Beneath You…

By on April 4, 2012.

4th April 2012

See me here upon my knees

Begging you to use me please

I was made to be your whore

Down here on this cold hard floor

With Painted lips and darkened eyes

A naked cunt and open thighs

Your darkness works its magic here

Making lust dance with fear

No mercy shown no respite given

Use me more until I am driven

To the edge of what I know

Descending to this all time low

Existing solely for your pleasure

A wanton bitch to take at leisure

Use your hands to shape me now

Beat me bruise me this is how

The pain and pleasure that I crave

Will flood my senses like a wave

Leaving me flying high

Yet at your feet I sob and cry

And beg for you to fuck me raw

In all my holes until Iā€™m sore

Then cum across my pretty face

And watch me as my fingers trace

Slipping down over my chin

I see your lips gently grin

For here beneath you on her knees

You see a slut who aims to please

Kneeling naked submissive


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  1. Perfect entreaty to go with that pose of wanton supplication! As always, you capture the moment beautifully šŸ™‚

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Love the poem and the picture. My favorite lines are “With Painted lips and darkened eyes/ A naked cunt and open thighs” Very erotic and well done!

  3. The words of the poem are so beautiful! It could be an oath for any submissive woman. And I love the picture that goes with it, perfect fit!
    Rebel xox

  4. Your words are honest and erotic and your image is the perfect ending; yet again you did a great job creating imagery that has both a raw sexuality as well as a sweet emotional side that is lovely!

    • I would hardly call it a talent but it is without doubt an improving skill of mine. I want to try to work on stuff that doesn’t rhyme though as I always seem to want to make them rhyme.


  5. Definitely wanton! We envy your gift for poetry. But above all, this may be the most enticing photo we’ve seen of you – and that is truly saying something.

    • Wow really? That is amazing. I have to admit I have some real favourites of the pictures I have taken but this is definitely up there in the top 10.

  6. Oh wow. I am blown away by your words and that picture captures that place we have all been so perfectly!
    Mia x

  7. God that is a sexy picture! And I seem to remember this poem from when you read it at Erotic Meet, last time I was there? Which I love love loved then, and still do now.


  8. Wow… you are still amazing Molls. I love seeing your pics and reading your stuff. You have come (no pun intended) so far since 2008. šŸ™‚

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