Guts and Grit

By on August 20, 2014.

This weeks prompt on Wicked Wednesday was written by me and was inspired by the fact that yesterday (Tuesday 29th August) was World Photo Day. I gave a varied selection of possible ideas for this prompt but I have decided to ignore all them mainly because we are currently having a mini vacation in Brighton and so I just didn’t have the time to work on my idea for a story (hopefully it will still get written at some point though) but also because, well, this is World PHOTO Day and seeing as I am as much as photographer as I am a writer I felt that I should let the image do the talking and so I am posting this shot naked of words.

I think it has enough guts and grit to stand alone and talk for itself. It doesn’t need me to speak on its behalf. I am purely the maker not the narrator but I would love to hear what, if anything, it does say to you and if anyone felt inspired to write a piece of fiction based on or inspired by my image I would LOVE to read it

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  1. The photo definitely falls in the category “speaks a 1000 words”. There’s a story in there indeed, and one I might attempt to write one day. Gorgeous photo and thanks for a lovely prompt!
    (And tipping me about the site for the World Photo Day)

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted..Killer PhotoMy Profile

  2. Raw. Raw and honest and gutsy and gritty and screamingly sexual. The most compelling thing? Your face. I can’t look away from it. To me, it says more than the hand between your legs, the mysterious outdoor location and the fabulously revealing shawl. Hot, woman. Hot. Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted..Wicked Wednesday: VanillaMy Profile

  3. the brick wall is a great backdrop. the colors of your outfit are bold against the wall.
    One word comes to mind “anguish”
    this may not be the story behind the photo, but it’s what speaks to me.
    a feeling that you just ran away from someone who caused you pain and wanting to be alone. Relieved to be alone … just my first impression of this photo.
    SassyCat recently posted..Photograph [WW116]My Profile

  4. The first thing that struck me about this photograph was the amazing use of color. I am also intrigued by the contrast of textures, smooth stockings against rough brick.

    There is definitely a story in this photo, I can feel it tickling the back of my brain.

    Amazing work, as usual, Molly, and a fantastic prompt as well!

  5. The image makes you want to look more part in voyeuristic curiousity as if if I had wondered in on a private moment of pleasure or perhaps even torment not meant for others eyes.

    As others have said the light, colors and shadows are fantastic
    Malflic recently posted..Flowers in TimeMy Profile

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