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Note: I wrote this piece as a fantasy a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t have a picture to go with it but now that Kitten is here visiting I was able to capture something perfect.

She is sitting in the big leather armchair at the end of his desk her legs curled up beneath her, her phone in hand. He is working on something. I don’t know what, it doesn’t really matter.

He pushes his chair back from the desk and stretches his back out. I can see him look at her and then me and then back to her. She doesn’t seem to have noticed he has moved and remains engrossed in the world held in the palm of her hand.

She notices when he reaches out and takes a handful of her hair. Then she sees him standing up in front it her. He fumbles at the buttons on his jeans and pulls out his cock. It is still soft but not for much longer. He uses her hair to guide her mouth onto him. She lets out a little whimper as he slides his dick into her.

“Suck me” he says through a sigh

She scrambles around beneath the hand firmly holding her hair trying to move her legs out from under her so that she can move further forward in the chair all the while keeping him in her mouth. He gives her a moment to find that right position and then he tightens his grip and glides her hot little mouth back and forth over his growing erection in just the way he likes it. Slow and deep. He buries himself into the back of her throat and then drags her slowly backwards until the head of his cock almost slips from her lips and then repeats in a smooth steady rhythm.

He looks over his shoulder at me. My eyes are transfixed on the sight of her mouth wrapped round his cock and the way he is using her hair to take when he wants. I glance up at him. He smiles in response at my silent question

“You may Slutmine”

My hand vanishes into the waistband of my leggings. My fingers dip into the sticky pool of my juices that cling to the folds of my cunt seeking out my clit.

He is using her; taking his pleasure in the heat of her mouth. I can see her tightening her lips round him and working her throat when he pushes in deep and sometimes a little swirl of her tongue covers the head of his dick when he pulls out but apart from that he is the one in control. He is the one setting the pace and depth. She is just a hole for him to enjoy.

I come first; the vision in front of me, her helplessness, his casual control and power is intoxicating. This is the best porn I have seen in ages and it is live and right in front of my face.

His fingers dig even harder into her hair as he holds her still while he throbs and twitches, emptying himself into her mouth. He pauses like that, one can only assume savouring the moment and then finally he slips from between her lips and with his free hand tucks his still semi erect cock back into his pants. He uses her to tip her head right back so she has no choice but to look straight up into his eyes.

He says nothing but give a little nod as if he approves of what he sees then turns, walks across the room picks up his cigarettes and steps outside the backdoor.

She watches him go, big dark eyes following his every move across the room. She sits silently while he is gone. When he returns to his desk she watches him for a moment and then says


Without looking up he says

“Carry on with what you were doing Kitten”

We both know now that she is going to have to wait.

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