Trolling The Net V

by Molly Moore
qwerty keyboard Trolling Net 34# #SSoS

I have been meaning to do one of these posts for ages now but the February Photofest has been taking up rather a lot of my time and as a result I have a whole load of stuff to share with you but rather than put it all into one long huge post I shall split it up into two in order to spread them out a bit. So, lets start with…

1. Are you in a long distant relationship? What makes a relationship long distance even? This, and many more are tackled in this months It Girl Rag Doll podcast with Harper Eliot and I.

2. I found this really great post by The terrible Ladygay about labels and sexuality. I love the way she talks about the importance of all the relationships in her life, regardless of the gender of the people involved.

3. If you are in or near Brighton (UK) then this one is for you. The Naked and Nude exhibitions runs from 15th February to the 8th March 2014 at The Warehouse Gallery. It is ‘a daring and provocative journey into art exploring all things naked.’ and as well as the exhibition there is a whole series of what looks to be really fabulous workshops. I only wish I lived closer.

4. I have yet again been ranting, on Twitter, about the horror that is Disqus as a commenting system on blogs. I intent to write a longer post on this at some point but in the meantime if you are interested to know more about why I don’t like it, then this excellent post pretty much sums it all for me; Why is everyone using Disqus?

5. I have been published in an Alison Tyler anthology! Twisted is out now ( ( and contains a whole host of bondage stories from 25 top erotica authors including me! My story is called Love to Hate and if you want to read a snippet of it you can find it on Tasmin Flowers Super-erotica Valentine Day 5 but to read the whole story and understand the title you will have to buy yourself a copy of the book.




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