The Present (Part 2)

by Molly Moore
Molly wearing cuffs

19th October 2010

With one arm around my waist he draws me back onto my feet. Standing behind me his body is curved up against mine and I can feel his hard cock through his jeans grinding up against my sore arse. The sensation makes me gasp.

“Ready for your present now Slutmine?” he whispers into my ear

Nodding my head I reply with a whimpered “Yes Sir”

His reply “Good girl” makes me smile and I let out a sigh of contentment, knowing I have pleased him. I try to twist towards him, so that he can release my wrists, but instead of reaching up above me, I feel him running his hands down my back, across my arse and onto my still stinging thighs.  His body brushes up against me as he passes beside me. His hands trail round my legs and he grasps my ankle firmly in his hand and pulls, first one then the other leg, until I am standing with my legs spread.

“You look good enough to eat” he mumbles and I can feel the warmth of his breath on my thigh as he speaks. The thought that His face is so close to me that I can feel his breath on me makes twitch and without even thinking it about it, I find myself pushing my hips forward, trying to offer myself to him. I am sure that he must be able to see the glistening wetness of my pussy and my throbbing swollen clit but I am beyond caring. I just want Him to touch me.

The noise I hear next makes me gasp. It is a strong electric buzz and I suddenly realise what my present is. He had talked about it before, but I had forgotten about it until I heard that noise. The intense vibrations that start to climb up my leg as it rolled it over my skin confirming all my thoughts. The muscles in my legs twitch and spasm as the massager worked its power through them.

“Oh fuckkkkkkk” is all I can say when the vibration hit my clit and almost instantly I can feel my pussy clench and the first orgasm hits me. I swing my hips backwards, trying to escape for just a moment. I need to catch my breath, but he has other ideas. Digging his fingers into the sore and bruised flesh of my arse he pulls my hips back towards him and the massager.

As he pushes the head firmly against my pussy I cry out. His fingers dig into my flesh as he holds me in place and the vibrations burn through me. I am lost into a world of sensations; my body convulsing as wave after wave of intense orgasm runs through me, the pressure building within my cunt makes me feel like I am going to explode. Clenching my muscle to try to control them only makes matters worse and I am hit with another shuddering wave of orgasm.

I am begging now, whimpering, pleading for him to stop when he drives his fingers between my bruised pussy lips and deep inside me. It is then when it happens, the combination of the intense vibration and his probing fingers brings forth a gush of fluid. I can feel it running down my thighs and dripping onto the floor below me and my knees buckle and finally my safe word slips from my mouth.

Time seems to stand still and I am completely unaware of anything that is happening around me, all I can think about is the pulsing wetness that is my pussy, and the need for air in my lungs but that strike of the whip across my bottom again reminds me that it is not over yet. It’s only once, but its stinging crack is one that I shall never forget and it brings me back to my feet and back to my senses and rage flows through my body and without a moment’s thought I kick out at him.

His response is swift. His body presses up against my back and I can feel him fumbling with the buttons on his jeans and then he is thrusting his hard cock between my legs and into my wet cunt. I am momentarily blinded by the light that pierces into my eyes as he rips the blindfold from my face.

As my vision adjusts I am greeted with the sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. I am suspended by my wrists in the doorway, my face is flushed and sweaty and damp tendrils of hair are stuck to my cheeks and lips. My lips look swollen and puffy and my eyes are filled with tears and over my shoulder I can see Him. The look of desire and lust in his eyes that greets my gaze makes me growl and I know that he sees me as I am, his dirty little bitch, her body on fire and the last remeinants of my defiant nature still burning bright in my eyes.

“Look in the mirror, you dirty bitch” he commands

For a moment I hold his gaze, refusing to look at my own reflection, but a firm grasp of a handful of my hair soon corrects that. His hold on my head is firm and steady as he drives his hard cock deep inside me, over and over again, hard thrusts that forces the air from my lungs, leaving me gasping and breathless. The pressure within my cunt is almost unbearable as he pounds away at me; the only thing that is keeping me on my feet is my shackled wrists and his cock driving into me. He reaches around my body and borrowing between my tender lips finds my clit. As his cock thickens and erupts within me he rubs at my clit pushing me over the edge again and as my cunt explodes in one final shuddering orgasm I call out his name.

As he steps away from me I am left hanging there by my wrists, exhausted and twitching unable to stand, unable to lift my head, I am broken. Unclipping my wrists, I fall into his arms, and he carry’s me to the bed and lays me down, climbing onto the bed beside me he draws my naked and bruised body into his embrace. Even though I am exhausted the adrenalin is still flowing through my system causing my body to shake and twitch and it is now that the tears really start to flow.

“Shhhh, its ok, just let it go”

His protect embrace tightens around me and he draws me closer into his body and he holds me, soothing me with his gentle touch and murmured words until I am finally still.

“Did you like your present, Slutmine?” he asks

But the only reply he gets is some soft whimpering and he knows that he will have to wait until tomorrow for the answer to that question.


Ps…..As I finished writing this the tears rolled down my face. It has been an emotional journey getting this down in words. It has made me horny and wet but most of all it has made me yearn so badly for his touch. I need to feel like this again. I miss him.


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aphrodite645 October 19, 2010 - 6:03 am

This is a wonderful account Molly and I can understand why you yearn for his touch. I sit in a hotel room miles from Sir at them moment and know that sense of need and longing, that your body just aches for. Hug keep strong it will be there for you soon.

prima angel October 19, 2010 - 6:07 pm

I understand so much the longing and missing. A beautiful post Molly.
I’m here for you too just like you have been for me.

prima angel

LambChop October 28, 2010 - 7:30 pm

Awwww, I hope you’ll be together again soon.


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