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Scorched Flesh

Embers glowing in the fireplace

The fire crackles in the hearth, the flames are gone but the heat is strong, powerful. It broods away in the centre of the room a living creature that glows with life. I am mesmerized by it my thoughts lost in its fiery heat.  The once dark coals now ripple with warmth casting their light across my skin and their hotness into my bones, drawing me closer to them as I seek all they have to give me.

Beside the fireplace lays an iron rod, cold and abandoned now that the fire sustains itself but earlier as you bought the fire to life it glowed red and angry. You smiled at me, watching my eyes as they followed the rod and wondered; What would it feel like? Could I bear it? Do I want it? Do I need it? Would you have to tie me down? Would I scream? Would you fuck me afterwards?

I glance up at you….

“Would you actually do it?”

You smile at me, kneeling down next to me on the rug in front of the fireplace you run your hand down my back until you reach the rise of by butt and then you whisper into my ear

“Image it my love, a beautiful M branded on you, just here”

Your fingers dance across my flesh, tracing the shape onto my skin and I shiver and imagine.

A mark to last forever, scorched into my flesh, by you.

Dark thoughts that haunt my mind, playing tricks with my desires until I no longer know what the answer is. Once upon it was a no, but now….. Would you, could you, should you, do I?

The fire burns, shimmering in the corner of room, a pool of heat and light to indulge my darkness in

Embers glowing in the fireplaceMollyxxx

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  • Lust for Love

    Well, just feel a bit getting too far if he pressed the red hot rod on you. This is as good as treating you like an animal.

    • mollyskiss

      Ha! Remember this is MY fantasy… and maybe I want to be treated like an animal. This post is a reflection of my thoughts not his, I am not ashamed of the dark side of my kink and I find great freedom in being able to explore them with words.


      • iSlut_

        As do I… 😉

      • Penny

        No one has the right to tell you what to fantasize about (or do, for that matter)! The whole point of the dark thoughts prompt was to dare to share darker sides of our sexuality. Thrilling post Molly, and I love the image to go with it!

  • iSlut_

    I know those thoughts so well…

  • Silverdrop


  • Jade

    Being able to explore ANY of your fantasies, dark or light, in words or action, without fearing judgement is an amazing thing. You are very blessed to have that in your relationship, Molly.

    And yes, being treated “like an animal” is very hot at times. ;-D

  • Anna

    This reminds me of the scene in the Story of O. Beautiful and savage at the same time, and definitely someone else’s fantasy than mine. But just occasionally, those fleeting thoughts…

  • Marie Rebelle

    Your words held my attention from beginning to end and made we wonder: will you?

    Rebel xox

    • mollyskiss

      I truly don’t know but it does not scare or horrify me as much as it once did so…. time will tell I guess


  • Lord Raven

    *shivers of delight* this a hot write (pardon the pun) The thought of being branded has been something I have toyed with for several years. Though I might go with a nitrogen brand.
    I adore how you can explore and share you dark thoughts so well. A beautiful story. Thank you for sharing

  • LoriandHubby

    I love the way you right. It makes me feel like i’m sitting in the corner watching.
    I really like this weeks prompt and I admire your courage to bring your fantasy out of the dark corners of your mind. I was to worried about the reactions to post mine.

    HUGS XoXo

  • TheSinDoll

    This is scary and lovely at the same time. Very scary. Very exciting. Very Lovely.

  • maryann

    i have brand BBC on butt right cheek

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