20 of 2014

by Molly Moore
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As I said last year it seems a tradition has been born as this will be my third year of publishing a list of my favourite blogs of the year.

As part of my job as editor of Elust and Sinful Sunday, as well as just being an active member of the sex blogging community I read and comment on a vast number of blogs which I feel makes me very qualified to say that the sex blogging community is awash with talented, interesting, creative, sexy people who together create a vast array of content covering all sorts of subjects. As a group I feel we write about subjects that more main stream sites are too scared to touch and as a result we are vital resource for people looking for honest, real, educational, positive sex writing that encompasses the diverse nature of human sexuality.

Sex blogging is a term that encompasses a great deal of sites covering a huge variety of adult related topics by an innovative community of free thinkers and bold creatives that I am continually proud to be a part of. If you are not on my list that doesn’t mean I don’t think you rock because I do. Without YOU there would be no community, no voice of sexual expression and freedom. Much of the world would love to silence this community as this past year has shown with things like the increasing censorship of erotica on Amazon making it harder for people to find the writing they like and for talented authors to make a living. As individuals our voice is small but as a community we have the power to challenge those small-minded repressive attitudes and so despite this list only being 20 names it is dedicated to the whole sex blogging community.

This year’s list is THIS year’s list and in no way cancels out the previous two; 20 of 2012 and 20 of 2013, I still stand by those 2 lists just as much as I do this one. There are some which have made it to all 3 and some which have not, that is not a reflection on their work or content but on how my reading habits have changed. The blogs from previous years still remain regular reads of mine and blogs that I highly recommend you check out.

I am sticking with 20 blogs again this year as I feel that is a genuine reflection of my regular blog reading habits. These are the blogs that I go to when I have a few moments to just read for the pure pleasure of doing so. The year I have decided to order the list alphabetically but no one blog is above another hence there are no numbers, but, as per usual, I have included a few words to explain why I have chosen each one and also a link to their twitter profile, if they have one.

A Dissolute Life Means…

Hy was in my list last year and has continued to be a one of my favourite reads. This year has seen major changes for her, moving house and sharing the existence of her blog with ‘The Neighbour’ which has resulted in him not only being written about but on occasion being the subject of some of her photographs. She also continues to curate the marvellous Boobday meme which was set up as “a place for us to honour breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.” a celebration of breasts, if you will. I know she would love to get some small breasted women joining in so if you one of those ladies please do think about taking part in this wonderfully body positive project.

A Sexual Being

One of the new name to my list this year; Kayla Lords writes erotic fiction, mainly with a D/s thread to it but it is her consistently well observed, thoughtful pieces on her D/s relationship with Daddy and kink that have really captured me as a reader this year. Clearly our kink and relationship dynamics have similarities which can account for some of interest in her writing but regardless of that I find her writing on these subjects always wise, intelligent and well crafted. She, like me, is a strong, happy, capable independent woman who proudly owns her submissive kink and I love that.

A Slut’s Memoir

She recently wrote a post about why she blogs which, rather to my amazement, made a reference to me “But I will keep journaling, for myself, for Sir, and for my favorite fan & hero @Mollysdailykiss. And for anyone else who wants to follow along.” I tweeted at her that I think I have read virtually every post on her site and she joked back at me that she hadn’t. I know some of what she writes is very challenging to people but it is the open, ‘no holes barred’ (both literally and figuratively speaking) honest way she shares the ups and downs of her life in her writing that fascinate me. Some of her recent posts have taken on a slightly cryptic tone but that is a reflection of how her blog works for her within her relationships. If you are looking for totally honest truthful account of one woman’s determined sexual exploration then this is it.

A to sub Bee

This is a new one on the list this year and a very new blog at that, seeing as she only started back in April but what she has done so far has really captured my attention. In the spirit of full disclosure I will say that sub-bee is also a friend of mine in real life but it is not for that reason that she finds herself on my list but for her open honest writing combined with her partner’s truly fabulous photography and I hope this is just the start for them in that regard. I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings from them blogging wise


Babefiend was on the list last year but a bit like Sub-Bee she had only just started to venture into the blogging world. This year has seen her carry on, albeit a little quietly at times as she has been dealing with some major changes in her life but the last month or so has seen her well and truly back to her best. A bit like A Slut’s Memoir, Babefiend is not one to shy away from writing about kinks and experiences that many would classify as ‘dark and edgy’ but that is exactly why I read her blog. It is posts like Trick or Treat (WARNING – this post is about period blood play and includes both words and images that deal with the consumption of menstrual blood) that certainly fall into my ‘your kink is not my kink but your kink is OK’ category that I applaud her for being brave enough to write.

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Jane’s blog really is a place where you can get a bit of everything. Her fiction, in particular her writing of female submissive characters and plots constantly leaves me sitting in a damp patch, her personal experiences and thoughts on sex, kink and relationships are always intelligent, honest and thoughts provoking and her photography is a constant source of delight to me.

Cammies on the Floor

I think this blog is completely different in the sex blogging world, but if I am wrong please do let me know, because to the best of my knowledge this is the only sex blog written by siblings. A and M are sisters. M is a military wife and A is single (ish) and between them they write about their various relationships, kinks, experiences with a smattering is really good erotic fiction thrown into the mix. If you are new to their blog make sure you check out the ‘about’ pages about each sister as they will give you a great insight into both ladies and their respective lives. I have been reading this blog for a while but this last year has really seen them settle down into their blogging style which is one that I find myself increasingly enjoying.

Curvaceous Dee

If there is anyone on the internet showing the pure unadulterated joy that kinky activities can be it is Dee. I love her zest for life, her joy in her various relationships and her images that show a beautiful sexy confident woman. This is a woman who really knows how to enjoy life and her body and her blog is a wonderful honest open celebration of her life and of course she is also the guardian (and top participant) of the Scavenger Hunt meme

Exhibit A

Hurrah for male sex bloggers. There are just not enough of them. However EA is not on this list for having a cock but for writing a damn good sex blog, although pictures of his cock are obviously part of that and not something you will ever hear me complaining about! I have found myself increasingly visiting his site this year but if you want a couple of examples as to why then try reading The Sofa, a hot steamy tale of lunchtime sex that I loved for the way it bought alive the friendship and lust between the two people and On sex when I don’t come, a thoughtful intelligent piece on the joys of sex being more than just about orgasms.

Girl on the Net

I think GOTN is a one woman blogging dynamo who seems to have mastered the age-old problem of quantity or quality by just doing both all of the time. She puts my productivity to shame and that’s saying something, maybe I need to adopt her ‘work wank routine. Her writing is broad mix of stuff, from the humorous to the ranty along-side a liberal sprinkling of hot and sexy. She has a wonderful way with words and a turn of phrase that will have me in danger of snorting my cup of tea all over my computer. In that regard reading her blog has its dangers.

Kink and Poly

When I grow up I want to be Jade…. in the meantime I am very happy that I get to share in her world through her blog. We have over the years managed to develop a long distance friendship which I love but spending time with her in person is also on my list of things I need to achieve more often. I am hoping that 2015 will provide us with another opportunity. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her in person then I can tell you she is the Jade you see and read about on her blog. Kinky, funny, flirty, sexy, intelligent and adorable, all of which is reflected in her blog with is a variable feast of kinky wonderfulness all delivered with a joyful exuberance. She is also the creator of one of my favourite blogging memes Kink of the Week.

Malin James

As you will see from her archive this is Miss James’ first year of blogging but oh my has she captured my attention. Her erotic fiction is seriously hot and beautifully penned but for me it is her intelligent, thoughtful and thought-provoking non-fiction writing that I particularly enjoy. @MalinMJames

Pandora Blake

Pandora and I go back years, well in the writer/reader relationship sense we do. I used to read her blog before I even had my own. Yes she is an old hand at this sex blogging whatnot so unless you have some serious time of your hands there is probably more content here then you can possibly catch up on, but don’t let me stop you from trying. However her work on her spanking porn had meant that her blog had taken a bit of a back seat in her creative life but this year she has finally found herself in a position to return to it and as a result she has written lots of really excellent posts about feminist porn, the porn industry and her role within it. It is not a world I am actively involved in but it is one that for obvious reasons I am very interested in and Pandora provides me with an excellent view into that world.

Penny for your Dirty Thoughts

Another one that was featured last year and continues to be one of my go to blogs but in Penny’s case what really brings me back time and again is her truly inspirational photography. Her self-portraits, portraits of her partner and her sex toy images are always expertly conceived and executed showing of her creative flair and skill with the camera.

Rebel’s Notes

Sometimes I think Rebel might be able to read my mind. So often our thoughts on D/s and in particular submission are virtually identical. Her Kink of the Week posts more often than not seem to mirror mine. Not that they are the same but that our brains are just wired so very similarly when it comes to kink.

Remittance Girl

I know that Remittance Girl does not class herself as a sex blogger but as I said in my intro what is sex blogging anyway? Her erotic fiction will often wrong foot you, sometimes makes you question yourself but always leave its mark on you. She is a true craftswoman when it comes to the written word and her ability to gift the reader a complete character(s) in short form fiction is second to none in my opinion. If I ever get to be half the writer and thinker she is then I will be extremely proud of myself

Sex Blog(of sorts)

Another new one to my list and to the sex blogging world having only started back in Sept 2013 but she has leapt onto my reading list. Her writing is imaginative and honest, sometimes raw and gritty, sometimes sexy, sometimes funny but always engaging and in recent months there has been, much to my delight as I am dedicated fan of visuals, some photography too. This is a blog that I am really looking forward to seeing what 2015 will inspire in her.

Stranded in Toronto

I don’t think there is another blog on the internet like this one. Not only is he the master the ‘ending with a twist’ but most of his stories transect the erotica and sci-fi, fantasy or horror genres. He has his very own unique writing style which I find a pleasure to read and also much of his content tends to be serials with characters that grow and develop as the story goes on. His ability to weave intricate detailed story plots over a period of time is truly something to enjoyed and admired. This year has also seen him reaching out to the writing community and encouraging others to play with various sub-genres within their writing with his monthly meme The Darker Flame    @stranded_in_to

The Beautiful Kind

Kendra is one of those blogs that has been part of my staple reading diet for many years now and I am not sure anyone does it better to be honest. Her focus has changed over the years, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her site but she originally started as an anonymous blogger however her life changed completely when she was outed for a her sex blog, lost her job and was sued for custody for her daughter. I know at the time it was a truly horrible stressful experience but it is one that has led her to where she is today. Working full time as a sex therapist, helping to build and run Sex Positive St.Louis as well as continuing to write a sex blog about her life, loves and experiences which I hope truly pisses off the people who attempted to silence her in the first place.

Trollop with a Laptop – Alison Tyler

Alison was on last year list but has remained one of the sites I visit on a regular basis. Last year I said this was “not a sex blog in the traditional sense of the word.” but I have since decided that is not true. What the hell is a ‘sex blog’ anyway? She is probably one of the most well-respected and prolific erotic writers and anthology editor currently around but her site is way more than just a place to pimp her own work. She is a champion of erotic writing genre, supporting a community with her words, wisdom and humour. Of all the people on this list I think she might be the one who takes the ‘most prolific blogger’ award but don’t be fooled, this is most definitely not a case of quantity over quality, far from and I have come to the conclusion that the only explanation can be that she is in fact some sort of uber sexbot writing machine!


If you are on the list I have designed a snazzy little badge which you are more than welcome to display on your blog if you so wish. (If you right-click on the image you can save/download it but if you have any problems let me know and I can email it to you. There is also one with a white background if you prefer, and yes, you can resize it!) If you wish to write about and or link back to the list then that would be fabulous but it’s entirely up to you. This list is not an exercise in link farming but truly a celebration of my year as a reader of blogs and as such there are no expectations on anyone on this list apart from that I hope you are happy to find yourself here and if not, tough 😉

20 of 2014 badge

This weeks prompt on Wicked Wednesday is ‘looking back’ which I think it perfect for this post as this is most definitely a look back at my blog reading of 2014!

Wicked Wednesday blog badge

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@KatieButterfly November 20, 2014 - 4:01 pm

Gutted not to make your 20 but cannot disagree with any of these,all of them are great reads and people I am glad to have made the acquaintance of (albeit mostly in on online only sense) over the past 12 months and who have provided me with (frequently moist) inspiration.

Katie xx

Karen Blue November 20, 2014 - 4:06 pm

Great list, as always. I am happy to find a few I dont recognize as well as some of my personal favorites. Thanks for putting this together Molly!

Kayla Lords November 20, 2014 - 4:13 pm

Ok, well speechless and teary while sitting in Starbucks. Thank you, Molly. Just…thank you. I am absolutely honored to be someone you read and among such an amazing group of bloggers. ((HUGS))

Be careful, I’ll be squeeing over here soon.

MrsJoJo (@Josephine_KK) November 20, 2014 - 4:23 pm

That is one heck of GOOD list, most of mine are on there too x

Marie Rebelle November 20, 2014 - 4:26 pm

Thank you so much for including me again, Molly. I love the idea to be your kinky twin!

Rebel xox

Cammies on the Floor November 20, 2014 - 4:34 pm

So excited and honored to be included. My sister and I had such a “fangirl” moment meeting you in person last year, as we respect how much you contribute to this community, not to mention your amazing photography and sexy writing.
Thank you, and I have been following all but one that you recommended, so I will have to check out someone new (one of my favorite things to do is discover with lists like these).

Hyacinth November 20, 2014 - 7:39 pm

Oh, Molly! You are so freaking kind; I’m honored to make your list again this year and with such amazing other bloggers!

Your lists have introduced me to great writers I’d otherwise never have discovered.

Lots of smushy booby hugs – xx Hy

Malin James November 20, 2014 - 7:49 pm

Thank you, Molly. Honestly, I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to say for a couple of hours. I’m just floored that you put me on this list, and massively honored. You are, quite literally, one of the bloggers I look up to most, and this coming for you is incredibly meaningful. You made me speechless, (which is, as you can imagine, *really* hard to do!). xxx.M

John November 20, 2014 - 9:09 pm

There’s some great, really talented people on the list. In most ways very diverse too!

Wouldn’t envy you whittling the list down to mere 20 though! 😉

Remittance Girl November 21, 2014 - 2:26 am

Molly, although I am tremendously honoured to be on this list, I’m way too much of a coward to come out from behind my Wizard of Oz curtain of fictionality. You’re a lot braver than me.

Penny November 21, 2014 - 2:52 am

I’m so honored to make this list again Molly! I’m also excited to check out some of the blogs listed that I don’t follow yet. Thank you for taking the time to make and share this list with us!

Beauty's Punishment November 21, 2014 - 3:52 am

I love reading everyone’s posts and trying to keep up by popping around to visit as often as I can. When I first found out about the sex blogging community, I’m like, “Yay! People writing great stuff and telling me their unfiltered thoughts about all sorts of different things.” I’m always up for that.

Brigit Delaney November 21, 2014 - 1:26 pm

As always…Molly…you provide me with something to think about and new places to go in this sex-blogging world. Trying to choose 20 is a daunting task; there are so many good writers out there. I seriously could sit on my couch most of the day, every day, and do nothing but surf sex blogs. But, alas, I have to make decisions. My voyeuristic tendencies have to be kept in check, lest I neglect other important things. I always appreciate your advice! – Brigit

Jane November 22, 2014 - 7:44 am

Molly, thank you 100 times over. I’m incredibly flattered to be included – and kind of in shock, considering the excellent (excellent) company!

Blowing you a huge and billowy kiss from the other side of the world.

Jane xxx

Ann St. Vincent November 22, 2014 - 4:51 pm

Molly – I found you via Hy and am just starting to explore your blog! This is a great list and while some of these bloggers are familiar to me, I will check out the others as well.

And here’s hoping someday to make it to this list 🙂


Curvaceous Dee December 14, 2014 - 10:52 pm

I know this is really belated, but thank you so much Molly! I’m so very honoured to be included – and there’s some names I’m not familiar with, so I have some reading to do 🙂

xx Dee

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