by Molly Moore
thunder storm clouds over ruins

Thunderstorms make me horny

It was one of those summer evenings where the heat of the day seemed to intensify as the sun went down. There was no breeze, not even a slight bit of movement in the air which felt thick and sticky with the heat. For people who live in warmer climates this is a regular summer thing but here in the UK nights like this are few and far between. We don’t have air conditioning, in fact very few homes in the UK do and so the solution to this problem is electric fans and open windows.

On this evening in question we stayed up late, there really was not much point in going to bed but when we finally did we lay on the crisp cool sheets with the window and curtains open to let the small amount of air there was brush across our skin. We must have fallen asleep like that because the next thing I knew was being woken by a noise. I laid and listened and there it was again, the distant but distinct rubble of thunder. I don’t know if it was me sitting up in bed or the thunder that woke him but if had not I am pretty sure my wandering hands would have done the trick.

Hot weather always makes me horny but there was just something about the atmosphere that night which made me want to fuck even more than usual. As the storm drew closer and closer and the thunder louder and louder I took him into my mouth and sucked him till he was pushing his cock hard and urgent into the back of my throat. As the rain started to fall, big heavy droplet crashing down and sending that glorious petrichor smell up into the night air he pushed me back onto the bed and guided his dick into my cunt and we fucked, hot and sticky and raw and hard while around us the room was continually lit on and off by the lightning and the thunder roared overhead and made the doors and windows rattle and I came so fucking hard.

In case you have not already worked it out I have a huge thing for thunderstorms. I don’t know if it is a kink but they are definitely something that I find hugely sexy and always make me horny. There is just something about the raw uncontrollable power of them, they feel dangerous and exciting in a way that makes my heart race and the blood pump through my veins and all that makes me want to fuck in a really primal basic way where clothes are torn or pushed to one side in that urgency to get to one another to feel skin on skin, lips on lips, cock in cunt.

Sadly in the UK thunderstorms are not a hugely common place thing. We do get them but having now experienced a Philadelphia thunderstorm the ones we get tend to me tame in comparison but every once in a while, particularly in the summer if it has been usually hot for the UK, the weather will oblige me with its sexiest of events and the moment I hear that distant rumbling sound of a storm brewing I my mind always turn to dirty, filthy, fuck me now thoughts.

When looking for a picture to go with my post, because you know me there always has to be a picture, I stumbled across this fabulously gothic image in my library and it reminded me of another thing about thunderstorms that I like which is that they are also eerie, mysterious even and often inspire a gothic or sinister feel to things. After all they have been used in countless movies to add just that type of drama to a scene and for good reason. I love the darkness of them, the wildness and unpredictability. All those things speak to me sexually and inspire lustful wanton response in me.

storm clouds over ruins
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Marie Rebelle March 29, 2017 - 8:57 pm

Yes to hot sticky weather and feeling horny when you feel the sun on your skin, heating you up to the core… and then to fuck, listening to nature’s fury. Yes!

Rebel xox

Mrs Fever March 29, 2017 - 9:37 pm

*nodnodnod* to all of this.

And that petrichor smell – yes! The scent of a storm is part of its magic.

ancilla ksst March 30, 2017 - 1:34 am

We get terrific thunderstorms in the Midwest. They make me feel supercharged. I always want to go out and run around in them, but I haven’t thought of any sexy posts to do with thunderstorms for the KOTW.

Bee April 2, 2017 - 12:12 pm

Whilst I agree with you on the hot sticky weather, I just can’t understand anyone’s love for storms. I can have my fears used against me and I find that sexy but this goes beyond fear and into sheer terror.

Although I agree your comment on mine, my mouth maybe out of action but I could still be used and distracted!

fridayam April 2, 2017 - 11:14 pm

Weather is a little understood phenomenon in sexual behaviour, and the changes of the season too. This is a lovely piece of writing Molly and a beautiful image too xx

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