Trolling the Net #53

by Molly Moore
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So here are already in March which means that February Photofest has concluded for another year. There were a record number of bloggers joining in this, all producing a huge variety of amazingly creative visual content. It has been a true feast for the eyes. In order to celebrate that I have decided to showcase one image from each blogger for this weeks Trolling the Net. As a result this is going to a long one but you can’t complain when I am offering you so much sexy to look at.

I also want to thank all the amazing bloggers who joined in with this project. Posting every day is difficult enough as it is but when it involves coming up with a new image every day that makes it even harder. Every year I am stunned that anyone is crazy enough to take on this challenge with me but also utterly delighted that they do. They all rock!

Day 28 ‘Coda’ – Final #FebPhotoFest by Submiss34f

Submiss made picking just one image from her February collection really tough but in the end it I just couldn’t resist this truly awesome shot. The editing she did to it is utter perfection in my opinion. She is a damn fine photographer in my opinion and I look forward to seeing her photography continue to develop.

Summer Sun by Kilted Wookie

A very clever and beautifully done self portrait that makes me long for the beach, the summer and a naked man to share it with.

Going Up by Miss Scarlett Writes

Sadly Miss Scarlett was unable to complete the challenge due to a medical issue but I can tell you that her surgery seems to have gone well and she is recovering which means that hopefully she will be back to her usual sexy playful self. I love this image because it really captures that, it is playful and cheeky and fun and exactly the kind of thing I would do

On the Strip by Sassy Cat

Sassy is in my opinion a very gifted and creative photographer. This shot is a perfect example of how her skills with both photography and editing combine to create a image that has a really strong narrative.

Pleats by May More

I think backs are very sexy, they are actually a very expressive part of the body in my opinion and I think May’s image is a really good example of that. This image suggestions tension and strength and I find it utterly fascinating

Home by Little Switch Bitch

Such a simple and yet very powerful picture, they way it is pulling at her skin making it pucker slightly is extremely hot.

Breathless by Exposing 40

Picking an image by Exposing 40 was really very tough but in the end this one just kept demanding my attention. The headless woman, weird and freaky and I love it.

Nest by Maria Open’s Up

She looks like a Pre-Raphaelite goddess. How could I not pick this stunning image?

View from the Passenger’s Seat by Dr Vixenne

It is just a glimpse of thigh clad in fishnets and but the setting and the lighting make this into an incredibly sexy image.

Shipping Container Three by Cammies on the Floor

Cammies posted a few different images from this location but this one is definitely my favourite. There is something about the harshess of the edit that just suits the location. The way her hand in forced into her ‘victims’ mouth and the knife at her throat makes for a highly charged and very hot image.

Lips by Rebel’s Notes

Rebel dedicated her month to exploring her body through self portrait photography. I really loved looking back through all these because they are such a beautiful series and I picked this one because I love the way her pussy is nestled tight between her thighs and looks like this perfect little triangle partially hidden beneath the back lace.

Flora by Midnight at the Oasis

She looks like a flower fairy or some sort of mysterious female siren that is sent to tease and taunt and seduce the weakness of men.

Morning Showers by Sincerely Yours

Sometimes the simplest of images that you take on the spur of the moment capture something special and I think this is one of those. I love how her piercings seem to almost sparkle in this image.

Dressed for Winter by The Other Livvy

I have absolutely no idea how Livvy managed this amazing shot somewhere on the London Underground but it is fucking awesome and I take my hat off to her for getting such a great image.

Sordid by the The Swing Shift

I love that word, sordid. It is one of those words that sounds like what it is and if you say it just right it is filthy and dirty and very hot, just like this image.

Packing Paisley from Tantus by Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole

I love how everything in this image is colour-coordinated from the dildo to the rope and her all black outfit. Also there is something about her casual stance that just implies confidence which I find very sexy

I love his balls by Kayla Lords

I love how she and John Brownstone have done a his and hers February Photofest. She has taken so many great shots of him as a result but this one is just glorious in my opinion. There is something so divinely male about it that I can’t stop looking at.

My Perspective: Her Lips by John Brownstone

And here is Johns perspective on Kayla and like her image of him it is intimate and beautiful and the way his finger is pushing into her folds makes me a bit wriggly.

C’est Finis by A Dissolute Life Means

I love the way this shows off Hy’s beautiful figure; the little soft curve of her belly and the nip of her waist. Also there is something about the cat on the bed beside her that just seems to add to the candid nature of this beautiful image.

Seascape by Elliot Henry

For a moment I thought it was an innocent sea-view and then I realised my mistake and it made me grin.

Boots by Sexilicious Ash

I love those boots, I love the fishnets and I love the view up her skirt. Everything about this image is sexy!

Azure by Annie Savoy

This image is breathtaking. Truly exceptional photography!

Fire by Mrs Fever

I have a bit of a thing for fire and fireplace and also for cuffs and bondage and this images amazingly ticks all those boxes

Held by Hey Mrs Robinson

As she mentions in her post the contrast between them is beautiful and I love how one of her nipples is peeking out from between his fingers. This image feels like one of those pictures where you know the people in it were having fun.

Once in a life time… or maybe not by Tits and a Testtube

There is something about the smudged lipstick marks on her thighs and the little glimpse of her pubic hair that is so very debauched and sexy.

Morning Light by Bridget Delaney

As I cat owner I can tell you they are notoriously uncooperative when it comes to photography. I have no idea how she got the cat to pose so perfectly in this shot but I commend her for doing so and I commend this fabulous image she got as a result.

Prepping for Dinner by Krystal Minx

I love the way her arm is framing her boobs and there is something utterly infectious about her smile.

Snow Day by Exhibit A

In the scheme of things we don’t really get that much snow in the UK but this last week we have had more than our fair and it has also been exceptionally cold and so I have to say I admire EA for braving it and getting this fabulous image.

Chevron by Steeled Snake

Took me a few seconds to figure out what this was. Really clever macro/abstract.

Day 21 by Lascivious Lucy

This is such a simple image and yet I find it utterly captivating and that soft smile on her lips is beautiful.

Ice Flying by Pieces of Jade

This is just fucking wow. I have no idea how they managed this as they appear to suspended over ice but it is an incredible image (and bonus gif)


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May More March 3, 2018 - 2:19 pm

Amazing Soss Molly – Thanks for including my “pleats” – it is a strange image but one that i very much liked too x

Kayla Lords March 3, 2018 - 2:19 pm

Towards the end of the month it was tough to get through, but JB and I had so much fun and are SO glad we joined in! We’re already thinking about what kind of his/her theme we can do next year. 😀

Brigit Delaney March 3, 2018 - 6:21 pm

What a post. I love that you take so much time to highlight the content people submit. It’s a labor or love, and the love you put into it is evident. I don’t know how you find the time.

David March 4, 2018 - 4:08 pm


Marie Rebelle March 5, 2018 - 7:41 pm

Thank you for the mention, sweet one 🙂

Rebel xox


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