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It is Thursday which mean it is time to bring an old image back to life. The one I have picked this week is my first ever outdoor photography shoot I did all on my own. The story that goes with this image is worth a read as it is quite funny and involves very muddy feet and my a dog and can be found here; If you go down to the woods today.

At the time I was really pleased with this series of photographs. They were taken with my tripod and my little point and shoot using a timer and even now, all these years later, I am still proud of them but I also look at them, compared to the images that I take now, I can see just how much I have learnt and developed as a self-portrait photographer since then. I am proud of that fact too and of course it all began here. This was the first and I have never stopped taking them since.

Woman sitting on a tree in underwear


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  • Jane

    This is a lovely series and appeals to me hugely because of the outdoor setting. I’m totally with you on the un-sexy getting of clothes on-and-off part, though – I have started to use the following pre-pic taking checklist: no bra, shorts, and no tops with long sleeves. Oh, and wellies! Jane xxx

  • John

    We are quite lucky where we are, in that a few miles outside the town we are in almost isolation.

    We walked for three miles and two hours on a glorious summers day and didn’t see another soul. When we ventured into Staffordshire the following week, we were constantly interrupted at my Angel of the North picture from a couple of months ago, was taken at a triangulation point on the hill, and there were people walking up the path: albeit a third of a mile away! Not to mention the dog walkers and everything!

    But lovely pictures, and amazing how “normal” it feels after a few minutes. We had the same feeling with naturism eighteen months ago. Ten minutes and it was completley normal!

  • Lust for Life

    Do keep the free flow of such pictures. You have a nice weekend!

  • SilverDomUK

    I’m guessing the fallen tree you’re sitting on became erect soon after this pic was taken? 😉

  • sylvie Charment

    It’s a lovely photo and definitely something to be proud of. It’s always nice to go back and see what we’ve created in the past and see how far we’ve come along in the present.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I still remember the post you mention and I feel exactly the same as I felt then: I want to go out and make some photos too. I desperately need a camera where I can use a remote, then it will be much easier.

    That said, I have to say that I am yet again admiring this photo 🙂
    You should rightfully be proud of yourself.

    Rebel xox

  • fridayam

    This is such a beautiful photo–bravo or brava, or whatever 😉 x

  • Penny

    Thanks for re-sharing this; it’s beautiful! I’m glad you found your love for self portraiture. 🙂

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