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“Go!” he said

“Run, hide….. you don’t have long. Just a short head start, just enough to make your heart race and my cock harden with the anticipation of catching you. I told you I would bring you here one day and hunt you didn’t I?”

It took a moment for the words ‘hunt you’ to really sink in but when they did it was an electric charge straight from my brain through my gut and down into my cunt.

Cloaked woman naked in the woods

Stepping away from him I let my eyes scan the trees searching for an escape route. My mind swirls with possibilities and yet my body remains rooted to the spot.

For a moment I pause and turn back towards him. The crystal cold grabs at my breath and turns it into the same whiteness as the frost covered woodland around me and I look at him as he looks at me and then I turn…

cloaked woman in the woods

and run…

Cloked woman in the woods

*He has taunted me with this idea on many occasions. So far it remains words that infect my brain stirring in me a mixture of competitiveness, lust and small sprinkling of anxiety. When I started editing these images it made me think about those words again. I can image this moment but the rest, what happens after I run, that is something that I don’t yet know but I hope to find out for real one day.


Ps… To really get the full effect of these images I recommend you click on them to see them enlarged!

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  • Cammies on the floor

    How very much like a fairy tale fantasy.

    • jemima101

      Blogger being a pain, but had to tell u how erotic I found this pic, i want to kiss it!

  • Bunny

    Amazing pictures and an amazing story. I adore that cape really. Brilliant photo set for week 100.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I felt the excitement when reading your words and seeing the pictures.
    I find it interesting how I now look at you differently since I have seen you in real life. It’s almost as if there’s more feeling to your photos now 🙂

    Rebel xox

  • Curvaceous Dee

    What a delightful shivery hot fantasy – and what marvellous imagery to go with it!

    xx Dee

  • Persephone

    Stunning photography and what an exciting thought, to be hunted, scary but so arousing

  • KaziG

    Happy 100th Week!! What a landmark!!
    And as usual, you have landmark images to go with… I love the feel of Snow White and the Huntsmen I get from these.

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Silverdrop

    Happy Century Mark!

    • jemima101

      Blooger is doing its i hate wordpress thing, i just wanted to say how much this weeks pic made me smile

  • Jane

    This series is fabulous. A real sense of fantasy and otherworldliness. The flash of red in all that grey is so eye-catching. Love them. Jane x

  • Mina Lamieux

    Stunning words and images. Now another great reason for you to come visit. I have lovely and plentiful amounts of woods where I am. And I’m usually all alone when in them.

  • M Lily (@MLily69)

    Gorgeous images and I adore that black and red cape 🙂

    Maggi xx

  • Evoë Thorne

    Really beautiful and electrifying! Great use of the landscape to highlight yourself.

  • John D

    Love the photos; very wintery backdrops makes the robe stand out nicely.

  • Harper Eliot

    Wow, Molly, this is really quite something. Breathtaking photographs.

  • jemima101

    I have fantasised about this too! These are wonderful pictures that seem almost fairy tale like,beautiful

  • Missy Little

    Delicious. The red riding hood photos put a twist on this for me that makes me quiver. Love it. Brilliant as usual, Molly.

  • Stranded

    I had not seen this set until tonight…wow…just wow…gorgeous.


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