by Molly Moore

May 7th 2010

I lay on the bed; legs spread wide, my wrist and ankles secured to each corner by four length of silk rope. I twist and pull on my binds, but all this seems to do is make them cut tighter into my flesh. I try to twist my right wrist round, to reach the knot that holds me, I have managed before to wriggle free of your bonds, and even though the price I paid for such disobedience was high, that doesn’t stop me contemplating it again.

I hear it before it strikes, but there is nothing I can do to stop it, and in an instant the crop makes stinging contact with the skin of my exposed wrist. Immediatly a red angry mark starts to appear and I want to pull my arm in, shelter it from harm with my body, but I am bound, tied, and held in place, vulnerable and exposed to you for your pleasure

“Don’t even think about it Slutmine, the punishment you received last time would be nothing in comparison” I turn my head towards you, my eyes glaring up at you, a mixture of passion, wanton need for you and defiance dances across them, and this makes you chuckle. Reaching between my thighs you run a finger down my wet slit letting it come to rest at the entrance to my pussy, my hips buck and I try to push down onto the tip of your finger, greedy for some part of you to be inside me. You know that I long for to push your fingers into me, even though my face shows defiance, the wetness between my legs gives me away and for a brief moment you push ever so slightly at my entrance and rub little circles into the moist flesh you find there.

My eyes close and my brow furrows as I try to concentrate on your delicate touch, but just as my body starts to respond you stop and I am left again, open and wanton and exposed. My eyes spring open and I watch as you move to the end of the bed, for a brief moment you glance up at my face and a slight grin flickers across your lips, before you shift your focus to between my legs. Even though your eyes have looked upon me many times I still find myself squirming with embarrassment, my instinct to cover myself, even from you, is overwhelming. “Nooooo” I mummer, and I pull against the ropes trying to close my legs as much as they will let me. You don’t seem to have heard, or if you have you choose not to react but grasping my thighs you push them firmly apart and with your fingers you part my pussy lips and hold them open.

“Ahhhh, my pussy, so wet and ready” As you speak I can feel your breath on me and the muscles in my thigh twitch in response. The next thing I know your lips are upon me and you tongue is flicking at my clit causing little shock waves of pleasure to run through me. I can’t help but respond and I curl my hips offering myself up to your mouth, my swollen bud throbbing beneath your tongue. “Oh no, oh no, ohhhh no, please don’t, owww, owwww, owwwww!” Your teeth bite at me, pinching, pulling, tugging, grinding at, my now sensitive clit and I whimper and cry, the pleasure now fighting with the pain, the need to cum fighting with the need for it to stop. The need to cum is starting to win and I grind down as best as I can onto your face, but that’s all the sign you need and you instantly stop. Standing back and looking at me you say……”Not yet Slutmine? You can do better than that!”

To be continued……


CLICK HERE to read part 2

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sweet_p June 2, 2010 - 10:57 am

oh my gosh Molly! This was so hot to read! I cant wait to read more! You two seem like a perfect match! He takes you to unbelievable heights…and you describe it so vividly!


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