Mother’s day

by Molly Moore

March 14th 2010

Mother’s Day

Today is the 4th Sunday of Lent and in the UK that means that it is also Mother’s day or for the traditionalists, Mothering Sunday.  For Mum’s everywhere in the UK today will be filled with cards and bunches of daffodils delivered to the bedroom along with the little people’s version of a breakfast in bed, which in this house usually consists of juice and croissant and the little people that promptly getting into bed with me and eating on my behalf, or for those Mothers who are slightly older it may involve a lunch or dinner treat from a son or daughter or is now an adult in their own right, whichever it is, I hope for all those Mummies out there that it is special. I have already received one card from my daughter who at the age of 6 is a prolific creative designer of such items and emerged from her bedroom yesterday with an ‘early Mother’s day card’ that Clinton’s cards would be proud to have in their catalogue, but then I would think that, being her Mum I am a tad biased!

My son has so far been quiet on the matter, although when I told him that as a real special treat Mummy would like a verrrrrryyyyyyyyy looooooonnnnnggggg lay in, and that if he felt he need to bring me breakfast in bed could it in fact appear at lunch time, he shrugged his shoulders and said….Yeah, whatever! I think from a 10 year old boy that sounds like…..”Yes of course Mummy, whatever you desire, I shall deliver”……or at least I hope it means that! I will let you know on that one.

So that’s the shiny happy day that today will hopefully turn out to be but then that is just one day out of the rest of the year of being Mum. Along the way there are birthday’s, Christmas, Easter, a few holiday days and the other odd special one sandwiched in between day to day life and the day to day life of being a Mum is not an easy thing I can tell you that. I seem to spend my life saying things like; Hurry up. Come onnnnn we are gonna be late. Will you 2 please speak nicely.  Don’t tease her.  How old are you? Can you tidy up please. No, I don’t know where your shin pads are. It’s time for bed now. Finish what’s on your plate. Turn the TV off. Have you got all yours stuff?……I am sure  you get the idea and anyone else reading this who is a Mum will know exactly what I am talking about. This is the life of a Mother, and it is day in and day out and sometimes it gets sooooooo damn boring that it makes you want to scream, but then there are the moments of pure joy, the school plays, the parents evenings, watching them have fun with their friends, cooking and eating with them, reading to them and just being the 3 of us that somehow seem to make all the nagging and whinging and arguing and moaning less of an issue.

So for all you Mum’s out there, I hope you have a wonderful Mothering Sunday, because tomorrow, its back to the; come on it’s time to get up, of course you have to go to school, do not talk to me like that, put your dishes in the machine, do I look like a servant?………. and just in case you thought you were the only one saying this stuff, watch the clip below and know that everywhere, all over the world, Mum’s are all saying the same old stuff to their precious offspring, it’s just what Mother’s do…..


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