Molly’s Weekly Kiss 25

by Molly Moore

4th October 2011

This weekend we were sitting outside in the unseasonably warm sunshine discussing my kiss project and some of the blogs that I have featured. To be honest at times it is becoming increasingly hard to find a blog to feature here each week, not because there are a lack of blogs out there to read, far from it, but because I am finding it increasingly hard to find blogs that I feel have that something extra special to offer, that something about the writing, or the photography or the ‘story’ being told that has not been written a thousand times before. It is very tempting to start writing here about the number of submissive women blogs and why that is, but I know that is a whole other project and so for now….

I have already decided that at the end of this year, which is not as far away as you may think, the weekly kiss will be drawing to a close. That doesn’t mean from time to time I won’t stumble across something that makes me want to dust my kiss off again but in its place I already have another project planned, more on that another time too. So why I am writing about this now? Well after bemoaning the lack of blogs that I felt fit into the kiss section I stumbled across one that to my shame I have visited on a number of occasion, because she often joins in with Wanton Wednesday, but have never really explored beyond those posts. I have been missing out and so dear reader have you if you have not discovered Delilah.

Like many of the blogs I have found during this project, Delilah sparks my interest. As you read more and more of her blog you will discover that not only is she a good writer who, if you read back over her blog, is constantly improving her writing style and ability to developing her thought process through the written word but is above all an intriguing character. She is currently in a relationship with another couple, Anna and Arthur, and refers to herself within that relationship as the unicorn, and she has recently started an interesting new relationship with Eli a man who appears to be delving deeply into her submissive nature and whom she now refers to as her primary partner.

Delilah has only been writing her blog for about a year and so to be honest it is still very much in its infancy but I encourage you to read back through her work as her story is interesting and she writes about it in a lovely exploratory way. I came across a few posts that contained a Ps. Apologising for her rambled incoherent presentation of her thoughts but I left her at least one comment urging her not to change these posts. Build on them yes, let them be starting blocks for more writing, but don’t change them, they are unique little records of her journey and her thoughts process at the time of writing.

Delilah’s blog is well laid out and easy to navigate. She has a written an excellent page called ‘Defining The Cast’, a who’s who of the people in her life/blog  and her ‘about me page’ offers the new reader an excellent start to things and a great way to find some of the really important posts. If you have the time though, read them all, it is well worth it. As I mentioned before, Delilah also joins in with Wanton Wednesday from time to time and if photography is your thing then make sure you check out those post (again you can find them all neatly linked to on her about me page) they are really very good although for me Ouch! Posted on the 21st September is by far and away one of the best spanked bum pictures I have ever laid eyes on. I can only hope that one day she might join in with Sinful Sunday because her great photographs would sure be welcomed additions.

If I have to recommend some post for you to start with then I would say, apart from the about me and defining the cast pages, which are must reads I would use the archives to go back to her very first post in October 2010 called The Intro To Delilah. It does exactly what the title tells you. Two other posts that really stand out for me at Look At Me (please) posted on the 9th June which talks about why she posts pictures of herself, how it makes her feel and what she gets out of it. It is a well observed piece that I think many people who posts pictures of themselves on the internet will identify with. More recently her post on the 4th August ‘Good Girl – Sex Submission and Bruises’ is indeed a bit of a ramble around her thoughts on pain but I loved this post as I felt I could see her wading through her mind and actually coming to a conclusion but the end of it. Knowing this about yourself “It seems fucking my head, I am realizing is just as important as fucking my body!” might sound obvious to some but when coupled with her thoughts on pain and bruising had me going bravo! Sometimes we don’t always need to know why something makes us tick, just being able to say, it fucks with my head, in a good way, is enough.

Delilah’s blog is well laid out, it is easy to navigate and her side bars are nice and clean and tidy. I particularly like her blog roll, short and sweet and I really believed that they are in fact correctly named as ‘Blogs I Really Truly Read’. I think my only major advice to Delilah would be 2 things, firstly include a link to your first ever post, on your about me page as it really is a place all new readers should visit  and secondly take more photographs. From those you have posted so far I would say you really do have a keen eye for it. I would love to see you experiment with it some more and from what you have written about the process you obviously enjoy it too. I know I have found my exploration into my own self photography one of the most positive influences of my blog on my creative development.

So there you have it, just when I thought I had run out of blogs that made me want to pucker up and dish out a kiss along comes Delilah and now all you have to do is go and pay her visit yourself by clicking on the kiss icon below. Be sure to tell her Molly sent you!

Defining Delilah


Ps… All my kisses can be found HERE


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