Molly’s Weekly Kiss 21

by Molly Moore

5th September 2011

I have talked about joint author blogs before but only one such blog has reached the kiss list so far and that was Fit To Be Tied, a BDSM blog written by a rope loving couple. On my reading journey round the blog world I have come across a few joint author blogs but in general I have found that the joint author situation leads to a confusing and often broken content. It takes a special couple to make it work that is for sure and this week I think I have found just such a couple for you.

Fishnet and cake is penned by the deliciously sexy Zena and Jules. Although one half of the partnership, Jules, has been a little quiet over the last couple of months the blog still carries her mark all over it if you look carefully enough. I will say now, just for clarity sake that Jules and I have been friends for a long time, but I promise you that has not and never would cloud my judgement. She might be my friend but I am pretty sure she knows me well enough to know that it is not for that reason she finds her blog featured here. The only reason it makes it here is because it merits it.

Jules and Zena are currently in a place within their relationship that I can closely identify with; they are separated by a large ocean battling with a time difference and lives that are bound tightly together by lust, desire and most importantly off all love and friendship. They have just spent a glorious 2 weeks in each other company and at the moment much of these delicious memories are spilling forth to create a blog content that is hot as hell.

As I said, at the moment Jules is rather quiet and most of the writing is being done by Zena. I have always said Jules is a supreme writer, but she doesn’t do it enough, if you want proof of that check out the tabs at the top of the blog and read her stories there and you have to read her post recent post ‘My Beautiful Z’ which you will find in the August Archives. It is an honest and heart filled account of how love has transformed her life for the better.

So what of Zena, currently the main contributor to this little corner of the internet? She has a way with words that I am envious of to be honest. She has the wonderful ability to paint a picture with her words; they seem to drip with a sensuous and sexy purr that delivers a well-aimed punch right to the groin. She has recently started joining in with both Wanton Wednesday and Sinful Sunday, the result of which is that I have now discovered not only does she have the ability to create sexy with words but that with camera in hand she is lethal.

This blog has something else to offer you too and that is hinted at in the title, Fishnets and Cake, because both writers love their food and cooking but Zena has a passion for the kitchen and food that finds its way into the content, hence the tab ‘Food Porn’. Zena seems to be able to turn the humble recipe into a thing of erotic beauty, reading her posts about cooking has me licking my lips and not just for the food. I really hope she writes a lot more in this area, as they give the blog a unique edge and create a content that appeals to most of our most basic needs; sex, lust, desire, love and food, a heady combination if done well.

My words of advice to this partnership start off with something very simple. More! You have started something interesting, different and sexy here, now all we need is more, more and more. Let your imagination go, explore your writing, don’t be shy to create short posts on a more regular basis and to Zena in particular, I want to be drawn into that kitchen of yours and fed delicious food porn.

Now to the other stuff. You didn’t really think you were going to get off that lightly did you? Get rid of the Guilty Pleasures tab, the content feels to manufactured, and not personal enough to the 2 of you. Replace it with a good about us page, I don’t know, maybe Jules could write Zena’s about me and Zena write Jules’. You two truly come alive when contemplating the other. Also lose the BDSM tab, move the story in with the other stories and in its place you could create a tab for At the moment you have the JK icon and video in your sidebar, but for any newcomers, that is not really explained why, what is the connection, what is JK etc. Use the tab to introduce the site, post the video and maybe the odd update on what is happening on the JK from time to time. Finally, the tag cloud is massive and growing and it makes your sidebar crowded and messy. I would change it for a category menu because for example if you want to search for just posts by Jules there is currently no way of doing that, by categorising your posts into relevant areas, including author, you would make this search much easier.

Phew, maybe being my friend is not such a good thing after all, it seems you might have got a slightly harder ride than others but then having read your blog I have discovered that you both like it hard from time to time and on that note, I will stop now and let Jules and Zena take you by the hand and lead you into the world of Fishnets and Cake.

Fishnets And Cake



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zenagirl69 September 7, 2011 - 12:35 am

Thank you Molly for your kind comments! Your suggestions are well taken, we’ve already started to implement a few. We really appreciate every thing you have done for us, with us; and dare I say to us over the past year!
your friend, stalker and Wet Patch,
zenegirl (and Jules)


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