench ever and a wall of mirrors that delights the voyeuristic slut in me in way I never knew possible. Being spanked, flogged, whipped, paddled and all sorts of other things is wonderful in itself but being able to watch it happen to you just makes the whole thing that much hotter to me and it doesn’t end there either. Those mirrors have also been witness to me laying on the floor at the feet of @domsigns while he watches me make myself cum and on one occasion, he was not alone. So you see Sunday holds a lot of kinky promise.

Just to be clear there has been sex and orgasms, it’s not like we have given up completely but we do seem to be both riding on this wave of tension that with each passing day gets a little bit bigger.

At the weekend he helped me take my Sinful Sunday picture, sitting on that bed of pins made me bite my lip as I concentrated on slowly lowering myself onto their sharp little points. By the time we finally got a shot I was happy with their was a pleasing little row of tiny dots across my bum. We put the torturous device away but every time I think about my cunt twitches.

On Monday I found myself lost in my photograph files. I had been looking for something specific but then realised I had spent a good half an hour pouring over various images of my battered and bruised body. By the time I finally managed to extract myself from the head-space I had inadvertently fallen into my skin was literally tingling with anticipation.

Yesterday we were messing about in the kitchen and he said to me “How much do you love me? ” I didn’t reply but instead knelt down and opened my mouth. He stood and looked, I could see the temptation on his face but the moment was fleeting and his laughter indicated his decision.

Today I was wordlessly gifted a little bag of Dolly Mixtures (for those American readers they are a type of Candy and I will post a picture of them very soon) No words were needed because I know exactly what he intends to do with them. I will end up eating them, because good little girls deserve candy, but some candy is more suitable for some types of girls than others. Yes I know this is a little cryptic but until this event has played out I am not saying any more.

He keeps reaching for me, last night in bed in planted a series of stinging pinches across my bottom just after I turned the light out. This morning when we woke we lay talking as we do most mornings and then he reached over and pulled on one my nipples, not a pinch or a twist more a drawn out pluck that made me gasp.

Then there is the looking. Today after our shower he stayed and watched me dress commenting on how sexy I looked in my jeans. He has a bit of a thing for women in a well fitted pair of denims but today it was more than that. Today there was that look, the one where his desire to tear the jeans off me and abuse me was clearly written all over his face. I know it will happen, just not today, or tomorrow but soon.

Sunday is very soon, in the meantime we will continue to play with the time, bodies will be explored, orgasms will happen but the rest, the hot sweaty rush of aggressive kink play will continue to simmer on the back burner and hopefully when Sunday comes it will reach boiling point and we will feast on the spoils of our abstinence in a glorious heady union of dominance and submission.

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Malflic January 8, 2015 - 1:41 am

Sounds like you’re looking forward to the weekend even more than most folks. Have fun!

luv2sex.info January 8, 2015 - 2:23 am

This chain looks intimidating to me and could be suffocating too!

Molly Moore January 8, 2015 - 12:07 pm

You are aware this is a wrist cuff with chain not a collar right?


Modesty Ablaze January 8, 2015 - 9:03 am

Mmm . . . tingling . . . and intrigued to hear more about your adventures on Sunday. Have fun!!!
Xxx – K

Charlie January 8, 2015 - 10:21 am

EL James could learn a lot from you two – *this* is what I understand by erotic romance.

I wrote a little spotlight post on you as part of My Twelve Days of Christmas posts a few days back. It’s up on the blog if you want to check it out.

Charlie xx

Marie Rebelle January 8, 2015 - 8:17 pm

While reading this I felt my own anticipation growing and I even stopped breathing towards the end. Damn woman, you know how to build suspense πŸ™‚

Enjoy Sunday!

Rebel xox

Cara Thereon February 27, 2018 - 5:18 pm

You had me holding my breath in anticipation of something that’s already happened. Made me a bit needy honestly


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