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Molly’s Weekly Kiss 4

2nd May 2011

Love, passion and desire, deep down inside we all crave these things, they make our breath quicken and our hearts beat just that little faster. Money, jobs, fame, they all pale into insignificance in comparison to the deep human emotions and bonds we seek. This week’s kiss goes to a blog that is overflowing with those emotions and I am delighted to say that for once it is written by a man.

So many blogs I read are penned by woman, I have my theories on why that is, but this is not the time to explore that and so it was wonderful to come across a blog that delves into a passionate and loving relationship between 2 people that is written by a man. Love Affair Diary is written by Romantic Dominant and tells the story of his affair with Jenny. In His words… “This is the story of a love affair – yet much, much more than a love affair. It is the diary of my extraordinary and wonderful relationship with Jenny – my lover, submissive, friend and muse.”

This blog is a fairly new venture, having only been started back in November of last year, however this man is certainly not new to writing and if you the ‘about’ page you will find a link to where this story started. The writer of this blog is a skilled wordsmith, over and over again he paints a picture of times shared that will draw you in and leave you with that voyeuristic feeling that only a great writer can achieve. It is full of love, romance, passion, great erotic writing and a real understanding of His dominance and her submission.

This is a blog I recommend that you make a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of wine for and sit down and enjoy a damn good read, because there is something here for everyone in my opinion and I for one will be returning time and again to this place of love.


Ps…. You can find out more about Molly’s Weekly Kiss and see who has already been kissed by visiting the Kiss Of The Week page.


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  • Romantic Dominant

    Thank you. So much.

    • mollyskiss

      You are very welcome, the pleasure is all mine.


  • Sophia

    I love love his blog… Glad to see it here so others can visit him. 🙂
    I found out not to long ago their story is far longer than Nov. If you go to his about page you can click on the link and read his previous archives… I am hooked. 🙂

    • mollyskiss

      Thanks sophia… I did mention the about page and I hope people follow the trail and read the whole story. I agree with you… I am hooked.


      • Sophia

        oops my bad… i missed that part. *blush*
        My excuse is that I am sleep-deprived. lol
        🙂 xx

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