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Do a little dance…

Molly in her lap dancing outfit

The other day I was working away at my computer editing images and for once I had chosen to listen to music while I was doing it. Next to me on my desk I had a to-do list of tasks ranging from the ‘urgent’ to the ‘in your own time’ some of them more appealing than others. In the back of my mind was all those others things that also needed my attention; laundry, cleaning and other daily mundane stuff. As the music played in my ears I found myself chair dancing to the beat, a little wriggle of the waist, a shimmy of the shoulders, you know the kind of thing. When I glanced round he was watching me. I grinned at him, he smiled back, we both returned to our work but that little exchange had triggered a memory for me.

When we were apart, him in the USA and me here in the UK, I would often dress up in some sexy outfit, put my computer on a chair in the middle of the room, select some music with a nice sultry beat and dance for him. Twisting and turning, rolling my hips, touching my body, letting myself get lost in the music, in the moment, in his desire. I would often hear him growl with longing while he watched and it always made him hard.

So I sat at my computer, pondering the memories of those moments and then I got to wondering if it still worked. If I dressed up and danced for him would it still make him hard. I wonder….

But there were jobs to complete, to-do lists to tackle, laundry scattered all over the landing that needed to find its way into the washing machine. All that important stuff. Wait, what?

So, I put all that one side, went upstairs, rummaged through my extensive collection of slutty outfits, selected hold up fishnet stockings, black lace panties and a black lace top. Picked a piece of music and spent about 3 minutes honing my sultry sexy dance moves in the mirror before returning downstairs ready to find out if I still had IT!

There was a momentary glitch when it was decided that a cat nestled happily on his lap was not going to be conducive to my plans but once it had been dislodged, much to its absolute disgust, things proceeded.

However, the point of writing this piece was not to describe my dance but to illustrate the fact that so often we smother desire in the day-to-day schedules, in the laundry, the cooking, work, kids, to-do lists and so on. We feel the desire, we know the desire and then we get on with what we are ‘meant’ to be doing. Obviously schedules are necessary (as are to-do lists, despite what @domsigns says) and it is not always possible to drop everything and perform a sexy lap dance for your lover, or whatever sexy activity takes your fancy but when it is, do it. Walk over that laundry, ignore the dishes, hide the to-do list and dance. Sometimes let desire have its way with your day.

Molly in her lap dancing outfitOh and in case you were wondering my performance led to me being held down on the sofa and well and truly fucked. I think that means I still got IT when it comes to dancing my way into his pants!

A - z Blogging challengeYep, you guessed it, Day 4 and the letter D.

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  • Marie Rebelle

    Oh, those to-do lists, the laundry, dinner to be cooked, ironing to be done, shopping to be done… mails to be answered, posts to be written… and then it’s bedtime and another day of the same starts. I know this so well! I think your advice is brilliant – we should just go with the moment and forget about the things we are meant to do… and enjoy for the moment before returning to every day things.

    Lovely photo! I can see why he couldn’t resist πŸ˜‰

    Rebel xox

  • Cammies on the Floor

    I love this. The whole adventure made me smile and I’m so happy you two still make seduction a priority.
    With all the stress right now, just my husband and myself are going on a short vacation so that we can make each other a priority as well (because we just can’t get out of our lists at home right now).

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