Sensuous as the petals of a rose – Guest Post

by Molly Moore
Petals of a pink rose

A month or so ago I received an email from a gentlemen who informed me that he had discovered my Pussy Pride Project and was inspired to write a post of his own for the meme. I, of course, encouraged him to do so and he replied saying that he was going to discuss it with his partner and see if she would be willing to help him with some images. After a few weeks I heard from him again and happily his partner had agreed and so here is his piece. He is very keen to hear any comments you have about his piece.

Sensuous as the petals of a rose…….

Sensuous as the petals of a rose,

Those silken lips inspire your lover,

Who knows what are the secrets of that warm and female place,

So softly clothed in sheer black lace,

Drawn to your fragrance like a honey bee,

I sip your nectar lovingly………

These were the first six lines of a sonnet that I composed in 1987 to my lady-love at the time.  I just wanted to express to her the beauty of her pussy.  However, the succeeding eight lines have since eluded me so, sadly, completion is for some future day.

All these years on, and five lady-loves later, I still find a woman’s pussy – a tender word and that’s the only word I use as I find the alternatives too carnal – to be such a beautiful part of her body.  For me, though, she has to be completely shaven.  In such a feminine part of her body there is just no place for hair. I also believe that modern, considerate men should shave their pubic area, as I have for many years.  Not only do my testicles and penis feel more comfortable on an everyday basis, but there is no risk of getting hair trapped in underwear and zippers, nor shedding of curls at random.  Sensitivity and sensuality are immeasurably enhanced.  So, I wonder, are couples who shave together more likely to stay together?

You may be surprised to learn that it’s not really a woman’s body that I find sexy.  Without doubt, it is a woman’s communicative eyes and mind that are sexy.  BUT, I  very firmly believe that her body – every square centimetre of it – is beautiful, particularly her exclusive, feminine features.  These beliefs quickly came to me over the 25 years I was a practicing nudist/naturist, initially as a single guy for six years, then as a married man with a family.

My lady-love of 12 years has the most exquisite, beautiful, adorable pussy.  As I kneel on the floor, with my lady lying on the bed on her back, very gently with the tip of my tongue, I gently part and spread her inner labia which transforms them into the petals of a rose.  As they taper towards her vaginal opening they take on the shape of a delightful, romantic heart.  And why are they there?  Not to cover her vaginal orifice as they taper out before then, nor to protect her urethral orifice as the outer labia can do that.  I believe, exclusively, that they are there to be kissed.  Over eons of evolution we men have been given two sets of lips to kiss on a woman.  So I kiss the silky, smooth surface of her spread petals until they become slightly puckered whereupon I slowly lick them back and forth to restore their delicate smoothness.  Over and over again I repeat this delight as I get increasingly lost in my lady-love’s femininity.

Then, by moving my head slightly to one side, I can tuck my tongue under a petal and move it over to the centre to reveal the cleavage between it and her outer labia. This enables me to thrust my tongue down into this cleavage to slowly, but firmly, stroke within as I nuzzle my nose against the side of her petal.   Switching to the other petal I continue there for a while until moving back to the former and on and on until lost again.

I turn to kiss the inner parts of my lady-love’s thighs, again moving from one to the other, then on to her smooth, shaven mound of venus until I can no longer resist seeking her clitoral hood.  Over this tantalizing jewel I firmly clamp my mouth with my lips secured all around it.  My inquiring tongue is now ready to gently stimulate the hood and hidden clit towards its deserving orgasm.  However, this neat, neat clit is so very sensitive, complex and temperamental that only its mistress can release its mystery, so that must wait….

Guest post womans pussyBack I return to those delightful, smooth petals to tongue them apart, kiss, lick, nuzzle them and completely lose myself once more.  Deeply immersed in the intimacy of my lady love’s femininity the feeling of sublime, serene contentment is truly divine.  I feel like I could nestle there for ever, but then it becomes my turn to be kissed…..

Ladies, these are the wonderful emotions that capture me about the beauty and delights of my lady-love’s pussy.  Surely your own petals and clit with its hood are there solely to enable you to receive and provide pleasure.  Unlike we males your organs of pleasure are not involved at all in our species’ reproduction process – a huge psychological difference separating females and males.  If you didn’t have inner labia, nor a clit, but only the outer labia for protection of your vaginal and urethral orifices, life would go on just as we know it with babies being born and the species secure.  But that would leave a vacuum in your lives and nature despises a vacuum.  So, again, over eons of evolution, as well as natural selection over countless generations, your precious, distinctive petals and clit have developed to give you equality with men in the receipt and provision of emotional and physical sexual pleasure.  So, each one of you ladies, please take pride in your pussy.

Now, there could be a preceding chapter to this one that you have just read, as well as a succeeding one, but these are for another day…..

Perhaps, some day, the forgotten eight lines will come back to me so that I can again complete my love sonnet to my long-time lady-love’s pussy.

Woman with legs spread showing pussyApteryx Guy

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Rose Bliss May 4, 2016 - 10:07 am


I so wish someone had something like this to me when I was younger. It could have made a huge difference to my self esteem and body image.

Just beautiful.

Melina Greenport May 4, 2016 - 8:40 pm


Marie Rebelle May 4, 2016 - 10:46 am

Such a beautiful and tender post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Rebel xox

atiya May 4, 2016 - 11:26 am

Having my coffee while I read your blog early in the morning…Priceless
Wonderful post! And great pictures to go with it.

Nathan Drake May 4, 2016 - 11:43 am

A wonderful post regarding the beauty of the pussy along with some fantastic pictures.

As a lover of erotica I must have seen literally thousands of glorious ladies ‘petals’ over the years and can’t say I’ve seen a bad one. They all have their own beauty which you ladies should celebrate with confidence in the knowledge that we men just love to look, kiss, lick and play with them, giving us as much pleasure as you. I like nothing more than taking my time with my wife’s pussy, exploring the soft folds of skin with fingers, lips and tongue before sliding inside to the heat within.

So ladies, be proud of your privates knowing it drives us wild and indeed without doubt; ‘Those silken lips inspire your lover’.

Flirty at 40 September 4, 2017 - 10:06 pm

Just beautiful. So wonderful the sensation of being indulged, the giver getting as much pleasure as the receiver, instead of the feeling that it’s something that must be got over with before moving on.


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