The Present (Part 1)

by Molly Moore

12th October 2010

We have been apart for so long again, I am desperate to finally feel his touch but so far it has been denied me. I have been made to wait. Dinner was lovely, we had walked hand in hand through the hot summers evening and it felt such a relief to finally be back by his side but I was growing impatient. I wanted him. In the lift my kisses were urgent, greedy, my hands tugging on his clothes, beneath my lips I could feel his smile. He knew what I wanted.

As he led me to the bed he pulled the blindfold from his pocket.

“Now you sit there Slutmine, I have a few things to get ready”

A shiver runs down my spine as I listen to him moving round the room. I hate not being able to see and without even knowing it a little whimper escapes from my mouth.

“Hush now, Slutmine”

His voice is soft and gentle, barely above a whisper. It calms me, momentarily, but then I hear the noise of metal against metal and it takes all my self control not to ripe the blind fold from my face. My fingers nervously tug at the hem of my dress in an attempt to keep them occupied; the urge to see is almost overwhelming. Just when I think I can bear it no longer the noise stops, I strain my ears to hear, but nothing.


Patience….I think to myself. Just sit and wait like he told you too. Taking a deep breath I vow to do just that but then a moment later I am reaching out in front of me, slipping towards the edge of the bed, searching the space in front of me with my hands. I have no idea why, or what I am hoping to find. I must look comical, perched on the end of the bed; arms outstretched feeling the empty space in front me.

Now, I know that he was, in fact, standing there right in front of me, watching me flounder around. I can image the grin on his face, as he watched his slut disobey him. When I reached out towards him I guess he couldn’t hold back any long and the sudden firm grip on my wrist made me jump. “Fuck, you scared me….I…ummm…I didn’t know you were there, I thought you had left me, I….ummm” I know I am rambling, flustered at being caught out. There is no excuse from not sitting like I was told but that doesn’t seem to stop me looking for one.

“Shhhhhh, Slutmine” is all I hear in reply, but it’s not his words that make me stop it’s the feel of the leather cuffs being attached to each wrist and then he is undressing me. Within moments I am standing in front of Him naked, apart from the blind fold, the cuffs and His collar.

“Please Sir….” I whimper

“Please what, Slutmine, what do you want?”

“I…umm…. Sir, please?”

“Come with me my dirty bad slut, time for to meet your present”

He leads me across the room, towards the bathroom I think. Next thing I know each of my wrists are attached to something above my head. I am suspended, helpless, vulnerable, exposed, his to do with as he pleases.

As he moves around behind me, I twist and turn, pulling at my restraints, dancing on the spot, the anticipation of what might possibly happen next making my breathing quicken. “Noooooooo!”  I cry out as the whip strikes at my bottom but he doesn’t pause, and it nips and pinches at my arse again and again as I wriggle and dance and squirm and beg.

“If you want your present Slutmine then you are going to need to behave, stop fighting it and stand still. I am not going to stop until you are still, calm, and ready for me properly.”

As he finishes his sentence he thrust he had between my thighs and reaches 2 fingers up inside me.

“Such a wet pussy, here, taste yourself” he says as he pushes his now wet fingers into my mouth.

I try my hardest, I stand still, offering myself to him, and his growl of approval is all I need to hear, to know that I have pleased him. The whip strikes again but this time I bite down on my lip, the muscles in my legs twitch as I battle to keep my body under control. All my nerves are saying to my brain move, run, protect yourself, but I refuse to let them win and hold my position even when he says the words that I dread….

“Last one!”

As the whip bites I let out a howl and my resolve is broken, my legs buckle and the only thing that keeps me from falling to my knees is my shackled wrists.

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LambChop October 13, 2010 - 10:07 pm

You naughty, naughty girl!!
I love it!


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