20 of 2015

by Molly Moore

I cannot believe it is time to write another one of these posts. Where oh where has 2015 gone?

The ’20 of’ list is now in its 4th year. When I wrote the first one I never envisaged that it would be more than a one-off thing but I enjoy putting together these lists and it seems they are popular with readers and other bloggers and so an annual event has been born. This year’s list is THIS year’s list and in no way cancels out the previous three; 20 of 2012, 20 of 2013 and 20 of 2014, I stand by those 3 lists just as much as I do this one. There are some which have made it to all 3, some which sadly no longer exist and some which have not, that is not a reflection on their work or content but on how my reading habits have changed. The blogs from previous years still remain regular reads of mine and I highly recommend you check them out.

I am sticking with 20 blogs again this year as I feel that is a genuine reflection of my regular blog reading habits. These are the blogs that I go to when I have a few moments to just read for the pure pleasure of doing so. The list is alphabetical, no one blog is above another hence there are no numbers. I have included a few words to explain why I have chosen each one, in some cases links to a post(s) I love and their twitter profile, if they have one.

Sex blogging is a term that encompasses a great deal of sites covering a huge variety of adult related topics by an innovative community of free thinkers and bold creatives that I am continually proud to be a part of. If you are not on my list that doesn’t mean I don’t think you rock because I do. Without YOU there would be no community, no voice of sexual expression and freedom. As individuals our voice is small but as a community we have the power to challenge small-minded repressive attitudes and so despite this list only being 20 names it is dedicated to the whole sex blogging community.

Abbie Rode…and told

Let kick of the list with a newcomer to my list. I had the pleasure of meeting Abbie in person at this years Eroticon, a bit like her blog she is funny, intelligent, direct and great company. Since then I have been reading her posts on a regular basis and thoroughly enjoying what I find there. She does not shy away from subjects and is quite happy to present a point of view even when she thinks it might not be the ‘popular opinion on a subject; No Chance of Getting Sponsored After This Piece of Honesty and The Big Thing I Hate About Dicks being two fabulous examples of this that I found myself agreeing with but she also writes about herself in a way that feels honest and raw, in my opinion a vital ingredients for great writing; Time To Give Up – and start winning @OCDcrankypants

A Dissolute Life Means…

Hyacinth returns to my list again this year. She writes fearless, bold, honest and raw content. She is absolutely unapologetic about who and what she is, owning her sexuality and her opinion on subjects with brilliantly articulated writing such as I love big dicks and I cannot lie and more recently, I don’t care if you have a wife or girlfriend. She also continues to curate the marvellous Boobday meme which was set up as “a place for us to honour breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks @adissolutelife

Ann St Vincent

It is appropriate that Ann should follow Hyacinth in this list because it is through reading Hyacinths blog that I discovered Ann. I have not been reading her for very long but what I have read so far I have liked a LOT. She is a single Mum in her early 40’s, recently (ish) divorced she is now navigating the new waters of a revived sex life and dating. Her writing is fresh, honest, and laced with humour, Things I’ve Literally Fucked Myself with made me giggle. Yep, be there, done that. If you are new to her site then I suggest you start with her About Me page, one of the best I have read in a long time. Oh and it would appear that her she also has a pretty cool Mom; My Mom Discovered my Butt Plug Doorstop

A Sexual Being

Kayla Lords featured in last year’s list and has continued to bring me back to her corner of the internet with her writing this year. I also had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing her for the KissCast, in the end we had to cut things short otherwise I suspect we would still happily be chatting away. This year she has started a new writing meme Masturbation Monday, something that has been on my to-do list for a while now. I am determined that 2016 will see me contributing to this. I love Kayla’s writing for her directness, she never pulls any punches, she offers wise advice; BDSM doesn’t magically fix your life and also shows a great self-awareness when writing about her own thoughts and experiences, even when they are confusing to her; Deep Thoughts About my Double Life

A to sub Bee

As I said last year “in the spirit of full disclosure I will say that sub-bee is a friend of mine in real life but it is not for that reason that she finds herself on my list” Last year she had only been blogging a few months but she had hit the ground running and got a spot on my list Since then it is has been a real pleasure to witness her growing confidence as a writer and read her frank pieces about her body, relationship and kinks such as My Shame. However being a self-confessed lover of photography it is the way her and her partner experiment with photography and continue to blow me away with their fabulous images; such as Martini, Laced and For Molly to name just a few.

BD Swain

A new one on the list this year and a blogger that I discovered from editing Elust. On her site she says of herself ” Purveyor of fine queer smut.” and I wholeheartedly endorse this statement. Her fiction is delicious; it has the sensual heady quality that as you read it makes you feel like you can almost taste it on your tongue. This piece is a particular favourite of mine, raw and dangerous, it speaks of lust and power in a way that I find extremely hot; Goodbye, I’m Gone (The Nicest Thing I Ever Did for Her) As a general rule age play stories don’t tend to do it for me but that is not the case when it comes to BD Swain, she has a way of crafting a story that portrays the tension between the little’s perceived innocence and the power that has over the ‘Daddy’ figure that I find intoxicating; Frame by Frame. She has also just published a series of her photographs in the form of a pack of playing cards which you can purchase and I am happy to say I am the proud owner of a set! @redswain

Behind the Chintz Curtain

Jane’s blog is one of those where you never know what you might get but you do know that it will be good. Her fiction is some of the best around in my opinion but then it does tend to speak to my submissive kink; The Fall, her opinion/experience pieces are always intelligent, thoughtful and wise (and the case of this one brutally honest and frank) Sex and the post-birth vagina: On peeing myself, prolapse, pelvic surgery, and pilates, and her photography is absolutely sublime; The Way Down. Behind the Chintz Curtain is a place I am more than to spend my time. You can listen to my interview with Jane on the KissCast. @ChintzCurtain

Cammies on the Floor

The lovely Cammie Sister were on my list last year, since then seem to have continued to go from strength to strength and have certainly kept me reading along the way. They are, to the best of my knowledge, the only sibling sex bloggers around. Of late M seems to have been writing most of the content but having read their blog for a while now I know that is how it goes for them at times. M’s writing is often brutally frank, especially when it comes to writing about her relationship with her husband and their exploration of kink play with other partners. She is not one to shy away from the difficult topics that have arisen from that and I find it hugely refreshing. Check out Risk as one such example and Known Blogger in which is talks through her motivations and fears when it comes to writing like that and if you want to catch glimpse into their sisterly relationship then read Sisterly Specific – About M and Sisterly Specific in which they write about each other. @cammiesonthefloor

Domme Chronicles

I am sure it will come as no surprise to anyone when I say female domination is not my thing but when it comes to Ferns writing I don’t fucking care. This is a woman who can eroticise kissing like no one else I know. I want to be kissed like this; Goodnight Kiss and she loves kissing so much she has hot sexy kissing dates: Kissing Date Dreaminess and I just love this post on sharing her possessions, she just doesn’t share; My Heart is Small and Dark. You can listen to my interview with Ferns on the KissCast, warning, we laughed a LOT. @Ferns_

Exposing 40

Another new one to my list and new to blogging as she has only been at this game since February but she caught my attention with her very first post; Stepping Out and has had my attention ever since. Her site is about celebrating body positivity with particular reference to ‘the landmark age’ of 40+. She has included friends, the image in this is just fabulous; Whitechapel Smile and it is not just about women either; Bring on the men. It is not just about the guests though, she also explores her own feelings and experiences in way that I find very relatable; Being Photographed and Revealing Vulnerabilities. I am really excited to see where this project takes her and how it evolves over the next year.

Girl on the Net

I love the way this woman uses language. She just has such wonderful phraseology and the ability to craft it in such a way that makes you feel like you are down the pub with her having a few drinks and setting the world to rights. She is funny; How do I get my partner to like Marmite (whilst also being totally on point) Filthy: Fucking in the Office thoughtful and forthright; Yes you can run an anonymous blog and still be accountable. I love the Guest Post features on her site too. They are such a varied mix of all sorts of thoughts, experiences, stories, you never know what you might find there and although she does not write fiction often when she does, oh wow! Sin @girlonthenet

Happy Come Lucky

When I saw Honey at Eroticon she muttered something along the lines of not being sure she was actually a writer. I have no idea why she thought that but I am hopefully that she might have finally banished that idea from her mind because as the year has gone she has gone from strength to strength. She is not afraid to shy away from tricky subjects; Hormones and shows a self-awareness and honesty that I admire; The Good, The bad and the Horny and a willingness to explore her fears and vulnerabilities; Is it hate? Am I a Fraud? She takes some cracking images too; Arse Kicker in Lace Knickers but it only recently that I discovered that her artistic talents stretch to more than just the camera: The Lick of Love @ht_honey

Jade Aurora Waters

I love Jade’s writing style; she has the ability to pen a story that will take your breath away along with your panties. Don’t believe me? Try A Taste a delicious tale of stranger sex or Aura; a powerful tale of being consumed inspired by a migraine. This year Jade added a sub-domain to her site to house all her poetry and oh my, is a delight of wordy heaven. I could have picked out a ton of pieces but I have gone for my two absolute favourites What you see and Shouldn’t @JadeAWaters

Love Hate Sex Cake

Cheeky Minx was on my list back in 2012 and I have been a dedicated reader of hers ever since. This year though her imagery has been, in my opinion, some of the best she has ever produced. Her use of light to create sensual evocative pictures is second to none; Hum and whenever I go and visit her site I always find myself struck with the urge to grab my own camera. She is not just a photographer though, he writing is just as magical, full of desire and longing: The Dream and Dis-Moi without a doubt my favourite thing she has written this year! @LoveHateSexCake

Malin James

Malin was on the list last year and at the time still a relatively new name in the sex blogging world but this year she has truly made a place for herself and continued to produce excellent content at a pace that I envy. Her Erotic Fiction is quite frankly some of the best around. I could have linked to tons of examples but I have gone for just one, beautiful, tender, passionate, sad, erotic fiction writing at its best; Mourning Sun. Seriously if you are have some spare moments and want to read some erotic fiction then check out her Erotic Fiction category list, you will not be disappointed. However that is only half the story of Malin’s blog because not mentioning her non-fiction writing would be doing her a great disservice. Always thoughtful and insightful; A Girls Guide to Growing Up Raw and honest; On Filth Bold and Engaging; The Fuckit Post but it is in her personal and reflective essays that I find some of her most thought-provoking writing; The Myth of One True Self @MalinMJames

Rebel’s Notes

Rebel and I share strong similarities when it comes to our kinks, submission and D/s. So often our thoughts on these subjects, whilst not identical, are strongly aligned, and there is a great power to be had when you find such affinity with another person. It is for this reason that she remains one of my favourite reads. This Sinful Sunday about pain is perfect example, whilst I am not a huge fan of nipple play I can totally relate to the ‘need’ that she describes in her post and the same can be said for many of the Kink of the Week topics she has written about. This year has also seen her start The Menopause Diaries, a meme encouraging people to write about this their experiences relating to this subject and she has led the way penning a series of honest and frank pieces about her own experience. Oh and I couldn’t not mention the photography on her site and pimp this post, which is without doubt my favourite image she has posted this year; Pub(l)ic Landscaping

Remittance Girl

I know Remittance Girl does not class herself as a sex blogger but my list is about who I read regularly and so would not be complete without her on it. To be honest I just want to tell you to go read her, read her fiction, read her opinion pieces. Just read it all, you will not disappointed, unless raw gritty erotica and strong well-reasoned opinion is not your thing. However, I promised links so let’s start with fiction; Lucy The Scholar, a powerfully erotic tale of lust and desire. Portals – 1, dark and hypnotically menacing. Flesh composed of Suns, This has to have one of the best opening lines ever but don’t stop there. Now to non-fiction; Private Lives and Digital Panopticon, A powerful essay on the erosion of privacy. On Dominance in Erotic Fiction; Written in response to a series of questions left as comments on another post, her thoughtful considered answers show just why she is such a great writer and finally Bad Men and Why Perfectly Intelligent, Independent, Sane Women Fantasize About Them, You only need to read the comments to see just many people this post resonated with.

Sex Blog (of sorts)

She was new to my list last year and has continued to be avid reading for me. She is a blogger who is not frightened of tackling tricky subjects; On Rape Fantasy and On Curves including writing openly and honestly about her disability; Everything I’ve Learned about Disability from Giving head and her struggle with her body image, On Sex and Body Positivity, or Revisiting My Very First Post. However it is her fiction writing that really grabs me. Her short stories are some of the best around, try The Owl and the Lark, which made me want to be a student again, Bathroom, a twisted little tale of an illicit affair and my absolute favourite thing stories of hers from this year; Machine, that plays with the eroticism of shame. @sexblogofsorts

Tamsin Flowers

I have been reading Tamsin’s work for a while but this year her writing seems to have taken on a whole new dimension. A bit like that moment in When Harry met Sally, I keep reading her work and thinking, ‘I will have whatever she is having’ because fuck me is she on a roll. This is by no means a negative comment on her previous work, far from it, but merely an observation that this year her writing has developed a style and punch that I fucking adore. rarely do I read a piece that makes me want to reach into my pants and masturbate but Tamsin has certainly done that this year with; She wanted to let the light in, a darkly deviant blasphemous tale that turns me on a way that I almost feel guilty about. Or this Tiny Shiny Bity Snaps of Steel which made me ache with longing for something that I usually dismiss as not my thing. Then there is Three, a tale of addiction which has a rawness that I find captivating. Broken, a tender piece about challenging a lovers negative self perception. Fucking Virgins, the title is a fabulous play on words and the story itself has that little hint of danger that I so love in my erotica and finally Fallen, posted just today for the beginning of her advent calendar, an hypnotic Christmas tale of Angels and the human spirit. I have no idea what Tamsin has planned for 2016 but I bloody well hope it is a lot more of what her 2015 delivered. @TamsinFlowers

Understanding Flutterby

This woman has an utterly unique and very compelling writing style. She explores the darkness, the desire, the desperate agonising need to her submission in a way that I can strongly identify with. Many years ago when I first read The Story of O it scared me, it made me realise that my submissive desires could, in the wrong hands, destroy me. I looked at O and knew, like her, I had that potential to be destroyed by own need. It made me very aware of the type of man I would need to manage that. Luckily I found him. Flutterby’s writing speaks to that woman in me; Tremble, that desperate almost overwhelming need to be taken apart. Oil and Water, the desire to rise up and bite the hand that feeds you and the need to be put in your place. Limits; On the importance of limits and boundaries and how they make you feel safe. She writes in a way where it is more like prose than anything else, peppered with a stream of consciousness that allows you a glimpse into her mind. However it is not just her writing that I love but her imagery too. She is an accomplished photographer, Behind the Lens with a great eye for composition, Curves and an ability to show that vulnerability that is so often displayed in her writing in her photography too; Softness @FlutterbyFlip


If you are on the list I have designed a snazzy little badge which you are more than welcome to display on your blog if you so wish. (If you right-click on the image you can save/download it but if you have any problems let me know and I can email it to you. There is also one with a white background if you prefer, and yes, you can resize it!) If you wish to write about and or link back to the list then that would be fabulous but it’s entirely up to you. This list is not an exercise in link farming but truly a celebration of my year as a reader of blogs and as such there are no expectations on anyone on this list apart from that I hope you are happy to find yourself here and if not, tough!

20of2015Wicked Wednesday badge

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Clive December 2, 2015 - 12:10 am

I love your tips!

Ann St. Vincent December 2, 2015 - 12:18 am

Molly – I am positively thrilled and honoured to be on this list and in such amazing company. Some of the bloggers listed are new to me and I look forward to getting to know them.

Thank you so much for doing this each year. I never knew this amazing community existed and I feel truly blessed to have found everyone.


Malin James December 2, 2015 - 1:31 am

Molly, thank you so much. I was insanely honored to make your list last year, and I’m insanely honored again. I’m not exaggerating when I say that your support has been one of the factors in my feeling able to experiment and go out on certain limbs in my posts. I’m grateful to you for that, and to have been listed with 19 other bloggers whose work I enjoy and respect so very much.
Malin xxx (I’m restraining myself – I could add in a bajillion more x’s 🙂

Kilted Wookie December 2, 2015 - 9:28 am

*Score’s Molly’s name of Christmas card list…

Seriously though, great choices. Some of my favourite reads in there, so huge congratulations to all above.

Now, who’s for more in 2016?


Cammies on the Floor December 2, 2015 - 9:48 am

Humbled and honored to be on this list, thank you. And I also don’t know about a few people, so have new people to check out – one of my favorite things!

Marie Rebelle December 2, 2015 - 11:48 am

Thank you, dear Molly, not only for including me in your list again, but also for your lovely words!

I totally agree with this: “Sex blogging is a term that encompasses a great deal of sites covering a huge variety of adult related topics by an innovative community of free thinkers and bold creatives that I am continually proud to be a part of. ”

Like you, I am proud to be part of this community and I love that there are so many different niches inside the sex blogging community, and that we continue to learn from each other.

Rebel xox

Jade A. Waters December 2, 2015 - 1:14 pm

Oh, Molly! Wow! What a wonderful, delightful surprise, and coming from you, it means so very much. Thank you for including me on your list, especially with such sweet words about my work and also alongside such brilliant people! There are only a couple I don’t know on here, but I am off to check them out, too. Thank you again for such an honorable mention! XX-Jade

Kayla Lords December 2, 2015 - 4:14 pm

I’m always shocked to see my name included in any list, and definitely yours. Thank you so much! Congrats to everyone!

There are some excellent blogs on this list plus a few new-to-me sites I need to check out ASAP. And I look forward to the chance for another insanely long chat at some point. 🙂

There’s Nothing to Say But “Thank You!” : A Sexual Being December 2, 2015 - 4:31 pm

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Melina Greenport December 2, 2015 - 5:27 pm

Molly, what an excellent reading guide! Thank you!

Since I’ve begun my blog of fiction and endeavored to keep up with luminous Marie Rebelle’s Wicked Wednesday I have felt so utterly encouraged by this community of fabulous writers. I honestly don’t know how you all are as prolific as you are. You inspire me to keep writing. I love your work. And my sex life is improving , too. 😉

2015 will be remembered as the year I lucked out in finding this community. Really looking forward to reading the blogs on this site that I haven’t yet encountered. xM

p.s., yeah, I’m still procrastinating on my tentacle porn. LOL!

Zelda O'Bannon December 2, 2015 - 6:21 pm

So many of my faves here! What great taste you have! xx

Cheeky Minx December 3, 2015 - 2:13 am

I am so touched and honoured to be among so many talented writers, photographers and creators – many of whom are firm favourites I read and gaze upon almost every day. I can’t wait to check out the others on the list to add them to my daily reads.

I have to admit that my inclusion here means a lot since it’s been the least productive year on my site. Your beautiful and generous words are the best gift at a point when I feel my muse has deserted me, or is at least a flippant, little troublemaker.

Thank you so much, Molly.

~M xo

Jane December 3, 2015 - 4:45 am

Thank you so, so much for the inclusion, Molly, it’s an honour to be included. All the blogs you’ve listed are, frankly, amazing and it means a lot to be featured here with them.

To you and the other nineteen blogs above, a hundred hugs and a thousand kisses.


Angela Goodnight December 3, 2015 - 11:24 pm

Congratulations to everyone who made the twenty.

We’ll be redoubling our efforts during the coming year.

Have a great Christmas and happy new year all.

Hyacinth December 4, 2015 - 1:43 pm

I hope to always provide content worthy of your praise and time. Ever since I discovered you (thanks to Rori’s 2012 Top Sex Blogger’s List) I’ve striven to meet your standards of excellence. Your fearlessness, thoughtfulness, and creativity. That you lovingly curate this list is more than apparent and I’m deeply honored to be on it this year, but I would feel that way even if I weren’t. xx Hy

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Rebel's Top 20 Blogs of '15 - Rebel's Notes December 31, 2015 - 7:09 pm

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Late 2015 Lines Reveal | Cammies On The Floor January 5, 2016 - 10:54 am

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