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Trolling the Net #14

qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

It is only going to be a quick one this week* as I have decided to take on the A – Z Blogging Challenge and so have already posted once today. I would hate to flood my readers with too much content! In hindsight, now I have written this, it is actually no shorter then normal

1. I thought I would start with a little pimping of the Anonymous Blog. I started this project in response to a number of requests from people who had written various piece that they wanted to share but did not want anyone knowing who wrote it. They just needed to get stuff of their chest, so to speak. That made me curious as to whether such a space, if provided, would be used by people. Since its inception back in January 2012, there have been 128 anonymous piece submitted, ranging from the ranty and cross, to secret confessionals and battles with depression, anxiety and mental health issues. Many of them are heart breaking, some are funny, some are hot, some are mysterious and some are down right confusing. We have even had one submission in French. We have recently given the site a bit of a makeover with a shiny new look and so I thought now would be a good time to remind you that it is there for you, and you, and maybe even you. Anonymous – Where only you know who you are

2. Fancy a writing challenge? It can be fiction, non-fiction, any subject, any genre. Charlie’s Challenge #1 is the brain child of Charlie Powell and is the result of her discovery of Pinterest and wondering what on earth purpose it could possible serve. The answer is this meme. Her first challenge is inspired by her love of horse racing and in my opinion is a list of possible writing prompts that will make deciding which one of them to select possibly the hardest part of the whole thing

3. Story time now, but it comes with a warning as so far there is only part 1 and if you are anything like me you will read this and then curse Remittance Girl for snagging you on the end of her storytelling hook and leaving you dangling there waiting for more. If In Some Distant Place – 1 

4. This is one to make you chuckle. A Porn version of click bait headlines that in my opinion are utterly inspired. I think my favourite is “These girls found a way to use their fists for something better than fighting” although “Meet the Police Officer who is offering women an alternative to a jail cell” also made me giggle. I didn’t watch any of the porn though, but whoever wrote these headlines for these videos really did a very cool job. Fapworthy.org

5. Ever had a couple come up to you in the street and ask you if you fancy having a 3some with them? Ever thought about being the ones doing the asking? The reactions of some these people is just hilarious

*In hindsight, now I have written this, it is actually no shorter then normal

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  • Cammies on the Floor

    Haha that threesome video cracked me up! It also made me a little sad that men embraced the concept faster than women (okay, who didn’t at all)

  • Sweeten Dirty

    Oh wow, I loved that threesome video. I am not sure how I would feel if I got asked by strangers on the street. The sexually ravenous part of me would say “Hell yes!” but the cautious part of me would be worried about diseases and such.

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