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Molly naked holding out bright red apple in her hand
  • Molly Moore - Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker, Director of Operations @Eroticon Find me in my corner of the internet at Molly's Daily Kiss and on Twitter @mollysdailykiss

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  • Tabitha

    Ooh my my, yes indeed you are.
    Breathtaking shot x

  • Curvaceous Dee

    WOW! I’m certainly tempted 🙂

    xx Dee

  • Malflic

    Ahhh ao very tempting.

  • Velvet Rose

    Gorgeous temptation!

    Velvet x

  • Kaye Quinn

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Steve

    Lovely photo!

  • SassyCat

    ohhhh I had to giggle because the first thing I thought of was doing this similar to my “orange” photo I had done for boob day.I even had an apple that I had forgotten in our bedroom. Hubby asked “why is there an apple on my night stand?” I had gotten distracted with other things and never got around to taking the photos.
    Then I decided to go with the photos I used.
    Absolutely stunning as always. Brilliant!

  • Holden + Camille

    Beautiful composition! 🙂

  • Penny

    I love your use of shallow depth of field and the curve of your breast–gorgeous shot!

  • Steeled Snake

    I love this shot – partly for obvious reasons that it’s simply and clearly a brilliant idea () but also the texture of the picture – it’s like a classic painting – a piece of art. VERY nice. What a shot!

  • f dot leonora

    look at you Eve!!!

  • Victoria Reuveni

    Instantly made me think of an erotic version of Snow White, maybe like the Beauty Trilogy.

  • Malin James

    Oh, that is gorgeous. The rich reds and golds and the way your arm emerges from a sort of velvety darkness. It’s just incredibly lush.

  • Paul

    This is as beautiful as poetry. I adore the image and artist in you.

  • silverdomuk

    Yes you are. *not flirting – I would never do that*

  • Kat

    Simply perfect!

  • Miss J

    Very erotic and yes tempting!

  • KaziG

    So lovely and so tempting!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Dawn

    Beautiful shot and very tempting 😉

  • Charles

    Beautiful image, and a fantastic interpretation of the prompt. x

  • Simina

    Admittedly, this reminded me of a more raunchy version of the Twilight cover. You know, if Twilight were a good book. Still very lovely.

  • YSL

    I shall gladly take and bite. Wonderful image.

  • The Other Livvy

    Oh wow, this is wonderful! It’s so warm and the hint of you in the background really is tempting… Delicious! Xxx

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Mmm . . . temptingly Red !!!
    Of course, I can never help but remember “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” . . . confusing isn’t? Temptation and . . . good health?
    (Then again perhaps not, especially if one fancies the doctor!!!)
    Xxx – K

  • Exposing40

    Definitely worth sinning for. Beautiful! Xx

  • sub-Bee

    Most definitely tempting!

  • shalla

    sinfully sweet

    you could easily sell that in many formats

  • MariaSibylla

    This is incredible. No wonder Adam said yes! I love the depth of field, how your body is so soft, but still a clear outline of your breast, mimicking the round apple. Simply wonderful.

  • Ouizzi

    Oh Molly, this is gorgeous. I love the depth and warmth of the picture, you cant help but be drawn in by it. Stunning! x

  • Marie Rebelle

    Gorgeous, Molly! Love your sexy body in the background!

    Rebel xox

  • Newty

    Exquisite. Makes me crave a bit of apple.

  • L

    Oh Molly! The apple is so rich in color.. It makes me want to have a bite! This is absolutely a sinful photo

  • HappyComeLucky

    Molly holding out temptation to everyone to get involved with Sinful Sunday.

  • Jack (and Jill)

    Tantalizing shot! Though I suspect the apple isn’t the most delicious thing in frame.

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