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contentment is…

13th June 2011


Contentment is…his hand in mine and lips which meet in a kiss divine,

Stories told and laughter shared, moments in which minds are paired

The loving touch of his hand, caresses contrast with spanks that land

Brutal blows of dark desire, setting alight an internal fire

Contentment is… a quiet sigh, a muffled groan and a pleading cry

Whispered words that make me spin, silly jokes that make me grin

Future plans and dreams we share, knowing that he will soon be there

Time apart and desperate waiting, rewarded with a life-long mating

Contentment is… bodies touching, skin on skin, fingers probing deep within

Slick juices flow as we unite, in endless lust that feels so right

Early mornings and moonlight walks, daytime life and night-time talks

Dancing in the street to string quartets, photographs and lost bets

Contentment is…breathing in his manly smell; it casts its odorous magic spell

On sheets, on clothes it lingers still, giving me a scented thrill

Shopping, cooking, everyday life of a man beside a wife

Strong arms that hold me close at night alongside sharp teeth that nip and bite

Contentment is…our limbs entwined like knotted ropes that hold and bind

My head upon his chest I lie, a protective hand upon my thigh

Crossword puzzles, movie nights on the sofa in candle light

Near not far, here with me, that is how contentment will be.


Ps… This post was inspired by Josie’s Writing Workshop (which I am delighted to say is back) and I chose the prompt ‘contentment’. I hope Josie doesn’t mind my inclusion of the audio, but I just felt like the piece lent itself to it perfectly. Make sure you check out the Writing Workshop page, not adult blogging as such, but a great source of good writing nevertheless.

Writing Workshop



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  • Susan Mann

    Excellent piece of writing. I love this poem, it flows and describes contentment perfectly. x

  • Sarah aka MOIxx

    Beautiful writing!

  • Kailexness

    Wow Molly, that is beautiful xx

  • Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

    This made me cry, actually.

    You two have something beautiful and precious and bold and I hope it lasts you a life-time.

    Delighted to have you taking part my friend x

  • Livi

    that’s so beautiful *grabs tissues*

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