Almost Nothing

by Molly Moore
Wearing babydoll nightie on public bench

Ahhh lingerie how I love you. You look so sexy waiting for me in the drawer with your colours and lace. You sit and linger, tempting me with your suggestive beauty and when I slip you on you nestle in such an intimate manner around my flesh, hugging my hips or holding my breasts up in your firm embrace.

I have long been a lover of lingerie. Even in the days before I was officially kinky my underwear drawer still housed a fine line of various sexy things. I have always liked matching knickers and bras. Although they don’t all match all the time, I do tend to buy them in sets. Also, since my teen years I have owned stockings and suspenders. Originally this came about as I found that wearing tights all the time seemed to be contributing towards a series of thrush infections. My doctor at the time actually mentioned the idea to me and so I went out and purchased myself a garter belt and stockings and have never looked back. That doesn’t mean I don’t own tights, sometimes they are the only thing that will work with some outfits but as a general rule I stick to stockings or hold up’s. Not only do they look and make me feel sexy but I am firm believer in letting the kitty breath as much as possible and wrapping it up in a nylon airless fabric is something one should only do now and then, rather than as the norm.

Anyway I digress slightly, but then I have found that often happens with lingerie, as to me it feels like the beginning of a conversation both physically and mentally. It is the first thing you put on when getting dressed and it is the beginning of the ‘what am going to wear today?’ chat (fairly sure this is a predominantly a woman thing). Sometimes, you just know what you are going to wear; weather, mood, tasks for the day tend to have some input and yet, even on days when I am putting on scruffy clothes so I can clean the house beneath them lurks a slightly more sexy me. That might be anything from playful knickers with Elmo or Angry Birds, to a full-blown lace and frills matching set. When it comes to underwear it is nearly always about mood.

Of course lingerie doesn’t just mean bra and panties, it also encompasses many other things such as baby-dolls, teddies, body stockings etc. All of which, I am sure it will come as no surprise to you all to know, linger in my wardrobe too. I am a bit of magpie when it comes to lingerie, as I am with stockings, shoes, corsets and socks.

As I said above my love of lingerie has been with me since a fairly young age, many years prior to the emergence of my kinky self. Looking back now I can see how this love was all part of a hidden sexuality that I harboured. Back then it was a very private desire compared to now but I guess my lingerie choices where very like my kink; completely hidden.

Now my kink is revealed along with my knickers. I am not sure I have an actual kink for lingerie though, but it definitely features. I love dressing up, not just in sexy underwear but shoes, dresses, corsets etc. Sometimes I want to be all woman, dark reds, blacks lace stockings and suspenders and high heels, other times I want to be more playfully innocent in pale panties, knee-high socks and little flat sneakers, but either way, dressing up and the suggestiveness of those outfits is definitely a big turn on to me and, delightfully, to him too. It definitely features in our play as well, panties have been used as gags, there is something so very sexy about tasting and smelling your own arousal, whilst being used and abused. Stockings have been used for ties and also torn and cut with knives and other sharp unforgiving objects like the vampire gloves. Just writing this my mind is wandering to thoughts of having my underwear cut and torn from my body. In particular tearing is a powerful act that tends to leave little friction burn marks in the most unexpected of places.

Which leads nicely onto lingerie and that ‘slutty’ look; torn or laddered stockings, panties around your ankles, bra straps slipped and nipples exposed. Oh yes, lingerie has so many looks from the youthful innocent, through to the feminine demure and sophisticated woman all the way to the downright slutty and I am a lover of them all. Of course nothing at all can also have its place. I am a big lover of no panties, especially when wearing a dress or a skirt. There is something deliciously wicked about the feel of stockings or hold-ups and nothing else. To the outside world everything looks as it should and that is half the fun  and of course it allows easy access. He seems to take great delight in knowing I am bare beneath my clothes and loves to run his hands up my skirt and remind me of just how exposed I really am.

I would hate to give the impression that I spend all my days flouncing around in some sort of boudoir outfit because that is so far from the truth it is just laughable. Currently as I am writing this I am not wearing any underwear, I have old grey leggings on, a long t-shirt, a big white blanket top that makes me look like a sheep and my slippers. Hardly a sexy outfit although @domsigns would beg to differ I am sure and despite my love of lingerie there really is nothing quite like naked  as work outfit.

I think the final word on this subject though should be about photography. Although I love a nude shot, I think there really is something about that ‘almost revealing all’ image that so often triumphs over nudity. Just like lingerie itself, when used in an image it helps to create a suggestiveness that is very sexy and for me, taking that suggestiveness and placing it in unusual, out context places, such as the outdoors, can result in some photography magic.

Oh and there is really is something truly liberating about running around outside in just your undies. If you have never tried then I really do urge you to get brave and give it a go, even if it is only just for a moment or two. I guarantee that the buzz you get from it will have you laughing and giggling the whole way home and hopefully for days to come.

Wearing babydoll nightie on public benchA massive big thank you to Belle De Soir for providing me with this lovely outfit in exchange for using it in my photography.


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HappyComeLucky March 23, 2014 - 10:50 pm

I love that all of your talk about lingerie in this post is so multi-faceted but none of it is about practical or need.

Oh, and that picture is stunning.

Molly Moore March 23, 2014 - 11:12 pm

Ha! Good point but then who needs practical underwear 😉


fridayam March 23, 2014 - 11:28 pm

Who needs practicality? I am a man who loves women in lingerie: both practical and impractical, simple and tortuously complex, barely there or hiding the joys in complexity–it’s all good 🙂 Lovely photo, Molly 🙂 x

Reply March 24, 2014 - 1:50 am

I agree with what you said, I find it sexier and more seductive with being half exposed than totally bare all !

Clive March 24, 2014 - 6:30 am

That image needs to be hung above my fire place!! Stunning, I could stare at it all day
and, of course, i so agree with your “Oh and there is really is something truly liberating about running around outside in just your undies”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie Rebelle March 24, 2014 - 4:29 pm

Absolute brilliant image, and I think I should try to run around in my undies outside. Sounds like fun 😉

Rebel xox

Beck March 24, 2014 - 10:19 pm

Lovely image and write up. I agree. Something about being almost naked makes it so much more thrilling.

Sammi March 28, 2014 - 11:24 pm

“I think there really is something about that ‘almost revealing all’ image…” – I agree 🙂

Lovely picture!

Silver Eagle November 13, 2017 - 2:34 pm

I just ran across this at the bottom of one of your recent posts. I walk every day at a bird sanctuary with field and benches similar to this and often wished I had the nerve to strip and sit on the bench!

Molly Moore November 13, 2017 - 3:30 pm

Being naked outdoors is a very freeing experience in my opinion.



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