Molly’s Weekly Kiss 10

by Molly Moore

13th June 2011

Yes, I am sorry to say it is Monday, again, but hopefully I can make that a little less negative by giving you another new Kiss to enjoy and this week we are with Brighton Ivy an interesting little blog that I discovered from a blog, which led to a blog which led me to Ivy.

Ivy is a young woman, 20 I think, currently studying some unknown subject at university in Brighton. She started her blog after telling a friend that she had thought about blogging about her sexual exploits and rather than being met with a, What The Fuck?, response she was greeted with encouragement and the result was the creation of Brighton Ivy. This was back in autumn of 2010 and since then she seems to have being doing pretty much just that. She says about her blog…

“My name’s Ivy and I’m a sexaholic. I like to write in not too graphic detail about my sex life and past adventures. I do very much hope my mother isn’t reading this, but I’m glad you are.”

Her posts are a mixture of previous sexploits, thoughts on life, uni, love, sex and more recently her new relationship with boy friend Charlie. I recommend starting back with her very first post entitled The Beginning and then have a trawl through some of her pieces that are named for the men with whom she was indulging. Some of these are sad and poignant, some are downright hysterical and some of them are just cringe worthy, and I here I will point you in the direction of the post called ‘Eddie’ which will, I am sure, make you look back on your own sexploit nightmares with a fondness, as this one was really something special. In a similar vein I also point you in the direction of the post ‘My First Hand job’ which you will find listed under this year’s May catergories. I wonder if the poor young man in this post ever fully recovered from Ivy’s iron grip.

Ivy is clearly an intelligent young woman, who likes to get out and party, study a bit and have plenty of sex. Her new relationship with Charlie (who has his own blog, a link to which you can find on Ivy’s sidebar and well worth a look in my opinion….maybe more on that another time) seems to have finally found her someone with whom she can explore her sex life with more fully. His amazing finger work having resulted in her discovery of multiple orgasm for one and there is even what appears to be the hint of a sexually submissive side hinted at in the post ‘Suck My Dick’.

This is a blog I shall continue to follow with interest. I do hope she keeps up with what she has started here. She is a young woman just starting out on life really and I think this blog will make for fascinating reading as she continues to grow and explore all that life has to offer her.

Yet again this blog leaves me longing for a slightly more detailed, ‘About Me’ write up/page. For now, with only a few months of post to go back through it is fairly easy for the new reader to catch up to speed with things but in time this will become harder and so getting a handle on what is going on in a blog can sometimes be impossible. I would urge a new blogger to write an about me page (and don’t be afraid to update as time goes along) and also think about including a list of maybe the top 5 posts that you think a new reader should check out.

Oh and before I let you wander off to visit Ivy I must mention her post ‘Shaving The Lady Garden’ which you will find on her current homepage, the theme of which links closely to my current Pussy Pride Project.

Brighton Ivy


Ps…To see the full list of blogs that have been awarded a kiss so far visit THIS PAGE

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