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I am utterly fascinated by graveyards and cemeteries.

The more modern ones with perfect rows of headstones all lined up like soldiers and every blade of grass is trimmed to perfection don’t do it for me though. There is something too sterile about them that makes them boring to me. No, for me an interesting graveyard should hold some mystery to it. It should be an eclectic mix of styles reflecting the human history that is houses and nature should be creeping in, slowly but firmly repossessing the space and its contents. There should rickety gates, old tombs and gravestones interspersed with something slightly more modern. In the spring there should be snowdrops and then daffodils, followed by tree blossom which as summer approaches hang heavy with green leaves which in autumn fall to the ground leaving a carpet that crunches underfoot until finally winter comes and there are bright red Holly Berries and frosted moss that glistens in the cold sunlight all-embracing and decorating hundreds of years of human history that slumbers there in an eternal rest.

Maybe I have made it sound idyllic, possibly even romantic but oddly to me it is and visit any village and most small towns in the UK and you will find some version or other of this, usually as part of the local C of E church (but not exclusively) and often dating back many hundreds of years. There are graveyards in my local area that have graves dating back to the 1600’s and many from the 1700’s and 1800’s. They are a true slice of human history left behind for us find and explore many hundreds of years later.

My love of these places is not a new thing either. I have always found them interesting and been drawn to them. I even own a book called ‘Who’s Buried Where in England’ which I bought for myself about 10 years ago and will get it out and study if we are ever on our travels to a new place but my fetish for these places and I will readily admit to having one, is something that has only really become evident to me in more recent years as I have increasingly explored my sexuality and kink.

I am not totally sure what it is about these places that turn me on but they do. I think it is a combination of things really, a desire to feel and be truly alive when faced with the undeniable truth of one’s mortality, and a graveyard will definitely do that for you, but there is also something about the macabre nature of death, the Gothic feel to many of these places and this strange juxtaposition that between their often still and silent desertion and yet this slightly spooky feeling that you are not really and truly alone.

I am sure many people would find my desire to be fucked in a graveyard horribly offensive and taboo but so what. I hope that one day when I am dead and gone someone somewhere finds my final resting spots and fucks like rabbits over me. I have even told M that I wish some form of that message to be written on my grave.” Here lays Molly Moore, come fuck over her, like a slutty whore” I doubt I will get away with that wording but you get the idea.

I have yet to get my graveyard fuck but I am hopeful that it will happen eventually, we even have a possible location in mind which is where I went yesterday to take this image. It is an abandoned graveyard, left there in the middle of the countryside when the church burned down many years ago and they rebuilt it in the village, leaving the old church yard alone and isolated about a mile away. It is a beautiful wreck, with ivy reclaiming many of the graves, a huge yew tree in the centre, in one corner snowdrops are just starting to show their white flowers and the birds seem to love the place. A little robin sat on one of the graves watching me the whole time I was there and just as I started to pack up a small deer scared the living crap out of me as it dashed through and out into the field beyond. It is desolate, crumbling, beautiful, spooky, and makes me think of ghosts and witches and haunted houses, and Gothic tales, and mysteries and darkly deviant goings on that would make your blood turn cold and my blood run red fucking hot!

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  • Matt

    I think I know that abandoned graveyard! Maybe……

  • luv2sex.info

    Yes, it could be a very unforgettable experience to have a sex date at these places!

  • becomingHIS

    I love old cemeteries, too. I know some people find them scary or depressing but I never have. My grandparents lived behind a cemetery & I used to go walking in it with my grandmother.

    A year or so ago, while visiting Charleston, South Carolina, USA, my mom & I visited one of the oldest ones in that city. Like you described in yours, there were so many different styles of head stones from all the different time periods. Many of them were nearly blank due to erosion from the elements. The branches of the trees seemed to be weighed down by the Spanish moss growing on them. There were wild flowers growing everywhere. It was absolutely beautiful!!

  • Fockeydey

    Love this piece Molly I too love old graveyards and I have a favourite one tucked away in the countryside. I go there strip naked and pleasure myself it really turns me on I would love to have a fuck buddy to share this experience with.

  • Sassycat

    I’m with you on the modern cemetery, I don’t like them. There is no character in those new cemeteries.
    If you can’t have your saying on your headstone, perhaps have a little decorative sign made – placed in an urn that sits next to the marker. 🙂 hehe
    And I’m sure your friends will remember your wish. I know I will. 🙂
    Hope you get to fulfill your fantasy soon.

  • Cammies on the Floor

    You’re right – nothing like being faced with own’s mortality to feel alive. And sex makes me feel the most alive. So this kink, while I don’t have it, I totally understand it to the point where I wonder why I don’t want to fuck like rabbits in a graveyard.
    I love your reflection upon this.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I like walking in cemeteries too and yes, they let one think about live, or one’s own mortality, like you said. However, I cannot say that I have the desire to be fucked in one. I might just die right there of fear of being discovered 😉

    Rebel xox

  • Remittance Girl

    I think there’s a beautiful and delicious defiance of nature to sex in graveyards. It’s a big fuck you to death and decay.

  • Alice King

    I share your love of the old graveyards. Would love to go to the UK and explore the ones there being they are so much older than here. I remember wandering one in Ireland when I was in 6th grade. That was the peaceful part of my trip.

  • Oleander Plume

    Great piece!

    I love old graveyards, some of the old monuments are works of art, I could wander through the rows for hours.

    As for having a sexual encounter in one? Well, I never have, but, it’s definitely something I would do under the right circumstances. I don’t think it’s disprectful at all, why not celebrate life amongst the dead?

    Love the photo, as usual!

  • Lord Raven

    *evil grin* oh if only the head stones could talk, or maybe a good thing they cant. That was the 3rd place I had a sexual encounter in and not the last time. Yes I find them full of wild excitement for some reason. Maybe you are right, that look into our own mortality and knowing I am still alive.

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